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  1. I noticed this in section summary... Section 147. Increasing Youth Recreation Visits to Federal Land. (new) This section requires the Department of Agriculture and DOI to develop a national strategy to increase youth recreation on Federal lands. ...sounds like a job for us!
  2. So perhaps the weight and scrap value were over-estimated. “It’s just another example of bad things happening in the world right now that we’d like to turn the corner and go the other direction,” B&D president Chris Staubes said. “Doing the mental math on this, it’s a 500-pound bronze statue if it was melted down, if some of these places are paying .40 cents on the dollar, you’re not talking about a whole lot of money,” he said. “I mean several hundred dollars that someone may have gotten causing this type of harm.” Source has photo of pieces. https://www.live5news.com/
  3. Acccording to B&D’s (scrap yard) marketing director Kimberly Strobel , a man showed up at the yard trying to sell metal. A cashier went out to inspect the load on the scales, confirmed it appeared to be a cut-up art piece, and said no sale. Cameras captured his arrival, Strobel said. With the scrap yard sale negated, the man left. B&D called police. A short while later, the fire broke out. Apparently the 1000lb statue was broken into 50 pieces... SE Jason Smith later confirmed to The Post and Courier the pieces were back in the scouts’ possession but he did not di
  4. Update May, 2022: ... the Simplifying Outdoor Access for Recreation (SOAR) Act - passed out of the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee. Next, the bill will head to the Senate floor for a vote. That means we’re one step closer to fixing the current inefficient, unpredictable recreational permitting system, which creates barriers for people to experience the outdoors through outdoor programs like The Mountaineers. The SOAR Act was included in a larger package of recreation bills* called the America’s Outdoor Recreation Act of 2022 (S. 3266), which passed the Senate committ
  5. Update: Statue FOUND! Parts of the statue were discovered at B & D Scrap Metal when fire crews responded to a fire at that facility. https://www.counton2.com/news/local-news/missing-boy-scout-statue-found-at-scrap-metal-facility/
  6. Yeah I think BP took that concept from Havad Business Review. For about 2X the cost of a Scout Handbook, you can buy their current issue. IMHO joining a Scout Troop is more thrifty.
  7. BSA is also requesting any video footage of the theft caught by cameras of nearby businesses, as the organization is concerned the statue will be taken to a scrap yard for shredding or melting. A police report mentions that the statue was fastened to its base by four bolts, and two of the bolts appeared to have been “ripped” from the statue’s base while the other two were possibly cut. https://www.counton2.com/news/latest-news/north-charleston-police-investigating-theft-of-life-sized-boy-scout-statue/
  8. 05/32/2022 Coastal Carolina Council BSA Service Center (SC): A $1,000 reward is being offered for the arrest and conviction of the people responsible for stealing a bronze and life-sized Boy Scout statue from a center in North Charleston. According to officials with the Boy Scouts of America, when staff returned to work at the Coastal Carolina Council BSA Service Center on Medical Plaza Drive they discovered that the sculpture was stolen over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. A report states that the statue, designed by R. Tait McKenzie, was cast in 1937 and has been a corn
  9. There may be other NRA benefits - range improvements and liability insurance, either contractually or via NRA's National Youth Shooting Sports Cooperative Program Sports NRA has resources, programs and training to assist youth organizations, such as Boy Scout troops, Royal Ranger outposts, American Legion posts, JROTC units, 4-H clubs, FFA chapters, commercial summer camps and U.S. Jaycee chapters. https://www.scouting.org/outdoor-programs/properties/did-u-know/nra/ https://rangeservices.nra.org/ https://www.seqbsa.org/thanks-to-the-nra/
  10. Legal mandates and DRP aside, local troops should develop cooperating partnerships with community schools as in lets join and help our community. This can be school cleanup projects, Eagle Projects, recycling measures (e.g. Crayon Initiative not sure it still exists). Our school principles have been grateful, cooperative, and inclined NOT to burden the Superintendent or School Board with details. Some BSA references which may help https://www.scouting.org/adopt-a-school/ School Access Training Module (2017 draft, I don't know if there is an update) https://scoutingwire.or
  11. 1. Secure, separate firearm and ammunition storage. I do not want to read another story of firearms stolen from a camp. 2. Maybe move to lead-free ammunition and safer cleaning solvents. 3. Increasing cost of equipment, safety devices, ammunition, registration, insurance, licensing (taxes) may end BSA Firearms programs. All that said, I worry more about armed criminals entering a scouting event. My $0.01,
