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  1. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/Merit_Badge_ReqandRes/Nature.pdf IMO, I know you can counsel these requirements. Make the class interesting and fun for your scouts. Some thoughts: - take it outside - flavor class with your interests, make it fun for you! For example, what animals have eyes that reflect light and what color light? - add habitat discussion during identification. Where does this species go at night, in winter, what does it eats, what eats it. Diseases - what they spread to us, what we spread to them (deer with covid?). - have s
  2. Agree, the information which @5thGenTexan is asking is not necessarily all in one place or the same place from council to council. IMHO, it would be helpful if a prospective or new MBC could observe another MBC's class. My $0.02,
  3. Depends on merit badge, e.g., the shooting sports merit badges list more qualifications than say Basketry. As a start, look a Section 7, The Merit Badge Program of 2021 Guide to Advancement https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33088.pdf
  4. Yes, your post misidentifying Bill (Microsoft) Gates as a board member was removed.
  5. @IWasAbusedinScouting your post appears inaccurate. Bill Gates is not a national board member, rather Robert Gates. Image appears Photoshop'd, Hid post for moderator review, RS
  6. Boy Scouts $2.7 Billion Settlement Plan at Risk of Failing https://www.nytimes.com/2022/01/05/us/boy-scouts-settlement.html Mr. Stang said the committee wanted to see changes to the plan to bring better compensation, an improved plan for youth protection going forward and an independent governance of the settlement trust. With negotiations continuing, changes to the proposal could bring opportunities for claimants to change their votes. (interesting idea, could the Debtor make incremental changes and then see if a net 2% of voters would change their vote to AGREE. Technically
  7. by Randall Chase , AP https://www.theintelligencer.com/news/article/BSA-bankruptcy-plan-misses-mark-in-vote-by-abuse-16751195.php Debtors in bankruptcy typically need two-thirds approval from creditors for a reorganization plan, but cases involving mass tort liabilities, whether stemming from asbestos or child sexual claims, generally need a greater level of support... A final voting report is due Jan. 17 ...Meanwhile, attorneys continue to gather information and take depositions from opposing parties in advance of a hearing to begin Feb. 22 to determine whether Judge Laura Selb
  8. In the last month, has the judge commented on ending the Debtor's exclusivity period?
  9. Maybe a longer (past Thurs?) wait for final vote count. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/97a48d20-5534-47f6-b9d0-67714df8c811_8131.pdf
  10. @Tom1224 welcome to scouter.com
  11. The two handle grips (scales) that came in the folding knife kit are flat composite pieces that the customer works (cuts, files, sands) to the desired fit. I wondered if working Micarta was worth it for me and thanks to @Oldscout448 advice, I will shape some oak or birch scales from flooring scraps and set aside the Micarta.
  12. Got a knife kit for Christmas which is 95% knife scales carving and fitting. The scales material is black Micarta made from layers of hardened resin linen. Never worked with Micarta, should I just make my own wood scales?
  13. The headline title is an understatement, I suspect Scoutmaster Nicholas Sincinito is the person of a lifetime for his scouts. https://www.liherald.com/stories/nicholas-sincinito-is-the-lynbrookeast-rockaway-heralds-2021-person-of-the-year,137386 Scout Salute and please say a prayer for him and his family,
  14. @SR70 on behalf of the moderators, welcome to scouter.com
  15. Yes that topic ran its course and wandered but the posts that followed were coherent and scoutlike. Probably should have split off to separate topics but didn't get around to it. Happens at the end of the year. But I will do some housekeeping with that topic. I look forward to more coherent and scoutlike posts from that former practicing attorney in you. RS
  16. Trying to be hopeful, but note link "The Youth Council will be staffed by two volunteers who serve on the National Scouts BSA Committee: Dwayne Fontenette, Jr. and Winnie Lee." My understanding, their focus at National appears to be membership and diversity. IMHO, I would rather have interim? Chief Scout @InquisitiveScouter as an advisor and a focus on program. Build the program and they will come. Another $0.02,
  17. It would be great if a scout took lead. - We will be scout lead - We will be transparent. This is our website/Facebook... see our meeting agenda, minutes, proposals, contact info... - We will develop a plan to move forward, maybe call it the Willink-Babin Plan. - We will execute and succeed in bringing challenge and adventure back to Scouting. Tis the season of hope
  18. I don't understand why create another scout leadership council when you have the Order of the Arrow? https://oa-bsa.org/about/mission-purpose
  19. I hope the impact of the Purdue case is top of the list, e,g,, reorg plan releases for insurers and nonprofits that are not also in chapter 11 are illegal. Reference (behind a paywall) https://www.wsj.com/articles/boy-scouts-bankruptcy-plan-hinges-on-releases-deemed-illegal-in-purdue-case-11640214516
  20. From the link “The goal of Scouting is to guide each Scout to reach First Class rank, which provides the Scout the basic first-aid skills, outdoor skills, and water safety in swimming skills and canoeing. This, plus memorizing the words of the Scout Oath and Scout Law with the gradual understanding that these are not just words to memorize but words to live by for life.”
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