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  1. There once was a lonely old beaver His wife used to chase him with a cleaver She gave him no time She spent his last dime He had no trouble deciding to leave her.
  2. Trev, I'm curious. Is this a new Merit Badge that is to be introduced between the 2005/2010 jamborees or is it a MB that will be new to the jamboree? Oh heck, what is the MB? Thanks, SWScouter
  3. Sgtron116, welcome to the forum. In the Webelos handbook, you'll see it written that what uniform your son wears is, as the others have said, your family's choice. What I did, when my son was a Webelos, was to give him the green/tan uniform immediately after he was awarded his Webelos badge. SWScouter
  4. I'm going to add a little to what OGE stated about the adult religious emblem award for the Roman Catholic faith. There are two religious emblems, the Bronze Pelican and the St. George. The Bronze Pelican is awarded at the Diocese level and the St. George is awarded at the National Catholic Committee on Scouting (NCCS) level. The square knot is only supposed to be worn by those honored with the St. George emblem. The guidelines are about 4-5 years service for the Bronze Pelican and 10-15 years for the St. George. I liken them to the District Award of Merit and the Silver Beaver respectively. F
  5. Alright, this is what we got: There once was a scout at Camp Geronimo. There were many things scouting he wanted to know. He went to his tent. As he was tired and spent. And throughout Geronimo his snore they did know. Let's try again: There once was a great general named BP.
  6. Perhaps this is rhetorical but, of all those people slapping each others backs and shaking each others hands for getting the US out of Vietnam, who took responsibility for the million vietnamese slaughtered after the US pullout?
  7. Lizzygo, Your den is still a Tiger Den so the boys should work on earning tiger tracks now. As others have said, your pack will probably have a crossover ceremony in late May or early June where the Tigers will cross over to Wolfs, Wolfs will cross over to Bears, and Bears will cross over to Webelos. Once this crossover takes place, then the boys can start work on Wolf advancement. ScoutNut may be correct about scoutnet, at least for non LDS packs. The church of Latter Day Saints uses scouting for it's young men's prograrm and changing from one den level to the next occurs on each sc
  8. Okay, how about a group effort. Let's try to keep the timing right too. I'll start: There once was a scout at Camp Geronimo
  9. From the Insignia Guide: Eagle rank, cloth, silver, white, and blue on red, No. 00489, Boy Scout, left pocket. Adults wear square knot, No. 05011. Eagle Award, silver medal suspended from scroll, No. 00135: sterling silver, No. 00112; Boy Scout. Adults wear only on formal Eagle occasions. So, the Eagle rank patch should only be worn by Boy Scouts and the Eagle award (medal) may be worn by both youth and adults. SWScouter
  10. I don't know how much of the following I actually wrote, but this is basically the award ceremony that happened at the Catholic Church I attend and that charters the pack my son was in: Recognition of Religious Awards February 13, 2005 Duty to God. From the first grade Tiger Cub through the fifth grade Webelos Scout, from the Tenderfoot Scout to the Eagle Scout, the Boy Scouts of America promotes and encourages a Scouts duty to God. The BSA accomplishes this through advancement requirements, the Scout Oaths, the twelfth point of the Scout Law, a Scout is reverent, and the faith bas
  11. Willhi1979 is correct. There is a Quality District patch that can be worn by a leader in a district position. Your son is a scout and would not wear it. There is also a Quality Council patch that can be worn by a leader in a council position. SWScouter
  12. Is that yonder lad a scout? Nay, he's a hooligan and a lout. Where are those lads in tan and green? I look and they are nowhere seen. They're hither, yon, out and about.
