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  2. SR540Beaver, I would agree about the fall into place thing except for one instance. Merlyn_LeRoy or Worm Food (I say lovingly)does not believe in any existence of God. Hence her being an Atheist. Maybe she is just an anomaly the BSA Matrix has spit out. Maybe she is the ONE! NEO. If so we will find out. She will spread like a VIRUS. Take control of the system. When we look up reverence in the Scout Hand Book her picture will be there. She will command us all to bow down to her. She will be GOD! Sorry....I was writing Matrix 4 (The BSA version)
  3. firstpusk, If you are going to PM me please do not tell me about you pet poodles licking Generic PB from in between your toes.
  4. OGE, Ummmmm......are you threatening me? I AM CORN HOLIO! I NEED TEEE PEE for my BUNG HOLE!
  5. Shhhh don't tell anyone........TOP SECRET!!!!!!! The whole Abortion POST..........I already new the answer that everyone would give. What kind of Peanut Butter did they like. That wasn't the real point. The real point was maybe some of the scouts that believe in murdering babies might click on the link to see the cute pictures...maybe even read the article. mmmmmmmmm I was just trying a different technique of ministering. Shhhhh don't tell anyone. I wouldn't want anyone to think I was trying to be nicer.SHHHHHHHH(This message has been edited by Jason OK)
  6. I appoint myself self president of the Wheeler Club! This guy sounds swell. BTW. You guys are sucking all the masculinity out of scouting!
  7. I love how popular I have become. Eamonn & Bob White were decent knowledgeable guys that will be back. In the mean time I would like to sing this song to bid them fare well. Who knows maybe I am Eamonn...the other side of Eamonn...... Good night, my someone Good night, my love Sleep tight, my someone Sleep tight, my love Our star is shining its brightest light For good night, my love, for good night Sweet dreams be yours, dear, if dreams there be Sweet dreams to carry you close to me I wish they may and I wish they might Now good night, my someone, go
  8. Worm Food I mean Merlyn_LeRoy is an Atheist. It is impossible for an Atheist to be Reverent. Atheist \A"the*ist\, n. [Gr. ? without god; 'a priv. + ? god: cf. F. ath['e]iste.] 1. One who disbelieves or denies the existence of a God, or supreme intelligent Being. Ya know there are a lot of feminist out there that say they're atheist because "God" is a man. Or God Forbid they had a horrible experience with a man. I hope it's just the mustache waxing feminist side. If it was the Latter. Well I might be compassionate about it.
  9. Are you guys done talking about which kind of peanut butter you like to spread all over your body and let your dog lick off.....your guys are gross! Anyone actually look at the posted link?
  10. MY wife is a major web designer. In fact the New York Times did a story on one of her web-sites. I was thinkg about starting a forum also. Or helping with this one. I like Bob White and Eamonn. I think they should stay. All Forums go through cycles. So says my wife. (Shes runs a couple) In the Famous words of Rodney King. "Can't we all (sniffle sniffle) get along?"
  11. Bob White, Don't go. You are sincerely good for information and laughs! Plus, you do not make a very good martyr. I salute you.....in a Spaceballs manner. But proudly BTW I ;(pause) like Bob White concerning issues & politics (comparison)....well not really. I urge all debate taken out of the legislature!(This message has been edited by Jason OK)
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