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  1. Hey Scouters, been awhile since I was able to stop by the ole campfire. Hope you've been keeping the coffee hot! Several years ago, I had the info to contact the soldier who was the liason for scout troops at Ft. Hood in Kileen, Tx. He was the guy who would set up tours for your troop. Does anyone have that information? I wonder if such a position still exists. This was 10 years ago, when the government was still scout-friendly. . Thanx, Big Dog
  2. BW- I didn't mean it like that, but you've kinda nailed me! I have a propensity for taking on things before I know the full extent of what will be required. The DE did give me a card that lists some things required for the position, so I would have an idea about unit commisioners, round table commissioners, assistants, and other responsibilites, but I know that the job descriptions sometimes don't tell the whole story. Y'all keep the suggestions coming... bd
  3. CajunCody, Man I hate to hear that. I firmly believe training is so important. At the very least, if you can get the Cub Scout Leader Book from the scout shop it will provide you with a lot of info about your job and the job of others in the pack. There is a fast start video that many coucils will let you check out and view. If you have a few more bucks, the Cub Scout Leader How-to book is very useful, also. I'm not suggesting this take the place of training, but it doesn't sound like you have many options. Now if you just happened to be in Kingsland, Tx on the 9/25, we'd slap
  4. John, Sorry if I offended you, I was afraid folks wouldn't look in time to help me with my meeting the DE today. Eamonn You're right about the nominating committee, actually the whole district. In the past four years, we've had 4 DE's and very little volunteer help. Out here, it's mostly every unit for themselves. The last DE was good, but had to leave for personal reasons. The new DE is good and is working his tail off to make things right. I don't think we'll have to worry about "old bread", there is only one unit commisioner actually working now. My task will be to find som
  5. Now that I have your attention.... The D.E. has asked me to consider being the District Commissioner this year. Those of you who have had dealings with a DC: what are some of the best things a DC can do for you? If I do this, I want to be good at it! Thanx for your input, and sorry about the title bd
  6. Welllll, Considering you posted this question over 24 hours ago and have had no responses, maybe there are not a lot of success stories about a scout round-up Round-ups seem to work well with cubs, but our greatest success comes from word-of-mouth. I've heard of folks setting up camp sites, and doing some cooking. Or having a lot of pictures of events your troop has done. Remember desire: it works for beer comercials. Not for the opposite sex, but for things a kid can't do in front of a TV. Here's wishing you well.... bd
  7. Our District is sparsely populated so we don't have but 13 or 14 packs in this area. However, at least three packs doubled in size by adding around 20-25 scouts. We have two new packs and two packs were re-vitalized. Things are looking pretty good for the first time in a long time. Most of the troops are beginning to grow, too. Viva la Scouting! bd
  8. Howdy, Pardner and welcome to the campfire. Grab a cup of java and sit around the virtual campfire awhile. Don't get to close to that dutch oven, or you'll tump over the cobbler. Some good folks on here from the Alamo Area Council, and even a few from the Capitol Area. Well, fixin' to get back to work... bd
  9. I've never gotten anything but respect while in uniform, but our last D.E. was telling me about being insulted a couple of times while in uniform. I told him that's what he gets for living in Austin!! Some strange folks in Austin...... bd
  10. "Do not quarrel with a fool, a bystander won't know which is which" -King Solomon "No one is so worthless they can't be used as a bad example" ?? bd
  11. Hey all, hope you had great success!!! We had 22 boys registered in the pack from last year. We enrolled 18 new scouts tonight, almost doubling our pack! The pack meeting is Tuesday, and I heard a lot of comments about boys bringing friends. I sure hope so, because there was some real effort put out by several leaders in the pack. I was sure proud of them! bd
  12. Mark- Good story! There are still some folks out there with a conscience. Best of luck at woodbadge, maybe if you're extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeemly lucky, you can be a beaver! bd
  13. Unc. Don't know what the book says, but I wouldn't recommend it in Texas. It is almost never too cold to 'answer the call', but it is almost always warm enough need something to drink in the middle of the night, if you get my drift! bd
  14. Carol: As long as there ain't a carpet-bagger in that family tree:) I was really only referring to geography, not philosophy. I was born and raised in south Tx, and you know it takes a long time to get from Corpus to Childress!! bd
  15. Welcome, fellow TEXAN! Pull up a log and grab a cuppa' joe as we toast one of the coolest summers in Tx. The virtual campfire is mostly friendly around here. I just noticed where Childress is and you're far enough up there to be a Yankee Texan. Tell Fred, Gomer says 'hey' bd
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