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  1. I've been lobbying for a patrol box bonfire. So far I have been unsuccessful. I really think they are a bane to good camping, at least the way I see them used. SWScouter
  2. Lisabob wrote, "And what about girls? All the local rec leagues are co-ed and I am not certain how you could have a team where the boys were eligible to join this program but not their female team mates." That's actually a very big issue with the Cub Scout soccer program here in the Grand Canyon Council. The hispanic community is very family oriented and this is a big drawback to the program. It will be interesting to see how this evolves but it is looking like there will be some accomodations made to the program for the girls. SWScouter
  3. "But has anyone heard anything about a new National Sea Scout Commodore?" Anybody else misread that as Sea Scout Commode? SWScouter
  4. Well, I don't have any tattoos, but the add just showed me how to meet people at TattooLovers.com. Ooh ya!(This message has been edited by SWScouter)
  5. I've done rim to river and back twice. That's not much different than rim to rim, except that it's a 200 mile drive from one side to the other. Now rim to rim to rim is a different story. It's about 21-24 miles from rim to rim depending on the route. Both my trips down, I took the same route, South Kaibab trail to Bright Angel CG, returning on the Bright Angel Trail for about 16 miles. We spent two nights at BACG and did day hikes up the N Kaibab trail. There's about a 5000' elevation difference between the river and the S rim, more for the N rim. A lot of people go down S Kaibab, spend o
  6. TwoCubDad wrote: I require the elegible Scouts to let me know why the want to be in the OA, have a general understanding of what OA membership entails (meetings, etc.) and make a commitment to be active in the Order. I ask that the Scouts put this in writing, but if a Scout takes much initiative at all to let me know that he really interested, I will approve. I almost completely disagree with this. How active or not a scout may be in the OA should have absolutely no bearing on whether that scout is on the ballot or elected. A scout that goes through the ordeal has absolutely no oblig
  7. Dan, Best wishes and prayers for your son and you and your family. I don't know how well I would hold up under your situation. Everything checked out well for me. I went twelve minutes on the treadmill without trouble. The docter said that if one goes nine minutes that they rarely, if ever, see any heart trouble. The imaging checked out too. Right now my only risk factor is family and I wouldn't want to change anything there. SWScouter
  8. Personally, I think GW was being an ass. But that's just my opinion.
  9. Everyone, thanks for the kind words. Scoutldr, that thought did come to mind .
  10. Umm, as far as I know, OA does not have any official call out ceremonies as there is for the Pre-ordeal, ordeal, brotherhood, and vigil ceremonies. This is all under the purvue of individual lodges.
  11. So I was planning on being one of the ASMs at summer camp again this year. I was really looking forward to it too. I'm well over 40 so I went to get my physical and class III health form filled out. The Dr. is filling out the form and asks when I need it by. Well, as soon as possible. Actually I need it right away for camp. The Dr. says my EKG is "different" and he wants me to see a cardiologist first and if everything checks out, he'll sign the form then. Okay... So the next week while the troop is at camp I see a cardiologist. He asks what is "different" since it looks fine to him? I do
  12. I have a Kelty Tioga 5400 external frame pack with the 50th anniversary frame (bent funny to add more air circulation). I haven't used it as much as I'd like. The first trip I took it down the Grand Canyon and back up. The pack rides absolutely great. It's very comfortable. The biggest problem I have with it is that it's heavy and there is no good way to strap a sleeping bag or tent to the outside as with most externals. I ended up putting the sleeping bag in the bottom compartment. That left just one big compartment for the rest of the gear and that really sucks. The pockets are also really s
  13. This is a hoot. BSA has been around for what, close to 100 years. Let's see the current uniform has been around for what, close to 30 years or 30% of the time the BSA has been. I imagine that there has been way more scouts and scouters in the current uniform than any other. This is great entertainment. Thanks, SWScouter
  14. There is a troop in my district that is chartered to the Adobe Juvenile Detention facility. All the scouts are "ins" none are on the "outs." The scouts seem to really enjoy being a member of the troop. The troop number is 4, originally it was to be 420 but that is a term for smoking dope so it was quickly changed. There are some problems. The leader screening is very rigorous. I hear even more so than for employees of the facility. Going camping is a problem and that has advancement repercussions. Detainees come and go. How can we continue to offer scouting to those boys that serve t
  15. That wasn't the only change. My uniform for the early/mid 70's was different than my brothers' from the mid to late 60s.
  16. I have two things I'd like. 1. As a District Commissioner, I'd really like the Unit Visit Tracking tool to be fixed and put back in service. 2. As a Unit Scouter, I'd like the My Scouting section beefed up. Namely, I'd like to see the Online Tour Permit added. Thanks, SWScouter
  17. Service stars should be placed 3/8" above the pocket flap, or top row of knots. If more than one star is worn, then the stars should be 1/8" apart. The row of stars should be centered across the pocket.
  18. I don't know when numbered stars were started, but it's been at least since 1972, when I received my first one. I remember receiving attendence bars back then too.
  19. Back to the topic. Lisabob, As Secret DE said, the scoutmaster should be at the top of the list. After that, I think the list should be sorted by those scouters that are working with the youth the most. Secret DE did make a mistake, he said three adults with 76 youth. It should be 101 youth, but whatever. Don't make too big a deal out of this, keep it simple and think which adult will best serve the youth. Remember there is always next year and the next too. SWScouter
  20. GNX Guy, Yes, I saw that. I don't see how that is an issue though. The council can have it's own sign up and then submit all names to National as needed. The council can do this online if National requires it. Moneys used can be from those already received from the scouts and adults that are registered from the council contingents. That's just a logistic item the council needs to work through. Like I said, my son is signed up, there is a payment schedule in place. It's real. SWScouter
  21. GNX Guy, Our council started sign ups last spring. Most of the troops are already filled up. My sons Jamboree troop will have its first meeting the last Thursday of this month. The meeting is mostly informational for the parents and for everyone to meet. The contingent troops, in addition to the jamboree, will have a fairly extensive tour. They will be travelling for three weeks total. The council has priced the jamboree at $3000. There was a $300 deposit and starting last January, there are $300 payments each quarter. He's signed up, it's real. Timbit, Thanks for posting the li
  22. I guess I have trouble with this whole concept of "Earning" the scout badge. For one, it's a lot simpler than earning AOL. The only thing the scout has to learn is to tie a square knot. The hardest part really is getting the parents to sit down and go through the youth protection insert with the scout. The rest is just a sit down for a few minutes and go over the stuff with the Scoutmaster. Let's not make more of the scout badge than it is supposed to be: what a boy does to join boy scouts. SWScouter
  23. Last fall I signed my son up for the 2010 NJ. We had a talk first and he said ok. Lately he has become less interested in scouts. We had a talk the other day and he said he wouldn't mind continuing in scouts but he isn't going to go to the jamboree. I asked him why, what does he think it's going to be like. His response was that the sight seeing stuff sounded okay but there was no way he would want to do the jamboree part. More prodding and he said he thinks it would be like attending Scout-O-Rama for two weeks straight. I had a good chuckle with that and said I wouldn't want to do that either
  24. Anne, when you visit the units, always let them know you're coming, even if you get an open invitation. Also, always bring them something, such as the flyers handed out at roundtable. Good luck! SWScouter
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