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  1. Just want to take a few min, and say thank you to everyone that responded to my question on Troop money and Troop Flags. I also like to say Good-bye and God bless you all. Fact 1) this troop does not have much commutation and a lot of mis-commutation. One would think any thing coming from the SM or ASM should be correct and or the same. Most of the time they are not on the same page. The SM told me that the BSA only publish a general guide, every troop is different and he runs this troop. Fact 2) as I said It normally would never cross my mind to question, (Wheres the money)
  2. Im sorry, but I felt that I had to explain my position and intention. And as far as asking what is a District Committee member that is just what it was. Please let me try to explain. To me, it would seem that this forum and people in the troop speak in some type of code. Many of you have been doing this from a while, and know the structure of the cub scouts and boy scouts. What all the CC SM and others mean. From time to time this CC talks about runs. I understand it mostly for the cub scouts. (I do not know much of any of it so its like a code that I do not understand.) No
  3. Why would you want to ask her about it? Is it to simply push her buttons? I dont push buttons, I would ask her questions just like I would post question here. If I dont know I ask (I may or may not agree with the answer, regardless of the answer I get) I try to understand it. My thoughts of a situation maybe wrong. But I try to understand different point of view. They all know if there is something I can do to help I will do what I can. And know that in no way that I want to take over and be in charge. I am not qualified. They already had that problem before with ASM wanting
  4. Thank you all for the information, and the link to the scout zone, they had a good list but gave no other information as to when and where they meet. Referred you to the Local Council, which is where I went. But the guy was out in the field but after sending him an e-mail, I now have a few troops to check out after the holiday weekend. Its a shame, as this troop does have well-meaning group of people. This unit needs a visit from its UC in a most serious fashion forgive me but what is UC. My guess Unit committee / Unit Commissioner Next week, I also need to ask the CC/Tre
  5. I have been having the same problem. I have this forum saved in my favorites - and found when I clink on the link, and even thow it comes up to the forun, I click on the Forums ant the top of the site. Then everything is working fine.
  6. Your right I will be stopping by the BSA office on my way home, and see if they can give me a list of other troops in my area. I will check them all out between now and the time my son comes back from summer camp in July. Thank you all for your feedback, at times I just need to know that Im not NUTS And something is wrong and Im not looking to deep in something that is no big deal. Just because its a big deal to me dont mean its a big deal to some one else. Thank you all
  7. Troop Flags How important are the Troops Flag and the United States Flag in a Troop Meeting? I know at one Time, Both Flags was at every meeting. Last Night they had the CC come to the center of the room, every one (Pledge alliance to the Flag) that was on her uniform. The week before that it was a Cub Scout getting ready to cross over was called to the center of the room. I have my own personal thoughts, and thats why I posting this. Im sure they still have the Flags, just have not been bringing them to the meetings
  8. Well I see, the CC problem is not an isolated to just this troop. As I said, Last night they finally came out with the $ amount that will be applied to the scouts for summer camp (From the Fund raiser 4 months ago). Then wanted the balance of the money from the parents (So they get payment sent to the Camp) which should have been done a week ago. My son was (PAID between fund raiser and what I already paid), over paid even after applying $40 to my sons camp spending Over paid by $92.00 They made a mistake on one scout which would of affected everyone (A little bit) I told
  9. Last question for now - why is your CC also the treasurer? Is it because he really wants to be? Or because no one else would do it? I really dont know why she is both the CC and treasurer. She has turned down offers from other parents that dont mind helping out on other positions. The Troop Money has never been a question to me as I did not feel it was my business and new to the scouts. And may not have been a question to me now if she could have told the parents about the last fund raisers (Gift of Lights) which was 4 months ago. The summer camp fess should have been paid by
  10. Another Question. Can some one tell me or tell me where I can look it up. Do to the fact they could not give us (ME) the information form a fundraiser 4 months ago, and I started to dig a bit deeper in to the troop money. This Committee Chair is also Troop Treasurer which has not provide the Committee any reports of the troop funds except some verbal estimates for the past 3 years plus. Reading the description of the 2 positions. Troop Treasurer serves at the satisfaction of the Committee Chair and the Troop Committee. Would that mean that if the committee members wanted, they cou
  11. Thank you all for the information, It normally would never cross my mind to question, (Wheres the money). The summer camp fundraiser (not all the money was deposited so the money is gone the Troop roster of who worked when is missing or lost). And I agree with the Committee Chair, just move forward. If they could have figured out how much money will be applied to the scouts summer camp from the funds that was deposited in a timely manner it would have never been an issue. I understand that they all are well-meaning volunteers doing their best, but its been 4 months sinc
  12. I don't know if I understood the summer camp fee issue. What I think you are saying is: camp costs $265 but the troop is requesting donations (from whom?) What I was trying to say when the summer camp first came up they quoted the price from last year. Very poor communication -Like none for the ASM, came out with letters to pass out requesting donations $280 per scout. If he would of told everyone the correct price that would have been a dead issue Then it jumped up to $285. But I wanted to see the paper that said $285 They could not find it and agreed that the price is sti
  13. I want to thank you all, but let me clarify some things. Your son isn't entitled to a single dime of fundraising money himself That I clearly understand. Fundraising is a group (Team work) project. Dont expect it to be like a job where he would get paid. Fact: it was a fundraiser for summer camp so the parents would not have to pay the entire fees. And its also good for the boys its learning. Last year the SM divided the funds equally between all boys going to summer camp. This year (After the fundraiser he is gone and the CC has said what he did last year was wrong, it will
  14. Thank you all for the information
  15. The Committee Chair is the Treasurer, she also work with the Cub scouts 4 nights of the week The fund raiser of last Nov and Dec was for summer camp only. Most of the money is gone. The innuendo that "the old Scoutmaster took Scout's money" was made by Committee Chair It was others that Scout's money went to the Cub Scouts My question about Due is because I make sure my sons is paid regardless if he is there or not. But just noticed that not the same for everyone. I just dont see how it can take over 4 months to tell the boys how much money will be going to them for s
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