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  1. Oh, my mistake . Thanks. FYI @T2Eagle another potential new topic, Ohio House Bill 709.
  2. Posts regarding mandatory reporting moved to their own topic created by @T2Eagle
  3. From New Jersey BSA scout Troop 99G Reporting source: https://villagegreennj.com/towns/south-orange/see-a-spotted-lanternfly-stomp-it-say-south-orange-officials-boy-scouts/
  4. “We are committed to working with all constituents to make the necessary changes required by the ruling to drive this process forward and we remain optimistic about securing approval of a final Plan as soon as possible” the Boy Scouts said in an emailed statement. ... In a ruling that could have a significant impact on the case, Silverstein refused to approve the settlement involving the LDS Church. The judge noted that the settlement includes liability releases for non-Scouting abuse claims and “stretches third-party releases too far.” Perhaps The Church of Latter Day Saints wi
  5. But if a major CO pulled out of the plan, would not their insurers want to proportionately reduce their contribution to the settlement?
  6. I hid off-topic posts. Let's get back on topic, the Judge's opinion. thanks, RS
  7. In her conclusion, Silverstein didn’t say whether she was approving or denying the complex compensation fund, but instead simply told the Boy Scouts that they “have decisions to make regarding the plan and need sufficient time to determine how to proceed.” Silverstein said she would hold a court hearing on the status of the reorganization after Boy Scouts have reviewed her detailed ruling. More at source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-07-29/boy-scouts-must-change-2-7-billion-sex-abuse-fund-judge-rules
  8. USA Today A federal bankruptcy judge issued an opinion in the Boy Scouts of America case Friday, approving many portions of the nonprofit's plan to exit bankruptcy while rejecting others. The ruling creates a path for Scouts to move forward but leaves some issues unresolved.... https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/investigations/2022/07/29/judge-oks-boy-scouts-bankruptcy-plan-issues-remain-sexual-abuse/9584367002/
  9. Judge Accepts Most of Boy Scouts Bankruptcy Plan to End Biggest Sex-Abuse Case Judge shoots down some insurer objections and requests more plan information from the youth group https://www.wsj.com/articles/judge-accepts-most-of-boy-scouts-bankruptcy-plan-to-end-biggest-sex-abuse-case-11659126315?mod=newsviewer_click Unfortunately most of article is behind a paywall.
  10. @Scoutcrafter welcome to scouter.com
  11. Regarding Council patches, I prefer a return to community strips. Maybe using name tape (label tape), sewn on or velcro?
  12. overreach? anti-competitive? The Girl Scouts have neither a monopoly of scouts who are girls nor cookies sold by scouts. We have talked about selling GF, non-dairy snacks, e.g., power bars, cookies. https://www.otisspunkmeyer.com/blog/teaching-leadership-responsibility-and-life-skills My $0.02,
  13. According to MarketWatch, some settlement details The bankrupt Boy Scouts said the proposed settlement includes the Girl Scouts dropping its appeal (NY federal judge ruling in April which they lost), withdrawing its opposition to the Boy Scouts proposed reorganization, and dropping its roughly $11 million claim in the bankruptcy. The Boy Scouts will withdraw a motion in the district court case that roughly $16 million of its legal fees and expenses be covered. Settlement terms also include the Boy Scouts not using "girls" before "scouts," and not doing cookie fundraisers.
  14. Thousands of Arrowmen from across America are excited to be in Knoxville, Tennessee to attend the Order of the Arrow’s National Conference on July 25-30, 2022! Hundreds of Eagle Scouts and members of the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) are among them. ... You can also enter drawings for NESA items such as NESA patches, NESA buckles, and even a Joseph Cstari Original Print for the Grand Prize. “Meet the Man” sessions will also be announced featuring the Chief Scout Executive Roger C. Mosby and NESA National President-Frank Tsuru. We also anticipate incoming BSA President Brad
  15. The Girl Scouts agreed to drop its appeal of the April (NY federal court trademark) ruling as part of the settlement, and both sides agreed to drop related trademark proceedings in other courts and before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. They also agreed to cooperate on the commercial terms of scouting trademarks in the future, according to the court filing. The settlement did not include any payment by either side. No mention of legal expenses incurred for this. Source: https://gazette.com/news/us-world/boy-scouts-of-america-and-girl-scouts-settle-trademark-dispute-o
  16. I don't doubt you regarding a letter sent by Elks. I read this today, probably the award was already in process or maybe the National Elks are reconsidering? ATLANTA, GA - Not everyone in East Brunswick knows who Anthony Buccigrossi is, but dozens of local Eagle Scouts do. The East Brunswick Elks also know him. So do the veterans. Buccigrossi has been an active community member in East Brunswick for many years, helping lots of kids achieve in a venue - scouting - that is less about competition than it is about personal growth, public service, and Americanism. This month, he was recogni
  17. According to Marty Sepulveda, Scout Executive/CEO for the BSA South Texas Council, the BSA especially in Jim Wells County (population 38K) was greatly affected (by covid the last two years) so much that there are no cub scouts in the county. “We cover 17 counties including Jim Wells (and Duval Counties), (but) there’s no scouting in Alice again,” Sepulveda said. “We need to (re-establish) in Alice again.” (Alice, TX population 18K) https://www.alicetx.com/2022/07/15/bsa-affected-by-pandemic-look-forward-to-brighter-future/
  18. Moved recent posts to their own topic. Please continue here discussion of this topic, 2022 Membership Numbers. Thanks
  19. @seattlecyclone welcome to scouter.com. No problem wearing an old uniform.
  20. Good question. As i understand by Congressional Charter, it was due April 1. Related
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