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  1. By default only the unit leader (Cubmaster/Scoutmaster) or Committee Chair can edit unit information. What position are you registered with? This list was populated with default information, as you've found out, but it's up to the individual units to customize it. Our cubmaster was able to update the meeting location, added her name and e-mail to the contact list, and our website. My understanding is someone at your council office (our DE was able to do it for a unit) can change who can edit this information for you.(This message has been edited by kmorgan221)
  2. It is not a YP Violation, or an act that requires reporting to authorities. However when a child exposes himself in public at the encouragement of the primary leader in charge, that does fall under the guidelines of Youth Protection. The problem isn't the scouts peeing in the woods, it's the actions taken (or not taken) by the leadership that is. If the Cubmaster did everything he could to redirect them and stop them from peeing in the woods, it would simply be a behavior issue. YP is NOT JUST sexual predators. It is creating a safe environment for the scouts in our care. Tha
  3. On a related question, are those the only hats that a Cub Scouter can wear (or Cub Scout for that matter)? Do they have the option to wear a Pack hat (or other Scouting hat) should the pack choose, or does the insignia guide (or wherever) limit Cubs to those specific hats? I generally don't wear a hat, except at camp, and I've not been involved with Cubs since I was one, so I wasn't sure.
  4. The times, they are a changin'. I'm reminded of my 5th grade teacher. 30 years ago, she would not allow any sort of calculator in class. She said, and I'm not making this up, "When the bomb goes off you'll have to know how to do without an electric calculator." As recent as 10 years ago, she taught my friend's 5th grader, and she required they buy the kid a basic scientific calculator for her class. These things are tools, and like any tool they must be used properly. Teach a Scout how to use a compass, then when he's older introduce him to GPS. Laptops and cell phones have thei
  5. No harm no foul. I was struck by the excessive question marks and the "unnecessary" comment. It suggested to me that it had no value or was wasted on someone that young. In my experience on internet forums it's best to be clear on what you're asking, to avoid being misinterpreted. Even that doesn't always work, however. But we did get an interesting story as to why.
  6. First, we weren't told that he was 18, just that he was over 18. Second, why is that an issue? The leadership skills that Wood Badge teaches apply anywhere, not just Scouting. This is why many corporations will credit an employee with continuing education credits for completing Wood Badge. The skills he will learn can be applied throughout whatever career path he chooses. As for the issue at hand, this is his ticket, meaning he writes it and only he (with his adviser's guidance) can say when it is complete. If he has concerns that he can't fulfill the ticket item as written or in
  7. FWIW, this is exactly how our school system is arranged. One K-2 elementary school, one 3-5 middle school, one 6-8 Intermediate, and finally 9-12 high school. The only difference from when I was in school was there were several neighborhood K-5 schools, then 4 grades 6-8 schools, and finally 2 high schools (9-12). Of course I grew up in a much bigger district and now live in a smaller school district. None of these schools or PTA/Os were or are now COs of a Pack. Our packs have kids from all different schools.
  8. I guess the concern is that any new scouts from the pack at the K-2 school will only go to that pack, leaving the rest without new scouts. While this is a concern, it can be addressed. For starters, a coordinated recruitment by all the Packs can be done, so the Tigers and parents know there's not just the one pack. Geography can also be a factor. With there only being one K-2 school, there will be families that are closer to one pack than another. Cub Scouting is not only a family program, but a neighborhood one as well. Making it clear that not only are there more packs th
  9. Gotcha, that makes sense with the PTO being the CO. Even with how you described it, I'd suggest no change in the current Pack program. The Cub Scout program is separate from the actual school program, and as long as they are doing the Cub Scout program for their grade level, I don't see a problem with doing Cubs in a different building than the one they go to school in. I'm interested in other thoughts. I'm sure there will be discussion between the CO, Pack leadership, and your Commissioner/DE to find the best solution for your packs.
  10. Are the schools the chartering organization, or is it at least where they meet? I'm don't understand how the school district changes would affect your pack program, as long as the boys are working on the appropriate rank for their grade.
  11. I took a look at my new shirt this morning. Just by sight, it looks right. I guess it could be off, but I'd need a ruler to really know that. Maybe my pocket is centered correctly and there are some that are way off. It seems to me that as long as the position patch is centered on the pocket itself, it would look right. Even if the pocket itself is off, putting the patch centered off the shoulder seam (and therefore off or overlapping the pocket) would just draw more attention to it.
  12. T2Eagle, I was at Camp Ockanickon once 15 years ago (I can't believe it's been that long) when I took Wood Badge (NE-IV-72 - Fox). Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to get back there. Hopefully soon.
  13. Legacy of Honor: The Values and Influence of America's Eagle Scouts by Alvin Townley http://amzn.to/bYZEwt
  14. I'm up in Scranton, Northeastern Pennsylvania Council
  15. Hey all, I'm an Eagle Scout from the class of 1988 after working through Cub Scouts (earned AOL) on up. After school I became an active Assistant Scoutmaster and eventually worked on the district committee. I served as a District Executive for a few years before another opportunity came up, and I've been out of the program for several years after that. A few months ago I attended my troop's 95th Anniversary/BSA 100th celebration. Even though my son still has 3 years before being eligible for Tigers, my old Pack (made up of friends and leaders from my troop days) started nudging me
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