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  1. bt - not 7 years. OGE was just resurrecting a thread from way back when. Glad he kept the log - I was half expecting this story to start branching out all over the place. --Gags
  2. "Let's say DL Joe suffers a heart attack, and he's the only adult present. What do the kids do? But if ADL Sally is there, she can take charge." The cubs may be a little traumatized by watching Joe writh in agony on the floor in front of them, but thank goodness Sally is there to help them finish those electives! :-) \\sarcasm off\\
  3. I don't mean to hijack this thread and turn it into a debate about the toxicity of ziploc bags, but this statement doesn't sound quite right: "Since the egg and cheese contained in an omelet includes fat of their own the mixture tends to get even hotter than the boiling water" I've never taken advanced chemistry or any kind of physics class, so I'm not sure how an object can get hotter than the material surrounding it? Thanks, Gags
  4. Skeptic, Only if he was bully AND a right ol' chap. Cheers, Gags
  5. Well, according to possibly the best South Park quote of all time: "There's no such thing as a stupid question. Just stupid people asking questions." -- Mr. Garrison Betcha' when you woke up this morning, you weren't expecting to be sitting here reading about South Park on Scouter.com, did you? :-) (My apologies to Martin Lawrence for butchering another great quote).
  6. Perhaps one of the moderator's could pass this on to Scouter Terry, but a successful feature of other boards are the "sticky threads" features, that always show up at the top of the page. I would include an Acronym list as one thread, instructions for new posters in another, and maybe one or two more at the most so as not to clog the screen. Not sure if the current board software has that capability or not. Of course - this still doesn't diminish the need to spell out Acronym's the first time their used. YiS, Gags
  7. That's quite an impressive Thief Knot Supberboy tied. I guess as long as he unties it before he leaves, he's still following LNT principles? :-) --Gags
  8. Just wanted to add my .02 and say "Congrats" - I think you're the current holder of the "Scouter.com Shortest Topic Title" award. Unless you were trying to start a discussion on Morse Code. :-) YiS, Gags
  9. So what _are_ we supposed to use to tell everyone to stop saluting? Is it just a simple case of follow the leader?
  10. In about 3 weeks, my Troop will be holding it's first Spaghetti Dinner as a new fundraiser. We have about 25 active boys, and supportive parents (recently re-built troop - so they're not burned out yet!). So I don't think volunteer staff will be an issue. I've already read the thread from 2007 on this topic, but wanted to see what experience the rest of you have had. FYI - For my role, I'm planning on doing part of the cooking, not sure how far along we are with advertising or any other planning areas. Thanks in advance for your help. YiS, Gags
  11. Basementdweller - Sounds like a poorly planned event - I've been on both sides of those myself. But I have a very small district, so it's not uncommon to be asking for staff at Friday night cracker barrel - very often, we don't know who's coming until the troops start showing up on Friday night. Not an excuse for inadequate staffing, just saying that for us it's a fairly common occurence. Back on topic - or maybe related to the "poor planning" mentioned above - I'm one of those "incomplete" Wood Badger's. Attended both weekends, learned a little, make good friends and contacts both within Council and other troops, but, never finished the ticket. Procrastination is a lovely personality trait of mine that has cost me dearly in most areas of my life. I created my ticket, got it approved, and just never got around to working it to completion. Never made the effort to start up the Troop committee (gee, maybe that's why we were down to one scout?), still worked on Camporee's, but don't think I ever publicized it or planned as I laid out in my ticket. I got several calls from my Patrol Advisor offering to help in any way possible, and will still run into him on occassion. I definitely regret it. When someone asks me now "Have you been to Wood Badge?" - I answer yes. If they ask "Have you completed Wood Badge?", I answer no. I don't elaborate unless they ask - I'm not hiding anything, I just don't feel like wasting their time giving my whole background. I know what I learned, but have no incentive (or permission!) to spend an additional $200 (probably more by now), or 2 3-day weekends away from my wife and kids. It kind of sucks not getting to wear the beads (or maybe I'm more jealous of not getting to wear a neckerchief that's actually the right size?), but it's just another un-learned lesson of life for me. I didn't have a house burn down, get sick, lose a job, or anything that would warrant a multi-year extension. If I only get to be ASM instead of SM of a Jamboree troop, I can live with that. I'll still encourage the leaders in my troop to attend future courses. I'm still proud of the fact that my patrol won the "win all you can" game (I know that kind of goes against the purpose of the game - you kind of had to be there), that we had a great steak dinner on Saturday night, and that I got to know a great group of people. Maybe when I'm retired and the kids are in college, I'll go take the WB for the 21st & 1/2 Century course, just to check it off the bucket list. But I don't expect to be given permission years after the fact just b/c I finally got around to completing the ticket, nor would I expect Council NOT to take my money if I decided to re-enroll. Maybe the only real consequence is if your CO considers "fully trained" to include WB? Not sure if this really helped answer the question, or just provided everyone a good example of "How not to take WB". YiS, Gags
  12. At one of our recent pediatric appts for my now almost 2 year old, our Doctor has pretty much lifted the restriction of "no peanuts until (2, 3, 4) years old", for those families with no history of allergies (important caveat there). His reasoning (and I'm paraphrasing here), and I'm assuming he's not some "lone quack" with this theory, is that millions of children world-wide are exposed to nuts from birth, and there does not appear to be a increase in infant deaths due to allergic reaction. I haven't done the research to see if there's been actual studies to verify this, but it's an interesting (and obvious) thought. That being said - we have a 4 year old neighbor allergic to everything - eggs, nuts, wheat, sweet potatoes, garlic, soy. Ever see what they charge for infant formula that doesn't contain milk or soy? And you definitely don't want to smell the stuff. Something about the shorter the chain of amino acids (to aid digestion), the worse the smell. Back to the topic - our troop also now has a severely allergic boy - so it will be interesting to see how the Patrol handles it. --Gags
  13. Avid - thanks for the confirmation. We're expecting 10-15 troops, at the most 20 patrols. I'm trying to spread the events out as much as possible - it's at a Scout camp, so we have the place to ourselves. Theme is The Amazing Race. Mixture of skill events (knots, firebuilding) with team work (spider web, "snowshoes" on 2x4's). So I'm expecting some events to be "in and out", and others to go a full 20 minutes. Trying to make it a combination of skills, teamwork, and orienteering (between stations). Looks like it may be time to start my feedback thread and list all the stations. YiS, Gags
  14. For those of you who hold competitions during your camporees, what's the most # of stations you've used? We currently have 12 planned, and the scouts will be on the "course" from about 9:30 to 4, with a 1/2 hour mandatory "rest period" for lunch. I'm expecting them to be at each station for anywhere from 5-20 minutes, and they will need to visit each station. Thanks, Gags
  15. I believe that the original poster meant to put the DO in a self cleaning cycle without any seasoning on it, just the burnt on food or rust you,re trying to remove. As I understand it, self clean takes the interior temp up well above five hundred degrees. Gags
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