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  1. Thankfully enough, all we have had are sightings so far, no attacks... but definitely enough sightings to be sure that the dogs are actually there. The Ranger's work area is nowhere near the area in question, although he does keep his shotgun handy for dog control during the off season (when there aren't campers around, these dogs have been spotted in the main camp areas, including right outside my staff area, the better part of 2 miles from where they confine themselves during the "on season"). The good thing about "feral dogs" and I use this in the literal sense of dogs that are de
  2. I know that many of you look at the G2SS as the be all and end all for any sort of health and safety arguement, but I believe that it comes up short in that it does not provide any sort of distinction between the use/posession of handguns for "program" and "protection" reasons for the majority of scout leaders. The G2SS bans any use of handguns as part of a program event for non-Venture Scouts. I do not agree with this in every case, but I have no problem following it, nor any real desire to see it changed. My objection is to the blanket ban on scout leaders' carry of legal firearms
  3. Hi, I just logged in today and I figured I might as well introduce myself. I am a 17 year old campstaff member Eagle Scout from Treasure Island SR, the oldest scout camp in the country. My list of awards includes: Eagle Scout, with Gold Palm Brotherhood Member, Unami Lodge, 1 Lifeguard BSA 4 years as a patrol leader with Troop 109, St. Helena's, Philadelphia 3 years on staff at TISR Senior Lifeguard at TISR 12 years in scouting Arrow of Light I'm still trying to decide what to do when I turn 18 in a few months. I might transfer to Venture or Sea Scouts, or I might
  4. Fat_Old_Guy... I was just wondering because one of my ASMs adopted Fat Old Guy as his nickname (FOG for short) during the last jambo. nevermind.
  5. Hey Fat Old Guy, you wouldn't happen to have been an ASM with Jambo Troop 439 last time around, would you? My conversation left me with very little information ("it's yellow" and "it looks gay" were the only concrete descriptions) but it did not seem like he could have been refering to the current uniform. The scout in question had worked at his council camp for a few seasons, so presumably he would already have (multiple) class A's from that gig.
  6. I was just chilling with an older scout (camper) up on the COPE course this week when he started complaining about his council (one of the NY state councils). He says that they are goin to a new A for the jambo next year, and he was complaining about how he was gonna be required to buy the new uniforms by next year. Is national going to a new A soon? if so, are there pics of it anywhere?
  7. RE: BSA Uniform terms... Most of my campstaff would not have the slightest idea what a BSA "field" uniform is... To us it's always "Class A" and "Class B". Ditto for my troop. :-p
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