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  1. hi, i have a 2nd year webelos den that have earned their arrow of light. i have some information from previous den leaders but i am curious about how others have decorarted the arrows... thank you for any information you have to pass on. dace'
  2. Hi! I am in Lawrence,Ks. and we are in Pack 3052. My husband is Cubmaster and I am Den Leader to the 2nd Year Webelos and the Wolves. Next year I will have a Boy Scout, a Bear and a Tiger with one more chomping at the bit to be a Cub Scout. We are very much a scouting family. My dad was a Scoutmaster when I was growing up so it stands to reason I would marry a scout. Anyway, we are enjoying our time we spend with the scouts and their families. I look forward to sharing here. Just the little reading I have done so far gives me the feeling like I am at a PowWow. dace'
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