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  1. I just joined my Troop with my youngest boy, and was a Cub leader for 6 yrs. We started using ScoutBook last year in my Pack. I will be Advancement Chair in my Troop now, and want to use scoutbook there. I heard there may be other apps/programs coming up soon? Also that BSA is updating the internet advancement/roster page? Curious what anyone else is using currently. I used PackMaster for several yrs prior to scoutbook as well; I find scoutbook more accessible and user friendly.
  2. seattlescouter

    New from Seattle, need help as Advancement Chair

    My previous Pack implemented scoutbook during my final year as Cubmaster. I'm a big fan of it and would like to start using it at my current Troop (for both advancement s well as the calendar, messaging functions etc). I heard there may be some other similar online apps/programs coming up soon- anyone have any news on this?
  3. Hello from Seattle Have served as a Den Leader for 3 yrs, then a cubmaster for 3 more years. Both my boys are now in Boy Scouts and I am transitioning into Advancement Chair. Here looking for info on that role. Matt