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  1. 1. Yes 2. Mostly charcoal 3. Mostly adult patrol, some patrol 4. 12 and 14 inch 5. Stove top and oven 6. Yes I have one aluminum oven 7. Not much. Some cooking demos 8. Have used liners. I mostly clean as I go. Boys like them. 9. Oil 10.Yes. skillets and griddles
  2. If you check page 9 of the workbook you will find "Preliminary Cost Estimate" and one of the items is other.The asterisk then lists *Such costs as food, water, gasoline, parking, permits, equipment rental, sales tax, etc. So if it is listed in the workbook I don't see how they can deny it.
  3. First I think that this ban on water guns is a little extreme, but as BB RO I wasn't allowed to put up pictures of any living thing. Second to the question of gun and firearm being synonymous, if you are in a banquet hall and a stranger comes in and someone yells "he has a gun" do you duck and cover or ask if it is a firearm or some other type of gun.
  4. In the original thread, the G2SS is used to explain why you can no longer do Patrol camping. My question is if ScoutBox is in Switzerland does G2SS apply or is G2SS a BSA document. Does the World Scouting Organization follow G2SS. I truly don't know but am asking.
  5. Congrats OGE. I know they made a good choice with you and anyone you would nominate.
  6. Glad to have met you and to have seen your fun side and your commitment to Venturing and Scouting. Being a local kind of Scouter it was great to see people from Boston to West Virginia coming together for training. Don't see how you could have gained weight with all the walking and the Low-fat? and healthy meals? Hope to see you in the future at training or a Rendezvous.
  7. I was also on staff.In kitchen and Equip Quartermaster. Walt did a great job. I couldn't believe the number of consultants that were backups or backup backups, because of last minute cancellations or no-shows. By the skits the Crews put on, I think everyone had fun and learned somethings.
  8. You can take out the leg zipper, hem them and then put velcro where the zipper was. You can cut up from the top of where the zipper was to get enough room to remove the legs if need be. There was enough room in the bottom that the velcro worked on mine.
  9. In my council I went to the Boy Scout summer camp Shooting Sports Director for my training. I met with him at camp, as camp was started before I needed my card. He went over the training and we talked about the needs of Cubs and all the safety rules and how to handle each range. I needed separate cards for BB and Archery.
  10. Our Council does it in February. They have found that the food pantries get plenty of food early for Thankgiving and Christmas, from all the other food drives, and the pantries need the food most later on.
  11. Our prayers go out for you and your wife. Hope all turns out well.
  12. I know a District that went to a Saturday Brunch for their "District dinner". They start around 10:00 and are done by about 12:30 - 1:00. They have increased participation and are up to about 90 from a low of 40. Maybe more people will come if it doesn't run so late at night.
  13. I used to be an Eagle, a good ol' Eagle too But now I've finished Eagleing, I don't know what to do I'm growing old and feeble and I can Eagle no more So I'm gonna work my ticket if I can...
  14. If you are going to ask, the three questions you should ask are 1. Did he attend a resident or long term camp since he has come back to the Troop? 2. Does he have the rest of the 15 days/nights in overnight, weekend or other short-term camps since he has come back to the Troop? 3.And were the days/nights all in before the election? But,as nldscout said one election per year.(This message has been edited by EagleWB)
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