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  1. It was announced that Dr. Glenn Ault will chair the 2026 Jamboree Committee.
  2. Fewer scouts today so councils merge for well you know the script. Seems mostly okay, then a NEW council headquarters building is needed. MUCH LARGER than the two HQ's it is replacing which served more scouts back when. I mean if we need MORE ROOM to serve fewer scouts, can't we just use the scOUTing DOORS? MORE MODERN - Internet? Indoor plumbing? Is Scouting now about Modern? MORE EXPENSIVE. I don't want to spend a dime on a new Council HQ while a camp is in need of maintenance or program upgrades. How many $million dream HQs were built and then sold (Maine comes to mind)
  3. https://www.facebook.com/officialscoutsbsa/ See complaints above link. Once again survey distribution problems, despite valid email addresses provided by scouts and guardians. Ugh. "Krone is focused on leveraging technology and innovation to propel the organization into the future." Forbes Sorry for going off-topic. How to improve surveys from National is worthy of another topic.
  4. Agreed. I found two versions. I enjoyed their pre-WSJ planning newsletters.
  5. @ScoutingMama4 welcome to scouter.com
  6. Yes. Posting GoFundME or other fundraising events for Scouts/Scouting has previously occurred on this forum.
  7. As often mentioned on this forum. Scouts Canada youth membership and professional employment has dramatically declined. Found this, see link below. Source: A lot of data in graphs, tables, links from Scouts Canada, but what I found missing was the Cost of Scouting per scout by year. http://yates.ca/sc/history/membership_national.htm
  8. @TheScouterDude welcome to scouter.com
  9. @Gossmaaf welcome to scouter.com
  10. Feb 28,2024: Washington Post provides a good summary: Troop splits with Girl Scouts after legal threats over Gaza bracelet fundraiser https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2024/02/28/girl-scouts-gaza-bracelets-missouri/
  11. Transparency and communication. Report to the Nation. National Annual Meeting becomes the National Open Meeting. My $0.02,
  12. Agree, appear to be stretching exercises as opposed to cardio or strength training.
  13. “The program was a big part of my life and the lives of my children. I want to make sure every child has an opportunity to have that same amazing experience.” - Roger Krone IMHO, that would be a good lead for our 2024 Report to the Nation due April 1 to Congress. * I hope Mr. Krone et al. takes our Charter obligation seriously and produces an accurate, thoughtful, and on-time report. * There may be some terminology confusion - Report to the Nation which is for Congress and American people and National Annual Report for National Annual Meeting and hopefully us too? My $0.02
  14. 02/23/24 Harvard Business Review: Presidents Found Their Second Acts In the section William Howard Taft Finally Gets His Dream Job are these seemingly misplaced paragraphs perhaps for a second article CEOs Found Their Second Acts? We all have dream jobs. Roger Krone, who became the CEO of The Boy Scouts of America, may offer a corporate analog for what it can mean to finally get there after decades of work and an unusual path. A former Eagle Scout, Krone had been chairman and CEO of Leidos, a $14 billion, 47,000 employee, Fortune 250 government technology company, from 2014 to 2023.
  15. "The American Red Cross is celebrating partners in the Black community who have helped increase and diversify donations, specifically for patients with sickle cell disease, which primarily affects African-Americans." Scouts interviewed at 1:32
  16. Feb 1, 2019-2024, 5 year anniversary of admitting girls into Scouts BSA. "This February marks five years since the Boy Scouts of America, now called Scouts BSA, first started admitting girls into the BSA program. Since 2019, around 6,000 female scouts have advanced to Eagle. ...Today there are more than 45,000 female scouts in the program across the country." "Girls have done a terrific job and shown that they can rock a 50-mile hike, just as their brothers can," says Kayleen Deatherage, a Scouts BSA National Executive Board (NEB) member. Deatherage leads the board's task force
  17. 4/1/2024: Greater Tampa Bay Council Membership fees (Your Council fees may vary.)
  18. Spring, 1919: Here is a story about Scouts from Texas and Tennessee helping an old Civil War veteran. https://mainstreetmediatn.com/articles/community-mainstreetfairview/justin-spurlock-when-a-dickson-boy-scout-discovered-confederate-gold/
  19. 02/21/2024: Another summary of the current legal situation more detailed, yet balanced. Good reporting. https://news.bloomberglaw.com/bankruptcy-law/boy-scouts-settlement-pause-marks-shift-on-bankruptcy-doctrine
  20. "They also serve who only stand and wait." John Milton
  21. @MrJZhu welcome to scouter.com. Please tell us more about yourself and your troop and this troop "fine" you mentioned.
  22. In order to "protect the integrity of young people in all circumstances," it is requested that activities "with or without a scout uniform" be canceled immediately, reports the Nicaraguan Scout Association. Translated from source: https://www.facebook.com/HolaPatioScout/?locale=en_GB
  23. "Nicaragua’s government has shut down the country's scouting organization and seven other nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), state media La Gaceta reported Friday, the latest in an ongoing crackdown that has seen the government toss out religious orders, charities and civic groups. The Interior Minister, which regulates the operations of NGOs in the Central American country, said the Scouts Association of Nicaragua allegedly failed to report financial statements and accused them of having an “expired” board of directors the government had not renewed since September 2021. The asse
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