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  1. Being reverant does not pertain to a specific religion even if you are part of the majority. That must be nice. Scouting recognizes and respects believe in the religion of your choice which is bigger than a single religion. It is not arrogance, scouting does not pick which religion to follow and welcomes all. A religion is more powerful to those that follow it, I don't know or care what religion you are. I guarantee that people from another religion would disagree with your beliefs as the one true force. Today I attended the service at our Charter Org to show them respect and the
  2. Not commenting on this case specifically. But it does seem that in general that a Church could abuse it's power over a follower and abuse could be perpetrated and covered up under Scouting or any other youth program. A church can probably cover up better that BSA can, especially in the case of The Church of Latter Day Saints (I am not sure I got that right but I am trying) where leaders are chosen by the church to serve vs. a purely volunteer basis. This could happen in religous sponsoring organization that has a controlling interesting in a scout unit. Just pointing out a poten
  3. Our scouts will go to our charter org service. There will be Sea Scouts, Scouts BSA scouts, and Cub Scouts in attendance. We will do flags, greet, help collect the offering, and they like to recognize the scouts.
  4. I think tripods would would. I probably need the corkscrew type of stakes for the guy lines might be needed.
  5. OK, question on this. We are camping on a beach in the summer. Has anyone built a hammock stand by making a pioneering project?
  6. I know in our Venture and Sea Scout units that my son is in. The Girl love to sleep all in a huge tent and the boys want to be alone in a hammock. I think they would rebel against me and leave if I made either side change.
  7. In the current culture people only seem to highlight Eagle scouts, and ignore the rest.
  8. In my experience, the scouts have no say in the decision
  9. Good list, I reduce it to six knots eventhough I have 10. Lately, I have been thinking of dropping it to three knots. There should be a knot that just says, yeah been there done that....
  10. Possibly, it seems to be most troops, packs, and our district do it. I don't do it for our Ship.
  11. It is that time of year for the announcement of Top Scouts for units and councils. When I was a newer scouter, I was impressed by them but as I had many more years as a scouter and learned more about the spirit of scouting, I am conflicted on the point of the awards. Do you see value in it? I am on the no side, the awards feel very political "always some leaders kid" and the rest of the kids courtesy clap and talk amongst themselves. What are you thoughts on them?
  12. Agreed on the Overhyped comment. I have taken Woodbadge, Sea Badge, and a ton of other trainings. Also stafffed and course directed. If you haven't taken leadership training and scout training it is totally worth it. If you have taken professional training before, you may find yourself bored during the training. IMHO, I can do without the acting like a child part of Woodbadge. I prefer the approach of Seabadge or IOLS which are very practical for those in the training and can be applied directly. No critters needed. I don't understand how that part of woodbadge helps us provide a bett
  13. When I took it we didn't need to bring anything. I would have him talk to his Scoutmaster to see if he can borrow the unit's kit for the class. I would also reach out to the instructor explaining the situation, most will just be bringing their unit med kits. Good on him for taking the initiative to take the class.
  14. I am a Skipper(SM of a Sea Scout Ship) now, used to be a Scoutmaster for a troop. I have always been a MB counselor for a small set of MB's. Never for my kid unless he was part of a group MB activity. Advancement and MBs are marked by an ASM or Mate (ASM of a Sea Scout Ship). SM's can't possibly be a MBC for every MB, some require specific qualifications to be the counselor, like Canoeing or Rifle.....for and example.
  15. One number I would like to see are the total Sea Scouts and Venturers that include the secondary registrations as well. The numbers that are posted are primary only which make sense because every kid gets counted only once. But for a kid like mine that is in a Ship, Crew, and Troop is only counted by Sea Scouts because he is primary in the Ship. 50% of our ship are in multiple units and half of them are primary in their troop because that is how the troops have always done it in for all of their scouts. Parents and leaders have no idea what that one checkbox actually means.
  16. How does scoutbook show the merit badge counselors. I know people that are merit badge counselors but they don't show up when I search for them in Scoutbook.
  17. Sea Scout loss was not significant, in fact there are more units now than there were last year. It is a small number in general. In my experience there were not a lot of LDS Venturing or Sea Scout units.
  18. Nationwide for Sea Scouts: Ships - went from 377 to 391 or up 14 ships. Primary Youth - down 193 youth
  19. I would call Nancy at Seabase ahead of time and get her help for registering for it. I think that is a very popular trek so you are reducing your chances but your reasoning makes sense. Last year our Ship did a 74 mile canoe trek on the Buffalo river in Arkansas. It was a great roll your own adventure. let me know if you are interested in details on that.
  20. No remorse at all..... Is it bad for me to wish on unscoutly activities happen to him in prison?
  21. It really is a pretty good system. You'll see the Adult driven activities like JTE, Scout Leader development account for a maximum of 15 points. The other 85 points are all about real things that the unit should be doing and 15 points alone are based on the fact that the youth prepare and give perspective to the application.
  22. In our council, the church Wards put up a big wall between council and the scouts. Those units don't attend any of the district events or council events. They hold their own lock-in vs. camporees, and don't attend the council camps. The council even moved them to close on Saturday evening so Sunday was not and issue with little change from the units. When I was in a troop as SM the few LDS boys we got came over because of how poorly their church units were being run. Ships are a bit different, and the co-ed factor seems to be a blocker for them even looking at us.
  23. I think JTE is fine, it is helpful to hold units accountable at some level. And lets be honest, how many units really care about what level they get? I would like to see it more like Sea Scouts. We have a National Flagship program that the Ships submit a very comprehensive yearly review of their program (the youth do it , not the adults). They select a top Ship and a small set of other runner-ups. JTE is adult run and doesn't have information, National flagship is much more comprehensive. The youth see where they are doing well and not doing well, so they get the adults to do their j
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