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  1. here is an e mail I recieved from Ask Andy the Net Commish. If your wondering why I changed ASM to Committee, its because this person is also the Committee Chair. I should have asked where specifically the policy was quoted from. Again I thank you all for your replies. The BSA's policy -- a long-standing one, by the way -- is simple: If it was official "then" it's official NOW! This includes "mix-and-match." So this Scout's overseas cap is totally "legal" and shame on a committee of sticks-in-the-mud! But, let's look at the positive: If other Scouts think it's cool, why not go onl
  2. Thank you all for your replies. I am going to bring this to the ASM's attention and hopefully he will stop telling this scout to stop wearing the hat. Also all the boys in the troop think this hat is the coolest and all want one. So knowing now that the headgrear is by troop vote we may soon have all the scouts wearing one. YIS Trailblazermom
  3. I was wondering if someone can tell me where to find the "rules" about a uniform question I have. We have a scout in our troop who wears a vintage BSA garrison hat with his scout uniform. The ASM said its against the uniform rules to mix an old uniform part with the current. He said you have to wear the whole vintage uniform not just the hat and that you can't mix old with new. I have looked and can't find an answer in the insignia guide or by searching here. Anyone know where I might find out what the correct answer is? Thank very much Trailblazermom
  4. My sons Tiger book fell apart. First the cover came unglued then the back pages started letting go. I had access to a stapler that binds really thick materials so that helped it stay together and I had to hot glue the cover back on. So far the other rank books are fine. Trailblazermom
  5. pixiewife, I don't know if you have the Program Helps book for this year (you can also view it online) but for February in the Bear Den game/activities there are several games they have from China. One is the "chinese wall" another is "lame Chicken" Also they list jumping rope or "jumping 100 threads" as a game created in China 1500 years ago. The book gives all the details for each game. trailblazermom
  6. how do i edit part of one of my posts? I guess it only allows you to be able to edit for so long. can someone help me? thanks sorry for the inconvienence. trailblazermom
  7. Lisa, i know it was a misunderstanding/misinterpretation when you asked why I was having my son "fly" through it. Just to clarify no that is not at all what I was trying to do. ScoutNut summed it up exactly that I have been getting mixed signals. That is why I am asking/questioning this because it is a special circumstance. I just want to make sure that my son will not be short changed in the program. ScoutNut, I have the Webs handbook and have been reading it and thats why I have a lot of questions and why I am asking them now before we end up off track somewhere. As for a Web II or
  8. Yes I agree the Pack is not running the way it should be in terms of the advancement timetable. I just spoke with the Webs leader and was told the Bears wouldn't be in the Webs den until Aug. However my son could meet with Webs ever other week in the summer. I also was told my son can work on his Webs and AOL past the age of 11. From everything I have read that is not correct. I am getting frustrated because Webs leader seems to be running things according to persons own rules. trailblazermom Thanks for the clarification about the electives.
  9. Infoscout Yes, i know that they cannot work on electives after the fact but that is how it was done last year, the kids had graduation and then worked on electives and got arrow points before we started the new year scouting year. (just read this from the back of the Bear handbook, "You may earn Arrow Points until you join your Webelos Den" So going by our pack he would still be a Bear until August when the new school year starts then. So not sure if that changes anything. And "rocking the boat" is exactly what I feel. Webs DL has the leaders guide and has been trained, or at least I th
  10. I have read all the responses and I see that he can start working on Webs as soon as the pack has graduation. However I don't know if the Webs leader will be willing to work with me/him over the summer. DL seems to have own agenda for the Webs DL has now. It had been mentioned that I may want to "lone scout" to get him through Webs. Not sure if that is a possible or why that was suggested. I know from the previous year through the summer the boys did not work on their new rank over the summer they worked on electives from whatever rank they were. I am going to have to talk to the CM and I
  11. Thank you all for your replies. I want to read them all again when I have a bit more time this evening before replying and adding some more information. Thanks again and I will be back later with a reply to the posts trailblazermom
  12. My son just completed Bear and he is 10. By the time he starts Webelos in August(thats when everyone begins in their new dens) my son will be 10 1/2 so my question is could he realisticly complete the program in 6 months, Webelos badge and AOL? It seems like a lot to cover in 6 months. I feel sort of like he is going to be rushed more than anything and maybe he should just wait until he is 11 and just transfer to the Troop. I am interested in your suggestions and advice anyone else have this situation before? Thanks in advance Trailblazermom
  13. Here's one more that has some neat ideas. I think I am going to do the Tom Tom slide with my den http://www.skcbsa.org/buckeye/roundtable/cs2007-11cr.pdf YIS trailblazermom
  14. Hi I too was searching for just the right slide for my den to do. Check out these GREAT links the first one link is my favorite. Hope these help http://www.e-scoutcraft.com/toc_fnail.html http://members.tripod.com/~cubclub/ http://www.etowahcreek.com/slides.htm YIS trailblazermom
  15. Bevah thanks for sending me the PM and to everyone else who has replied so far. Lisabob thanks for your suggestions. This is initially what I thought when this event was put on the calander, it would be like a come and see and ask questions type event. I had suggested what you said about a Merit Badge opportunity so far it has not been done. This whole event was not setup by me or anyone on the Pack Commitee. It was done between the CM and another parent. Which is a whole nother issue. Trailblazermom
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