  13. "outstanding service to the District", "outstanding service to youth inside and outside of Scouting" Maybe I'm just altruistic, but I don't see any confusion or contradiction here. The "district" is just a geographic boundary or, in other words, just an area that contains people. If a person contributes vitally to the youth in that area, isn't that person providing outstanding service to the district? I believe so. SWScouter
  14. From the DAM nomination form: A nominee must have rendered noteworthy service to youth in Scouting, outside Scouting, or both. Note: The nature and value of noteworthy service to youth may consist of a single plan or decisions that contributed vitally to the lives of large numbers of youth or it may have been given to a small group over an extended period of time. This tells me that a scouter doesn't need to serve at the District level to receive the DAM and that the DAM Committee should consider service at the unit level absolutely valid for the award. What really should be co
  15. More Haiku: We will do our best. We will be prepared each day. The Boy Scout refrain. For those who don't know, Haiku is a short three line poem made up of seventeen syllables, five in the 1st and 3rd lines and seven in the second. Born a tiger cub. Fitness, character, service. An Eagle, he soars. SWScouter
  16. There was a Webelos den leader. He dreamed of being a three-beader. He took the cubs on an outing. He made sure they joined boy scouting. Now the den's gone, he's lost, oh me dear.
  17. How about Haiku instead of a limerick: Backpack to the site. Set up camp and do scout craft. Boy Scouts we will be. Or not... SWScouter
  18. Perhaps we shouldn't push our thoughts on how to raise a child, but I do know that here in Arizona, I have a legal obligation to report any suspicion of child abuse to the proper authorities. It is not my responsibility to decide if there really is abuse or not, just to report it. I'm not saying that there is any suspicion of abuse with the scout from NC. Now, if I suspect a scout is being abused, I would let the scout know that I'm a friend and available, I would contact the SE, and I would contact the local authorities. I would not tell anyone else in the troop (what if my suspicions are wro
  19. The troop my son and I are members of have run the concessions at our district's PWD the last few years. The troop will be running the concessions at District PWD again this year. It's a great fundraiser for the scouts. The troop also organized/hosted our District's Fall Camporee last year. We had concessions there too. The concessions were not part of either events budget and the district/council had no issues with the troop doing this as a fundraiser. This must be a council thing. Personally, I would skip the concesstions. SWScouter
  20. Oak Tree, If the adult leadership does what you say using reports from Troopmaster, aren't we taking away responsibility from the scouts? My understanding is one of the PL's responsibilities is to know where his patrol members are concerning advancement and report on that to the PLC. Thus the PLC should then be able to plan activities accordingly. Lisa Bob, Online advancement only records rank, merit badges, and awards for each scout. There is no recording of individual rank requirements. That's my main question, what is the purpose of recording when every single requirement is
  21. In another thread, Gwd_scouter wrote, Our troop was in a terrible habit of entering things in TroopMaster without having it signed off in the book first. So, a boy could be ready for a SM conference for Tenderfoot and not have a thing signed in his book. Very sad scenario and one which we have since corrected. All of our boys know very clearly now that nothing gets recorded in TroopMaster until it is signed in their handbook. This has resulted in the boys at least remembering to bring their books on campouts so they can get signed off when they cook, build fires, etc. Now I've never see
  22. Well, it appears you can just go through the OLC now, however, for YPT there is council specific information. In order to complete the YPT online, you are required to download this council specific information. This includes things like local contact numbers and abuse reporting laws. SWScouter
  23. Fishnbass2, Welcome to the forum. You'll need to check with your own district/council people. YPT is specific to the state/municipality you live in. There is information that is local in nature with the training and so you need to always work through your own council when taking YPT online. For example, if I took YPT online through the Chief Seattle Council's Website that would not count for me because I live in Phoenix, AZ and need to go through the Grand Canyon Council's web site. SWScouter
  24. I always wonder what one who constantly cusses says when they really need to cuss? If expletives are constantly spewing from one's mouth, how do I as a listener know that he/she is trying to accent something or just speaking normally? Along these lines, how do you handle scouts saying, "frick" or "frickin?" Personally I hold it just as bad as that other f word since it seems to have been created as substitute. SWScouter
  25. For some reason I can't fathom, I have very little memory of eating during scout campouts. I remember that we would sometimes have cornish game hens for dinner, no idea what with. I remember bacon and eggs for breakfast. Sausage and ash pancakes. Yes ash pancakes. It seems that the fire would always shift and the skillet would drop and a cloud of ash would cover the pancakes. There are times when soaking your pancakes in syrup is a very good idea. SWScouter
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