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  1. Our council has done University of Scouting since I have been an adult leader and this year they are doing a Pow-Wow instead. What is the difference?
  2. Akela can sign off on it........ Leader, Parent, Councilor, etc
  3. here is a pic I found....... http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/on_lyOvKbCefCaA2GoRiUw?feat=directlink
  4. Females can only wear patches above the right pocket only if they wear the old school dress with one pocket, or yellow shirt with one pocket and then it goes over the Boy Scouts of America Patch...
  5. I know and understand that the National Camping School Patch is a temporary patch but I have noticed a bunch of people wearing it above the right pocket. The funny thing is I've seen this for many years, 15 to be exact. Is this only in my council or is this a nation wide thing? Here is a link if anybody does not know what I am talking about, http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/Media/InsigniaGuide/10N.aspx(This message has been edited by bayou beaver)
  6. Wear the uniform any chance you get. It is proper formal attire to any event.
  7. look on ebay for one of the older green one's, nobody really wears them anymore.......
  8. What is you Favorite? Mine: Banana Pudding Cobbler 4 Bananas 2 cans of peaches (for the Juice) 1 box Vanilla wafers Brown sugar 1 box lemon cake mix and a stick of butter
  9. The CM has no jurisdiction. Tell the parents to press criminal charges.
  10. It's exactly like the military having name strips on their uniform
  11. I have a silly question. Is this parent part of a certain "click"? or is this just a weirdo who doesn't talk to anybody and stays to themselves?
  12. I love this topic.... What you need to do is pull your unit away from council and district and start doing your own thing. You don't have to do council; fund-raising, camping, events, etc. I got really upset every time I was contacted by the "power that be" because I know all they wanted was MONEY! My pack has for the most part pulled itself away from council and we are able to supply our youth with a better, cheaper, more enjoyable experience. Remember "The council supports the unit, not the other way around" Goodluck and keep you head up.
  13. A couple of days ago I saw a Scouter wearing a name tag that was sewn onto the uniform. It resembled the BSA patch that comes with the uniform (khaki with red letters). Is this a new official name tag or a custom job?
  14. In my pre-WB meeting I was advised to talk to my unit's leaders and committee members before I wrote my ticket to make sure it did not clash with the units agenda. Maybe, when you know that one of your leaders are attending, you should talk to them and express your feelings about people who attend WB. Although, the WBer's ticket is their own it affect the whole unit and the unit should support the WBer. The ticket is hard enough to write, so help them, tell them how they can improve their position in the unit in a way that does not clash with the unit.
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