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  1. Hi, I'm wondering how the troop your involved with makes use of the JASM POR? Currently, the troop I'm involved with has an SA assigned as a "Patrol Mentor" to each patrol. The troop also has several older scouts that mostly just hang out at the meetings. I'd like to see these scouts be given some sort of responsibility to keep their interest and utilize their experience. I'm thinking that perhaps they should be assigned as JASMs and assigned as the patrol mentors instead of the SAs. Then an SA can be assigned to work with the JASMs. I'd love to hear your thoughts and experience
  2. This isn't about scouting, but is on the same lines as the above. Way back in the day, I was heavily into bicycle road racing. Well, we called ourselves cyclists, not bikers. Bikers ride harleys. Anyway, this cyclist/biker discussion was occuring with some gals when one asked me, "How long have you been a racist?" Huh! Complete silence until she realized what she said and correctly asked how long I'd been racing bicycles. SWScouter
  3. SWScouter


    Perhaps I'm worrying too much about semantics, but several of the knots you list are not for youth awards but are awards that can be earned/recieved by both youth and adults. Others are earned as youth but worn as adults. Others still are earned as youth and worn by youth and adults. So, what are you trying to list: Knots that represent awards that only youth can earn, e.g., Arrow of Light, Youth Religious Emblem, and not Medal of Merit. Knots that a youth can wear, e.g., Heroism award and not Arrow of Light. SWScouter
  4. I'd like to add a bit to my previous post. If a scout admits that a requirement wasn't completed I hope that the board would commend the scout for this honesty and let him know that the board is looking forward to reconvening when the requirement is met. For goodness sake, I sure hope the board would never chastise the scout for starting the BOR before all requirements were properly completed. SWScouter
  5. One of the purposes of the BOR is to ensure the scout has completed all of the requirements. If the scout admits in the BOR that he did not complete a requirement, then he should not be signed off on rank. This isn't a retest issue, it is the scout stating he has not met all of the requirements. The procedures outlined in the Advancement Committee Policies & Procedures quoted by Beavah should be followed in this case and the BOR reconvened once the scout has completed the requirement in question. SWScouter
  6. Troop1illinoiscouter, perhaps you should go to the jumpstart site mentioned above and do what is needed to find out. Good luck, SWScouter
  7. Interesting thoughts. I've been reading, "An Official History of Scouting." It talked about how the Rover program was growing quite well until WW2 and afterwards never recovered due to a number of the leaders & Rovers being killed during the war. Subsequently, other programs like Explorers were tried but never with the pre-war success of Rovers. Perhaps the lack of good, experienced leaders is a major issue with BSA's Venturing like it was with Rovers. I know that around here, in AZ there are lots of Venturing Crews, but most of these crews are basically just older LDS Boy Scouts. You
  8. Dave, There is no time limit for a scout to complete a MB. He just needs to complete it before he turns 18. SWScouter
  9. I received a totally unexpected Christmas gift, the book, "An Official History of Scouting." The book's copyright is 2006 and is filled with many photographs not previously published and held by the Scouting Association. The forward is by Lord Baden-Powel (3rd Baron Baden-Powell of Gilwell, Vice President of The Scout Association). So far I've only had a chance to glance through it but I am looking forward to sitting down and spending several hours with it. My parents somehow found out about it but had a terrible time tracking it down and found it on Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com
  10. John, I was hoping a forum member might be able to give a quick update. I'm lazy at heart and was trying to get an easy status. I'm sure there must be some members of the forum that are also members of T'Kope Kwis Kwis lodge. Thanks, SWScouter
  11. Well, along the lines of saying one thing and meaning another, a colleague of mine once wrote in an email, "just a genital reminder..." I think I broke out in spontaneous laughter several times that day (week). SWScouter
  12. I also feel that sometimes people are too concerned about this. On the other hand, perhaps someone should tell Scouter Terry to fix the description for the Venturing Program forum area, "Meet people from other Venture Crews and discuss program."
