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  1. Thank you very much everyone for your guidance and perspective. I thought I'd add that my scoutmaster is actually on the Eagle Board of Reviews and project reviews for the district, so I'm hesitant to bring up concerns about the district scouters to him. I did mention their requirement for fundraising and the contradiction in the GTA, and his advice to me was to save time in getting the project approved and just do a fundraiser. I think he might either agree with the district or not want to contradict them to a scout, which I can respect. I ended up (very respectfully and matter of fac
  2. I'm a Life Scout working on my Eagle project. I wanted to get the advice of some experienced Scouters here. In my council, Eagle BORs and project reviews are done by the district. In my experience, both personally and talking to other scouts, the district Scouters do not faithfully follow the requirements or the Guide to Advancement. For example, some of them require fundraising for projects that don't need it (GTA Fundraising Issues says otherwise), routinely reject project proposals that are mostly sound, call scouts back for multiple meetings, and ask for additional informa
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