  12. In my neck of woods, we have had a disconnect from Council and National over the past two years or so, some say it was covid, bankruptcy, or councils pre-occupied with merging or selling camps. In that time, my unit managed and re-evaluated what we needed from Council and even if we need a Council. I would say getting a Eagle BOR and paperwork processed was our biggest problem with Council. We ran our own summer camping. Our unit needs now are less and different. My $0.01
  13. Alfred Ely Beach High School, Georgia, an example of a STEM Explorer Post ...twenty-five Medical Explorer Post students will participate in CRISPR (gene editing) Classroom’s Meet a Scientist program. In so doing, the Explorers will gain (1) an improved awareness of biotechnology careers, (2) a better understanding of the current possibilities and the problems in the industry, (3) a deeper appreciation for the real power of the scientific method... This group of Medical Explorers from the Memorial Health Medical Explorer Post and the A. E. Beach High School Medical Explorer Post will be th
  14. Exploring, which later split 3 ways, was created to reduce the loss of older scouts from Scouting. If there was not already a "Venturing Patrol" by name, there were Senior Scout Patrols. It worked with some troops which gave their senior scouts more freedom but mostly not. Dual enrollment did not fly either. Nature took hold, time to leave the nest. BSA recognized this early on when they created Senior Scouting in 1935. Senior Scouting included Sea Scouts, Air Scouts, and Explorers. As I recall, Air Scouts could not compete for membership with Civil Air Patrol (USAF supported). Similarly,
  15. A local firefighter and his wife, both scout parents, organized the event. Emergency medical professionals from Dexter and Ann Arbor led the scouts through several emergency scenarios – complete with fake wounds for the scouts to practice bandaging skills. ... While the scouts learned first aid, their parents were shown how an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) operates. These units are often located in plain view on the walls of social gathering places. Community support from Dexter Fire Station #3: Dexter Area Fire Department, Ann Arbor Township Fire Department, Huron Va
  16. Back to OP, Is it time for the BSA to change its top leadership model? @gpurlee A good question... HOW will the BSA best decide WHO will next lead the BSA? IMHO regarding this topic, the BSA Bylaws appear little changed in the reorganization plan presently under judicial review. I moved STEM posts to a recent STEM topic. RS
  17. You may recall a recent post by our resident honorary Chief Scout @InquisitiveScouter Yesterday, I found this commentary https://seandietrich.com/scouts-honor/ Read the rest at at source: https://seandietrich.com/scouts-honor/ Mr. Dietrich concludes his commentary: Personally, I will never forget standing in a Methodist church, wearing a khaki uniform, showing three-finger salute, reciting an oath before my flag and my friends: “On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country, and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times
  18. Maybe there is a scouting conservation service opportunity here with the Dept of Agriculture to warn of another human problem that only YOU can prevent? Say with a little help from one of their experienced employees or trademark at least, in fact he's an American Black Bear too. as it says "and wildlife". My $0.02
  19. April, 2022 Scout troop was camped in Harriman State Park when around 1:20AM a bear wandered into camp. According to Scoutmaster, All their food, garbage and cooking gear was properly stored in bear bags hung off the ground, but that wasn't going to stop the bear from looking. The bear grabbed one sleeping bag and pulled on it. The bear then grabbed another sleeping bag, where scout was sleeping, and also grabbed his lower leg. The scout screamed and kicked the bear and it ran away. "He had some scrapes and bruises, but other than that he was fine," said scout's mother. "He
  20. The above was questioned by a Kansas resident on https://www.facebook.com/PhilmontScoutRanch/ Another Facebook poster suggested, consider a donation to the Philmont Staff Association’s (PSA) fire recovery and mitigation fund. The PSA is a non-profit comprised of former staffers, which set up a similar fund in 2018. Please read more here: https://www.philstaff.org/store/donations/fire_relief/
  21. Previously stated over the years on this forum as were other good proposals by other members. If after 2+ years, more than $100 million in legal expenses, if this is an acceptable YPC/YPE in a reorganization plan approved by 86% of claimants and if you are correct, with no concerns from the judge and maybe only one female member in a passive, non-transparent advisory YPC ... I'll stop there.
  22. Tyler Ochoa, a professor at Santa Clara University School of Law, discusses the Boy Scouts defeating a trademark lawsuit brought by the Girl Scouts. She brought up the issue of trademark dilution and that the judge did not use the federal 6 factor test . https://www.bloomberg.com/news/audio/2022-04-18/judge-tosses-girl-scouts-suit-against-boy-scouts-podcast
  23. Hopefully Judge Laura Silverstein will require more clarity and empowerment. My $0.01,
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