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  1. Dear Members, I have a question about an MBC reneging on his approval for a merit badge requirement. My son is a Star scout, almost ready for his advancement to Life. He is also a Den Chief for the 5th grade Webelos and just finished 7 months as assistant senior patrol leader. He began working with a MBC in our troop for Communications merit badge 6 months ago and just finished the last requirement 2 weeks ago. At that time the MBC asked him to show him the materials he had written for section 8 which the MBC had approved and signed-off on 5 months ago. My son finally met with t
  2. My son recently had a Board of Review for his Star advancement. My son is 12 and at this board, an assistant scout master (who in September of this year will become Scoutmaster) asked him in front of the rest of the board if he attended church regularly and if not why not. He also told him that he had to know that belief in God is required for scouting. When he told me this later, I felt that this was extremenly inappropriate, especially in front of the rest of the board. While my son does not regualrly attend church, he does bible study and also assists as a helper at a local methodist
  3. For the camping merit badge, the requirements for 9a. state: "Camp a total of at least 20 days and nights. You may use a week of long-term camp toward this requirement. Sleep each night under the sky or in a tent you have pitched (long-term camp excluded)". Does this mean that if my son spent 5 days/nights at summer camp last year (tent camping) and 6 days/nights tent camping this year he can count 7 days/nights of camping from both trips for the camping merit badge? One of our scoutmasters said that he cannot count any of the 5 days/nights done his first year because he had not yet pu
  4. It is my understanding that advancement takes place officially after a boy has passed his scoutmaster conference and his board of review. Is this correct? One of our assistant scoutmasters suggested that actualy advancement only takes place after a court of honor. Which is right?
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