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  1. Beaver Brownsea Beavers SR-926 First weekend just finished
  2. trlarue

    Belt Loops

    I was informed the other week in a training course that when a boy crosses from bear to webelo he has to re-earn his belt loops. I can't find this in writing anywhere. I was even told there was a separate book. Ijust went to the national site and found nothing about this. Can anyone help? Is this real, if so where can I find it in writing?
  3. I had one like this just this year, try this tell all the parents and scouts that you will start using a three bead system. Each scout will be given three beads at the beginning of each meeting. Then as behavior begins to get out of hand start taking beads. 3 beads good behavior lose 1 bead warning lose 2 beads time-out of activity at the time lose three beads tell the parent and scout that you will see them next week is as polite a way as you can. It sound more harsh than it really is. I haven't taken 2 beads yet. This worked for me. Terry
  4. Sometimes it's good to hear things like this. Not what happened from the storm, but after the storm http://www.11alive.com/news/news_article.aspx?storyid=90098
  5. Have you tried an eraser tip for the back?
  6. It's not just that the kids are busier than they were 10 years ago. It also has to do with the parents. Let's stick with the kids for now. This example is based on my daughter's soccer schedule which is roughly the same for the boys her age playing for the same traveling club. Monday and Wednesday practice 7:30-8:45 Tuesday and Thursday 6:00-7:00 or 7:00-8:00 extra skill training or strenght and endurance training. Friday night an in house 4v4 league. Now tell me that other activities don't have much bearing on whether or not a boy joins scout. Not to mention that alot of parent just don't wan
  7. All those Scouts in the field uniform, not a single pair of denim jeans either..
  8. Last year I bought a couple of Coleman bags rated I think 40 degrees rectagular big and bulky. I think I paid around $40.00 for both. Keeps me and my boy warm enough.
  9. Last year we put the weight as far forward as we could even notching the front of the block. then we jacked up a rear wheel about a 1/16 of an inch, basically just enough for the wheel to clear the track. Three wheels create less friction than four.
  10. I've seen the information online about BALOO training, but what is involved in it? There isn't a lot of info about it. Things like what I need to take with me. Is it a hands on training or is it mostly lecture time? Any details about it is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Terry
  11. Requirements: Scouts at all ranks must attend Cub Scout day camp or Cub Scout/ Webelos Scout resident camp in the current program year Attend a pack overnighter. Be responsible by being prepared for the event. Are you trying to use the same event for both requirements? Just asking
  12. We went to a council event last weekend. Woke up Sun morning, probably just below 40 degrees. My wolf had no problem with the cold, he had his coat got his hot chocolate and was good to go ready to play with the rest of the cubs. I only heard complaints from parents. Kids are more resiliant than parents give them especially moms. I had only one wolf not stay the night, his dad had somewhere to be Sun morning.
  13. I worked on both at the same time with my boys last year. Have them recite at each meeting. Keep track of everything they do. Make games up to learn them. I used a printout cut up with each part and put them in a balloon had the boys break the balloons different way each time. After breaking the balloon the boys had to do what the paper said. The boys loved it.
  14. When ya'll go on council campouts what kinds of activities and games do you do? How much free time should Wolves be given? And finally do you just do the council planned activities or do your own thing? Any advise will be appreciated. thanks
  15. Has anyone tried to just sell one type of popcorn? Let's say last year your troop or pack sold alot of caramel corn, would you try to just sell it this year?
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