  13. F2c, This is similar to a situation I had. I filled out and turned in an application to join the Knights of Columbus, a fraternal organization for Catholic men. I was never contacted. After several months, I filled out another application. After about eight months or so, I was finally contacted and able to join. It is frustrating when you want to volunteer your services but aren't given the opportunity to in a timely manner. It sounds like you might live near me. I'm in Phoenix, AZ and I believe about half of the units in the Grand Canyon Council are chartered to one LDS ward or anot
  14. Way back around 1974 I completed my ordeal in the T'kope Kwis Kwis lodge of Chief Seattle Council. The ordeal ceremonies took place in a Pacific Coast Indian style long house. This long house was quite an important part of the lodge's OA program and, unfortunately, suffered the march of time and became decrepit. My understanding is that there is an effort to build a new long house. Does anyone here know what the progress is? http://www.thelonghousefund.org/ Thanks, SWScouter
  15. Brian, go to the Girls Scouts forum at scouter.com, there was a thread about some of these changes a few months ago. From what I remember, some of the changes were to realign/combine councils and the changes/naming for the cadet to senior girl scouts. Scoutnut mentioned that. But the big change that is going to really help the GSUSA is that they are updating their uniforms so that high-school aged girls can have neckers! I think you should really be pleased about that. SWScouter
  16. Llama out of here! Please, please llama outta here...
  17. I suggest getting the Webelos Leader Guide. It has suggested meeting plans and activities for working on the Webelos Activity Badges. Most all of the Activity Badge work should be done in the den meetings. Remember that the Activity Badge Counseler signs the Webelos handbook when the requirements are complete, not just the Webelos Den Leader. As Lisa Bob mentions, the Webelos still need to take an active part in the pack meetings by doing skits, songs, ceremonies, etc. The Webelos can also display things that they have made/accomplished during the month working on the Activity Badges.
  18. TigerDen2, welcome to the forum and thank you for volunteering your time and talents to the Cub Scout program. You don't get them to volunteer. Tigers is shared leadership, that means that they are responsible for some of the Tiger program they have signed their sons and themselves up for. Bring in a sheet of paper with the months written on it. Have each of them sign up to organize one of the months. This isn't an option, it's something they must do to be a part of the Tiger program. Remind them that they always have to attend the activities with their son and that it really do
  19. I was a scout for at least six years, maybe more, I don't remember. I'm a star scout. Some people seem surprised that I am not an Eagle scout, I don't know why. Often when they find out I'm not, they ask if I regret not earning the Eagle rank. I don't. When I look back on being a scout, I have lots of great images and memories. I do not in the least regret not earning Eagle. I do, however, have two regrets of things I didn't do as a scout. I remember dreaming of going to Philmont; I regret never letting my parents know about that. I remember thinking how neat it would be to earn the Ad Altaire
  20. Here in the district I'm a part of, there are a lot of LDS units. I think that perhaps 70% of the units are LDS. Anyway, each LDS ward has four units, a Pack, Troop, Team, and Crew. My understanding is that for each ward, the COR is also the UC for the four units chartered to it. SWScouter
  21. Did you hear about the lame llama astronomer? Yeah, he got to use the hobble telescope. So, we can incorporate llamas into the space exploration and astronomy merit badges. I hear llamas can have fly problems, so perhaps llamas would be helpful when earning the fly fishing MB. I think I better llama self out of here... SWScouter
  22. One way to look at it is if the scout is doing his best (On my honor I will do my best...). From what you wrote it appears the first scout is doing his best to be active in scouting but his home/work situation gets in the way a lot. The second scout doesn't appear to be doing his best to be active at all and is making up excuses. Molscouter makes another very valid point. If the scouts have completed the POR requirement, then by default, I believe they have also completed the tenure requirement. For these kinds of questions, you should be able to approach your Unit Commissioner or th
  23. And then, of course, there is the Uniform Elite. Those scouts and scouters that always where a complete, correct and well pressed uniform. Preferring, of course, the poly/wool blend. SWScouter
  24. The diamond Webelos badge is allowed on the tan uniform.
  25. "Over the Open Fire" is a visual delight along with some great recipes. It's by the guys that do the "Campfire Cafe" cooking show. I got my copy at the council scout shop. http://www.amazon.com/Over-Open-Fire-Pamela-Alford/dp/0977055612 SWScouter
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