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  1. So I finished reading the e-mail from a Star Scout Mom that started "**** has completed his six months of service its time to arrange for a Board of Review...." Third, she copied the whole troop, second, if I'm not mistaken there is the question of a Scoutmasters Conference, and FIRST... why isn't her son making this request! He is the Senior Patrol Leader, is suposed to set the weekly agenda and does routinely ask if anyone needs a SM confernce or BoR. Mom insists loudly & often that "**** will be an Eagle like @@@@@@." (A much older & self-motivated family friend (?) who is
  2. And of course each boy would meet any or all of Sepmer's listed requirements individually.... I agree that sometimes things just need to be done for the experience. At other times simply because we do community service , not to check off another 2 hrs. of service. One must try to find joy in the jouney for we don't always reach the planned destination. -me Bob
  3. From the great northeast... do Scouts cleaning windshields deprive creative panhandlers of money earning opportunities? Several years ago a local troop donned their "official" unit ball caps, scout related tee shirts and troop aprons (originally purchased for pancake breakfasts!) to squeegee the windshield of every car parked in the church parking lot on Sunday morning. (For safety Scouts were not allowed to approach vehicles until after the service had begun.) The fundraiser was announced the week before & on the actual day. Leaders reported that it had been pretty successf
  4. From the Good News Bad News department... this one that hit USA Today. Three local troops have had trailers stolen in the last 4 - 6 weeks. Two have been found - empty. The story of the first is detailed at http://www.delawareonline.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050712/NEWS01/507120365 not sure if the link will work but searching delawareonline.com for "troop 274" will do the trick. ("troop 414" might just turn up the most recent tale.) This could put a new twist on the "to trailer or not to trailer" debate. -Bob
  5. By Jove! Before you know it we'll be swatting all gadflies and serving hemolock to those with whom we disagree. Bob
  6. Not quite sure where God lives, or why he would have a particular area set aside as God's country. My old catechism tells me God is everywhere so maybe he's walking quietly w/ the old gent down by the creek, although I thgought I saw him this morning gathering wood for the bonfire on the beach later tonight! I'm smiling as I remember a popular bumper sticker in these parts a few years back that announced "There is no life west of the Chesapeake Bay." Yeah, I wonder what God thought of that one. Bob
  7. Checking for the source now but I've always liked the idea that "A leader is one step in front of the people he's following." Said w/ a smile.... This works well in small groups where as the physicians used to say they will 'do no harm." There are times at which the leader cannot be merely the voice/face of the crowd. Not spinning off ... "tyranny ofy the majority" that will have to be another day. Live today well, Bob
  8. ScoutNut, Thanks for mentioning one of the most useful resources... Program Helps. At the beginning of the year we provide each den with 2 copies and ask them to sit down & divide the year among the parents. (For the last 5 yrs. we've had an exp. Tiger Leader (DL or Coach) who stayed w/ the new parents as DL. By December we've had a new parent coordinating most of the meetings.) Two of them continued as Wolf or Bear Leaders. We try to keep our Cubmaster busy w/ the Pack Meetings, but he has had to take over for Webelos leaders on occasion. Make sure that the parents see th
  9. 2 quick ones.... I'll be brief because this might go to another thread... This January I helped a 17 yr old life scout transfer to a new unit because the new Scoutmaster in his old troop told him w/ his parents present that he wasn't Troop xyz Eagle material. There was no discussion of a lack of "scout Spirit" or any other explanation. Other leaders encouraged the new SM to take the stand & the young man left. The rules should be clear. There is no such thing as a unit specific advancement requirement. We're asking advancement & other district Committee chairs to review this u
  10. Just had our last pre race meeting & things look good! I've become aware of several other Scout runs & hope forum members will post re their readers experiences. I was tempted to note from California to New Jersey, but that wouldn't be a 5k! or at least a different one perhaps 5k Km depending on the route! We have over 150 runners registered and if we top 200 on race day we will have the largest 5k in the state that is run by volunteers. Not a big deal really until you consider some of the "big dogs" (American Cancer Soc., MS, MDA, Spec. Oly) have professionals who do no
  11. I'm known as a mug collector so that's been my siganature gift since I became a leader. Those available through the Scout shop usually do the job -- though not always an Eagle mug. I've been known to slip a 10 spot into it when I know that the young man will have a hard time meeting educational (or other) expenses. Some of our form members might not know that BSA produces an "Eagle catalog" w/ everything needed (?) to celebrate a young mans achievement. Bob
  12. Hi, Only 9 days to the 5k! Do you know anyon who is participating? Race director Primus Popitti tells me that we've topped 150 runners -- that's relatively small compared to the MS or American Cancer Society events but we're growing. If you know a runner in Delaware or nearby Maryland, Pennsylvania or New Jersey please fwd the web link. www.boyscout5k.org Thanks, Bob
  13. flashback to the late 60's or early 70's when Boy's Life's PeeWee Harris was asked to do the publicity for his local district or dinner.... PeeWee's caption for a group photo of routund adult scouters.... "Scouting rounds a guy out!" g'night! Bob
  14. Definitely get Philmoint's input, but your refernce to "troop tour" raises a question in my mind. Is this a Crew trek or a Troop trek on which you would be a guest? I'm hoping that its a Crew trip and there aren't any in house politiucs to deal with. I've only been to Philmont for training and haven't been able to get my committee to even put a trek on our wish list. Go For it. Bob
  15. Hi, It appears that a number of people checked the thread... did anyone visit the web site? ...make plans to attend? Bob
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