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    Pack/Troop tracking software

    Why did you switch from Troopmaster? Our troop committee has decided to go with Troopmaster. Would like to know before we commit. If anyone has comments about it good or bad please post. Thanks!
  2. beaver1onit

    What are the causes of the Eagle Mill?

    Lack of training on the part of the SM,ASM's and Committee. easy way out for the troop leaders. They do such an injustice to the boys and they miss so much. I have seen 13 or 14 year old Eagles who couldn't lead a stick. Parents still in the Cub Scout mode and see it as another line on their college application. It takes boys longer to mature and develop, parents don't always see it that way. Our troop tries to provide a soild outdoor program, to teach basic life skills and to let each boy advance at his own pace, not all boys want to be Eagle Scouts. They are there for the program and to have fun and if that's the case so be it. I will not cave into parents who start pushing, I ask them to back off and give the boy some space to develop and if they keep on that track I tell them to start looking for another troop.
  3. beaver1onit

    Summit Corps 2011

    Leaving for the Summit this Friday. How many out there are planning to attend? Looking forward to the week. Arrow-Corps5 was great and had a lot of fun, hope this OA event is too.
  4. beaver1onit

    Memorial Day

    This past Sataurday the troop place flags on veterans graves at four cemetaries with the veterens organization and later in the day held a flag burning ceremony. Memorial day the troop marched in the parade and the boys carried all the veterans organization flags.
  5. beaver1onit

    Resica Falls - Yea or Nay?

    Try Goose Pond up the road about 45 mins. Good summer program, great lake for swimming and boating, great staff. Everything close by.
  6. beaver1onit

    New from PA

    Ken, I am glad to see you are back into Scouting. We had some good times but I still will not forgive you for running over my stove. Scouting Forever
  7. beaver1onit

    "Be a Scout" PR Campaign

    I have not seen anything in Northeastern PA market.
  8. beaver1onit

    Pack Meeting raffles?

    They have a $7.00 item this year(trail mix)if you do the show and sell.
  9. beaver1onit

    Opening Flag Ceremony

    Our troop has a opening flag ceremony every meeting and camp out. The Pledge,Oat and Law, and Outdoor Code.
  10. beaver1onit

    Camp to close

    I heard last Friday (9/12) that C of L council has made recomendations to close T I. Has anyone heard any different?
  11. beaver1onit

    Powderhorn at Goose Pond

    It was great to meet you and I am glad you all had a great time. We tried to keep everyone happy and filled to the brim. Its nice to see the real side to people up front and close. The weekend of Sept.19-21 I will be in your neck of the woods. North Valley District camporee at Jacobsburg State Park. If you happen to be up that way look for Troop 8,come have a cup with us. Hope to see you on the Scouting trail.
  12. beaver1onit

    Powderhorn at Goose Pond

    You got it.
  13. beaver1onit

    Powderhorn at Goose Pond

    Yes! It was a great weekend and a great course so far. Walt has done a great job. Got to meet some new people and see some old friends. I am one of your staff members,look me up the next weekend I will be in the kitchen.
  14. beaver1onit

    Summer Camp Within 4-5 hours of NJ

    You might want to try Goose Pond in Northeastern Pa Council. nepabsacamps.org
  15. beaver1onit

    Pack dues....

    We charge each scout $35.00 at recharting and we fund the reast of the year with the popcorn sale
  16. beaver1onit

    What patrol are you in?

    I am a good old BEAVER! I am still working my ticket. NEIV-45
  17. beaver1onit

    help desperately needed with tour permit

    In all the years I have been on trips I was never asked to see my tour permit.(always had one filled out) But if something happens on the trip (some serious injury) you could have serious liability problems if you didn't have one filled out.
  18. beaver1onit

    Campsite Gateways

    Unnecessary and out of fashion I don't think so. Thats why a lot of scout skills are dieing learn them once and forget them. My scouts look forward to building one at most campouts. Our troop has an on going one at summer camp for the last three years useing stone which we will never run out of.
  19. beaver1onit

    SM and Alloted time for meeting

    When he stepped up he made it clear that there would be changes and you agreed to back him up. Ten mimutes with the SPL after the meeting is a good thing no one has to come out for a second meeting. A lot of parents hang around for 5 or 10 minutes chating at least they do after my meetings. I say go for it.
  20. beaver1onit

    Diabetes and backpacking in bear country

    They also make chewable glucose tablets that come 10 in a plastic sealed tube. I don't know how much smell to them. I carry them in a small waterproof bag when I am doing outdoor activities.
  21. Our troop has never used a bridge for rank advancement. The only bridge we used is Webelos crossover to the troop. I do like the zip line idea.
  22. beaver1onit

    Ordeal Bread

    We don't have that many. Spring ordeal about 250,fall ordeal about 200 Scouts and Scouters. Talk about sausage gravy I love it. A few years ago a few adults ask me to make SOS for breakfast.(for those who were never in the service Creamed Beef on Toast) Some of the boys asked what we were eating and if they could try it. As it turn out its on the menu every ordeal weekend and they look for it. Figure that out,that would be the last thing in the world I would think they would eat. You never know.
  23. beaver1onit

    Ordeal Bread

    We usually have three or four adults some times more working in the kitchen along with youth on ordeal weekends.
  24. beaver1onit

    Arrow Corp 5

    I am going to the Geogre Washington & Jefferson National Forest.Looking forward to it. Wife thinks I'am nuts.
  25. beaver1onit

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year to all. Health and Joy for 2008.