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  1. Trevorum Maybe things are different in your neck of Texas, but I am proud to tell people I'm from Colorado. Here in the panhandle, the first response is usually "why did you move to Texas?" Maybe it has to do with proximity?
  2. I am firmly in the camp that says slashing and burning, cutting and building, is a lot more about conserving the manly arts and man's proper relationship with his environment rather than doing our darndest to keep the TV Indian from crying. They love their scout axes because it symbolizes their power to change their environment and to make something of use from nature. You folks are quick to criticize the moralizing of Christian faith, but get all high and mighty about cutting down trees. So, caring about your home is bad. I think I understand you much better now. Tis a far, far better t
  3. By Pappys apparent definition, one is only a man if he is willing and able to cut, kill, and build. It makes one wonder; how did we ever get to the point of developing the technology for cities, or chainsaws, or guns without people that were girly thinkers? I would suspect that the majority of our technological and philosophical advances were accomplished by men who rarely, if ever, cleared a forest or killed something with their bare hands. Wouldnt a real man be caring enough to wash anothers feet. Wouldnt he have enough empathy toward others and their future to sacrifice himself for them? Di
  4. I had a Yamaha 250 Enduro way back in high school. When it was totalled I took a 20+ year break from bikes. This past fall I got a 2007 Yamaha V-Star 1300 Tourer. Excellent bike and great ride. I can't wait until spring.
  5. How about: How are manure and lawyers alike? Scattered around they can do a lot of good, but when you get a pile of them together it really stinks.
  6. Thanks for the help. I didn't think about looking for a mending kit.
  7. I have been checking all over the internet and scout sites and cannot find a source for replacement shirt buttons with the scout logo. My youngest son lost 4 buttons during a capture the flag game so the spares on the shirt tail were not enough. I was hoping not to have to rob his brothers and my shirts to fix it. Does everyone just use brown off-the-shelf buttons as replacements? Why wouldn't the scout supply shop carry regular buttons? They have Sea Scout buttons so why not standard buttons!
  8. Trevorum I've lived in Texas over 20 years now and I keep hearing that "Texas is the only state that was a country" line. I think the Hawaiians should be insulted that most people don't think their kingdom was a legitimate country. I believe they were a country longer than Texas ever was.
  9. As for the name fishsqueezer, I'm a fisheries biologist and it is a term sometimes used in this profession to describe ourselves.
  10. An update on the situation - I had a long meeting with the boy and his guardian where we discussed the situation and its impact on the boy and on the other members of the troop. Most of the troop had already heard about the incident and were waiting to see what, if anything, would happen. He agreed that his actions were definitely not indicative of an SPL and that he should step down. He is committed to remain active in the troop and earn his Eagle and earn another POR. As far as I'm concerned the issue is closed and it will be up to him to re-establish his credibility with the troop. Tha
  11. I do tend to use my committee as a support team and try to rely on their experience and wisdom in certain situations. The training I've had led me to believe that was the appropriate approach.
  12. I am the scoutmaster and I have talked with him and his guardian. The issue was brought to me by one of the committee members through their child. The CO rep will be at the meeting. The committee would like to discuss potential repercussions. This is not the first instance of behavior that has gotten him in trouble. Excuse me for not indicating my position earlier. I posted here to seek advise, not a "damn the torpedoes" validation. A more measured response would have been appreciated.
  13. We are having a committee meeting tonight to discuss our current SPL and meet with him. The situation is that he was caught sneaking alcohol on a school trip and has been suspended for 3 days and placed in alternative school for 30 days. I personally feel that he has not demonstrated leadership for the troop and should be removed from a leadership position. Informal discussions with other committee members leads me to believe they wish to remove him from SPL duties but give him some other leadership since he is working on his Eagle. This young man would make a great politician as he is very sk
  14. I've used it for a few years now on campouts and the ASM's get downright cranky if I bring anything else.
  15. The book is excellent and should be read by all scout leaders. Some areas of the book drag a bit but the overall message is good. I felt like I was reading about my childhood and it reinforced what I'm trying to do for my own kids.
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