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  1. fishnbass2

    Unit Flag

    How much are they??
  2. fishnbass2

    Unit Flag

    Where can I order a troop flag???
  3. fishnbass2

    Youth Training

    Due to scheduling issues no we can not have some one over for dinner. I need a cd so I can let them take it and do it when they can.
  4. I have a couple of adult helpers who need to take the Youth Protection Traing but they dont have the internet. I was wandering if I could get a copy of the training on cd. Thanks
  5. fishnbass2

    Youth Training

    I hope I am putting this in the correct forum. So here goes. I was wandering if I could get the Youth Protection Training on CD or on paper. I have a couple of members that dont have internet access. So I would like to find a copy on cd so they can take and print out their certificate. I have checked with my district training leader but he could not find his copy of it. Im not sure if this even exists b ut I hope so. Thanks for the help
  6. fishnbass2

    Jac-Shirt Patch

    Hello; I am looking for 2 of the Jac-shirt patch that goes on the left pocket. I have also heard them called universal boy scout patch.If anyone has these patches please let me know how much and how much shipping to. Thanks
  7. fishnbass2

    Jac Shirt Patch

    Thanks for all the help. I still have not found the patch (I actually need 2). If anyone finds the patches I need please forward the link here please. Thanks again.
  8. fishnbass2

    Jac Shirt Patch

    Also im a Eagle Scout. Is there any patch that I can wear on my Jac shirt. I know I can have the boy scout patch on the left pocket. So what kind of eagle patch can I wear if any on the jac shirt. Thanks
  9. fishnbass2

    Jac Shirt Patch

    I have tried e-bay and the scout shop for item # 00320 and I still cant locate the patches. Am I making this to hard to find. What am I doing wrong??
  10. fishnbass2

    Jac Shirt Patch

    I got a red wool Jac Shirt off e-bay but the emblem on the pocket was removed. Does anyone know where I can get the patch to replace it or what else could I use?? Ive searched e-bay for the patch but had no luck. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. fishnbass2

    New to site

    Hello all. Im new to the site. Im a new Scoutmaster in the Blue Ridge Mountain Council in Virginia. Hope I can find some interesting ideas on here from fellow scouters. About me now: Im a 34 male. I work for Public Service Authority in VA. Im a Eagle Scout. Currently Im a Den Leader in the Cub Scouts and starting a Boy Scout Troop in next few weeks. Well thats pretty much it. Thanks for having me.