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  1. I thought you might be interested to see my message to our Ship. Our Ship name is Response. Sea Scout Ships have names in addition to numbers ------------------------------------------- We are Sea Scout Ship Response, we will respond and adapt. This is a crazy time in our lives that we will overcome. We won't panic but we are prepared to adjust. Based on recommendations from the church, local government, and scouting we are making adjustments as necessary. We will continue to provide the scout in the best way possible and not throw in the towel. Here is a
  2. Well, we are moving to video conferencing meetings for the next three weeks. Orienteering event postponed and first Sailing event cancelled. 😞
  3. We are small compared to you. Out little ship sold 4+ pallets last year and 5 scouts plus familes sold and delivered it. But we have around a dozen active youth.
  4. I think it could be done in smaller chunks maybe. That is a lot of mulch, yooza
  5. Could you do it like out Ship, does? We have each scout that sells deliver their own mulch. We have a trailer that they can borrow.
  6. Ours hasn't had this yet, but I expect it to come down soon. I am not worried about our sailing activities but camping and transportation are the things that are harder to control.
  7. My scouts like to wear both kinds. When they wear the NYLT neckers they wear slides, when they wear bigger neckers they use friendship knots. Sea Scout and Venturers also rarely wear neckers because they prefer not to unless it is for a formal event. There needs to be BSA buffs, they are more likely to wear those.
  8. y'all sound like a bunch of grumpy people. If the youth want to wear the friendship knot, let them.
  9. I expect the Venturing numbers are lower now because of the inclusion of girls in Scouts, BSA but I think you'll see more scouts going back to Venture crews as their primary unit as they hit First Class Rank. And they will be completeing their Eagle in the Crew, I have 2 in my ship that are doing that. Also remember that the numbers quoted are the primary unit registrations, there was a big push last year to have the Troops be the primary registration. So for kids in mulitple units they only get counted once. Our Crew and Ship have both doubled in size the last year, so at least in ou
  10. Our council camps are free for inside the council, there is a fee for outside.
  11. I think it comes down to the age development. The maturity of an 11-12 year old is much different from the maturity of a 14-15 year old. There is nothing stopping a Troop from allowing the youth to attempt to do a variety of things. Our Crew and Ship do activities with troops and you can see the maturity differences.
  12. Both programs have advancement, called awards in Venturing (bad choice of words IMHO). Sea Scouts are a bit more focused as doing things on the water like (sailing, motorboating, kayaking, windsurfing, whitewater rafting...) but they also do camping, Philmont, Northern Tier....Venturers tend to do more land based high adventure. Both groups can choose what they would like to do. Our Ship does a lot with our Crew together.
  13. I am a Skipper for a Sea Scout Ship and also a leader in a Venture crew. Scouts BSA is much different from Venturing and Sea Scouting. The older programs are much more youth led and they go until their 21st birthday. They focus on high adventure activities and work extremely well in teams because they are more mature. They also are truly co-ed rather than segregated like in Scouts BSA. They are truly great programs that are radically different than Scouts BSA.
  14. Our scouts went about four years ago. It is a nice camp, Hilly, hot as with most of the camps. I thought overall it was a good program and experience for the youth. Any specific questions?
  15. My son is going to try to make a pioneering project for a hammock stand when car camping. anyone done this before? We were thinking of two tripods and a spreader between the tripods.
  16. Fellow Texan here. A lot of our campsites don't allow hammocks. for pads, I recommend the Kylmit inflatable pads. They are small and comfortable. When uninflated, they are the size of a nalgene. Cost is from $40 - 80 depending on size. for cots, if budget is no object, I recommend helinox cot one cots. THey are amazing, small, light, and great support. Also $230+tax when on sale, normally $300. For sleeping bag, lots of options. I have one from REI outlet that is a combination of down and synthetic. It comes in a compression bag so it packs down small and is light. the
  17. Dear Scouting Family,Today, the national organization of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to achieve two key objectives: equitably compensate victims who were harmed during their time in Scouting and continue to carry out Scouting’s mission for years to come.While the word “bankruptcy” can be intimidating, it is important to know that Scouting programs will continue. Your regular unit meetings and activities, district and council events, other Scouting adventures and countless service projects will take place as usual.We took this action today amid increasing fin
  18. Our main goal is to ensure scouts can continue scouting. Many reasons scouts will want to switch. I would only contact them if he decides to switch. I have had scouts where the other troop wasn't happy with the scout and the scout did very well in a new circumstance. Every troop is different just like every scout.
  19. OK, so what happens if on a campout we need to take him for medical attention? I am not trying to be dense, I just want to be sure I do the correct thing.
  20. We have a scout that no longer has medical insurance. We discovered this when collecting med forms. This is a first for me, is there anything that I should be doing?
  21. The Charter org would be the same church with potentially a different name. If the Church decides to no longer be the charter org then they could keep everything but I doubt that they would do that and would be willing to transfer it to a new charter org for the pack/troop.
  22. 100's of years? There are many things that were understood 100 years ago that we know are wrong today.
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