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  1. I like the idea of him wearing his sash for BoR. So he shall, unless someone tells him not to. Thanks for all of the replies!
  2. I know my scout is supposed to wear the Class A uniform. Does he also wear his sash?
  3. Has anyone heard of these? They are not the merit badges but more like the belt loop program from the Cub Scouts. Apparently my son is working on his First Aid skill award and he needs a first aid kit.
  4. where does the first one go? Can he wear the temp boy scout patches on the back of the merit badge sash?
  5. Just to be sure - can my son start earning merit badges now? I know it is not a requirement until the upper ranks. Shouldn't he start with the Eagle-required ones?
  6. 1. Is there a Quality district pin or patch that is worn on the uniform? I know there is a quality unit patch. 2. If I get my son another uniform shirt so he can have one long-sleeved and one short-sleeved, how can I get a duplicate rank emblem? I can't just pick it up from the shop.
  7. http://www.geocities.com/~pack215/ This site is awesome. He has info on everything Cub Scouting and even a link for uniform and patch placement. Refer to this site as well as the Uniform Inspection sheet.
  8. Someone should definitely tell her that the way she is wearing the shirt is improper. Wouldn't someone correct a Scout who had his shirt on that way? On the Uniform inspection sheet for Female Leaders, the picture shows all 3 women with shirts buttoned up (except of course the very top one). Female Cub Scout leaders can wear either the yellow or tan shirt. Female Boy Scout leaders must wear the tan shirt. Again, this info is taken directly from the uniform inspection sheet. I was a Webelos Den Leader (my son is in Boy Scouting now, YAY!). I wore the tan shirt and khaki pants, with the WDL
  9. I have a 2006 Webelos Woodsmoke Patch. Willing to trade for another 2006 Webelos Woodsmoke or Webeloo-ree patch. Email me for a picture.
  10. My son is Webelos II this year. I went to Walmart and got wolf print fleece (his dens is "Running Wolves") and "Cub Scout" solid blue fleece. I fringed the edges and tacked his patches on the solid blue fleece. Send me a PM with your email if you would like pictures.
  11. Thank you all for your replies. By the time I would have to renew, I will no longer be a den leader; my kids are going to the Troop. I do not need YP for trained badge but I do need it for my Webelos DL award. I'll be all set for B&G. QueenJ
  12. Was it 2 yrs if you took it online but 3 yrs if you actually took a class? I can't find anything on it now. I'm hoping to get my trained badge before my boys cross over to the Troop in February.
  13. I have youth protection and I will be signing up for Cub Leader Essentials at my Council Powwow. I'll report back to my cubmaster after Powwow. Thanks all! (Mrs) Queenj
  14. What all do I need to get my Trained badge? I've already taken Fast Start for Cub Leaders and Webelos Leader specific. Do I need OWL?
  15. The pillow is a great idea as well! Scoutnut, when I said camping, I was thinking of just for the boy's personal use like for sleeping at night but you're right, I wouldn't want other trampling on it. Making a curtain would be another wonderful display idea.
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