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  1. TBF, it wasn't always. When I was a Cub Scout, everyone went to Cub Scouts after school, and parents didn't show up till after the meeting was over. The conundrum now is, if parents are now actively told to participate in every meeting and every event well beyond TIgers, what's the incentive to become a leader? Why bother? You're just going to be there anyway helping your kid. The parent child activity aspect for Wolf and above has it's benefits, but it seems to me the dearth in uniformed volunteers has been a significant detriment.
  2. ah, I see the correlation now. Missed it the first go around. all good!
  3. I wish more would drop the f-word double speak and speak plainly.
  4. If you reply to two things separately, but relatively quickly... the software automatically merges the posts into one post... neat!
  5. We can end it here, I don't mean to pry or get into things too personal. Jordan Petersen, Steven Pinker and Bret Weinstein and several others have all heavily stated of late how open dialog is becoming more and more forbidden because of the ramifications and accusations of isms that we're regressing and avenues of progress are blocked off because no one can talk to each other any more. It's not a healthy time to be alive. it's not just social media... TT is talking about in person, at his congregation... that's not social media, that's every day American life.
  6. Wait, wait, wait! so what you're saying is "Family Scouting" is a misnomer and the "family" doesn't really want to be involved in scouts, they just want a one stop baby sitting shop?????
  7. https://www.watchdog.org/issues/education/texas-student-commits-suicide-after-title-ix-kangaroo-court/article_c16a55b7-0e53-5303-b39f-f5b4e4b834ae.html
  8. If there's one thing I've learned in my years, both as a forum mod and simply as a human being participating in this thing called life... conversation, natural organic conversation never has balance in the short term, but the scales tend to balance themselves out over the long term. Even if it's debating conjecture... sometimes that's necessary just as a thought exercise, to allow someone to get feelings, thoughts, ideas off their chest and into the open air where they can germinate, propagate, or wither on the vine. On this subject, people are passionate about the topic, the course of histo
  9. Of course, until something is rolled out we just don't know. But this is a forum, which by definition is designed for exchanges, discourse, conjecture, learning and debate.
  10. But you're already a Scouter. My point was that National repeatedly stated 1. this move was to get non-scout families into scouts 2. this move was wildly popular with families who aren't currently in scouts. By National's own position, there should be an influx of excited adults, motivated by this historic change, to hand in their paperwork, take their training and become a Scouter.
  11. If girls in Boy Scouts was as popular as National keeps telling us, there should be a surplus of fresh volunteers ready to carry the flag for this historic change.
  12. So the boys who (and I know I keep saying this) statistically face higher suicide rates, higher drug abuse rates, higher high school drop out rates, higher illiteracy rates, lower college success rates... will be left behind once again.
  13. He was unequivocally firm on that point, at every step of the way. The lack of subsequent transparency with regards to that backpedal in ANY other avenue of life, would result in the valid claim of lie.
  14. Meaning Michael Surbaugh and the rest of National are in fact liars and sold the idea of Family Scouting on a lie. I remember in our own family scouting meetings, the ONE thing that almost everyone was firm on, was "i dont care what happens to the cub scouts, but boy scout level must be separate" and the response from professional was "and that is exactly what is being proposed".
  15. I touched on that, the idea of a "boys club" and the barring of women in positions of power is largely gone, especially in the last 15 years. Especially in the US. A large part of the reason, I believe, and a lot of people much much smarter than I am, also believe, is because women, educated women, in general, simply aren't interested in those positions.
  16. Cub Scouts is a DIRECT feed into Boy Scouts. We have enough problems with Helicopter moms and dads not letting boy led BE boy led after cross over... not establishing segregation at the Cub level now and laying down clear groundwork that will carry upwards, is only going to muddy the waters at cross over and make things a mess. The concern should be even higher at the Cub level specifically because of this reason. We can't keep thinking of these things in their separate bubbles, there needs to be a big picture view of how things are interconnected and play themselves out over the long hau
  17. If what the girl wants matters at all, lots of girls want skirts. I know my own daughter prefers skirts and dresses. Sometimes it's a fight just to get her to wear jeans. I'm a little confused tho, the difference between genders is as plain as using one's eyes. It's been universally acknowledged for all of human history. There's no emphasis needed. I thought the whole point of this family scouting thing was to accept and capitalize on the differences in genders (single-gender programs) while providing the quality content of the program. As for Venturers... I don't know, but Sco
  18. The boys interviewed in that piece look thrilled...
  19. In the age of the viral internet and the court of public opinion reaching a verdict quicker than an eye blink... even if you live up to those ideals... it doesn't matter much.
  20. Jordan Peterson is live on Joe Rogan Experience right now, he's touched on the responsibility aspect quite a bit. He's also said what CalicoPen has said about we the left and right need each other, but they're not talking.
  21. you're right, the 90% of boys who aren't in Boy Scouts and could use that moral barometer in their lives so they don't succumb to academic failure, drug and alcohol addiction, incarceration or sexual violence... should be their focus.
  22. I think he meant Single gender patrols in coed Troops, which is what I was hearing rumblings of prior to the Buzz-Feed article...
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