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  1. Here's the previous thread: "Is this patch official BSA" from the Uniforms topic. Hope this helps. http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=279846#id_279865
  2. Jet, There was a recent post about this. These position patches are indicative of the Unit Leader Awards of Merit. You can see the patches, and the requirements on the ScoutStuff website: http://www.scoutstuff.org/BSASupply/ItemDetail.aspx?cat=01RTL&ctgy=PRODUCTS&c2=UNIFORMS&c3=INSIGNIA&c4=&lv=3&item=UNITLEADEREMB&nimg=610093&us7=Y
  3. I have heard of it. Though I understand the intent, there is no authority to place age limits on MBs. Scouting is not about limiting opportunities but expanding them. The SM has the chance to influence Scouts on MB choices based on ability, interest, advancement, etc. To those who will say younger Scouts can't meet the requirements - well, the problem is they often do. If a particular Scout can't, that needs to be handled appropriately for that Scout, not all Scouts. And no, I'm not defending myself, my son completed his Eagle nine days before his 18th birthday.
  4. Well, I saw this one coming after the comments on the Eagle for adults topic... NESA, or not to NESA, that is the question. I've never seen NESA (the organization, not its individual members) accomplish anything on its own that was very significant in any of the Councils we've benn involved in. So no reason to join - right? The one thing NESA does, and the reason I made sure my own son has a lifetime membership, is maintain contact with the Eagle. No matter where they move that magazine subscription comes in - even if the Eagle is not registered with a Council. This reminder of Scout
  5. Bando, I had an (diferrent)issue with the medical forms. The e-mail for any and all questions concerning medical issues is jamboree.medical@scouting.org. I don't know if this is the pone you have or not. I called National at Irving, asked for the Jambo rep, about my issue and it was cleared up the next morning. If you need the number, PM me. Hope to see you there.
  6. We tried magnets when I was with a Pack. We gave out nearly 200 magnets and received less than 10 call backs and zero recruitments from people that did not give us their contact info when we gave them the magnet. The following year, the Council gave out magnets and declared it a success; I have no idea what their numbers/responses were. Later we made magnets with key contact info for the Troop to the Boy Scouts' families. Parents loved them and used them. So, good for those that joined (in Boy Scouts) but no luck as a recruitment item in Cubs.
  7. Will try to get a couple at its DC stop in a couple of weeks. If I do, I'll pm for your address.
  8. You should have received your 2nd emblem in the mail, like the other contingent members. If you did not receive it, call the Jambo line and tell them. They will give you an e-mail address to request another one. Alternately, they are available for sale from ScoutStuff - on the Jambo catalog site.
  9. So what were (are) your associate's arguments FOR the distinction? Personally, I don't know why it matters. Maybe we should distinguish those who work "more" than others, or who did the "right" projests thorugh the year, or gave the "most" support, etc. Elitism is a disturbing thing - especially among ADULTs in a YOUTH organization. I continue to wear my Ordeal sash to most OA events, and always will. When and how I became a member and my level of membership are not important, especially as an adult. On the other hand, recognition of achievements is valid and important. The trick is
  10. This is a NEW and OFFICIAL change to the leader patches to reflect earning the "Unit Leader Award of Merit". They can be ordered online at ScoutStuff: http://www.scoutstuff.org/BSASupply/ItemDetail.aspx?cat=01RTL&ctgy=PRODUCTS&c2=UNIFORMS&c3=INSIGNIA&c4=&lv=3&item=UNITLEADEREMB&nimg=610094&us7=Y RememberSchiff posted the link to the requirements for the award above. Agree, why a square knot and a star? Maybe the star on the patch is to "...recognize the successful contributions of quality unit leaders" while they are still in that position but the squ
  11. Gracekouca - I know of no supplier for pre-made commando ropes. Resqman (and others) wondering what this is, The "commando rope" or toggle rope, is a length of rope (commonly 6 - 10 feet)with an open eye splice in one end and a toggle, secured with a second eye splice in the other. Commandos (or scouts) could each carry a length of rope with them around their waist, over their shoulder, etc and join them together as needed for longer ropes. Nobody had to carry the whole load of rope alone and by slipping the toggles through the open eye splice, no knots were needed, saving time.
  12. Since when are insects NOT animals? Kingdom Animalia still includes insects. I could guess by ANIMAL it means MAMMALS - but then we could shoot targets that look like tuna, jellyfish, sharks, snakes, toads, spiders, crabs, leeches, and birds... The reference quoted also states "should not" vice "will (or must) not" and while splitting hairs is an important distinction. Also the G2SS quote seems to disallow using targets that represent living things, at least to me. After all, bear, deer, and turkey targets would be representing living things - whether they are paper, plastic, or wood seem
  13. You could do a Patrol relay - different skills at each station. Possible competition events, in any format: Pioneering: Timed Tripod lashing - tripod must support weight of a Scout (or water bucket, whatever) Timed Flagpole lashing - time ends when flagpole is raised with Patrol flag attached Roman Chariot race - I haven't seen this one in a looong time! Basic knot relay Navigation: Terrain feature ID on a topo map Orienteering course - this can be as simple or complex as you have time/desire for Geocaching - will require GPSr for Patrols First
  14. I don't recall an official streamer or ribbon for the Patrol flag for the Baden-Powell Patrol award, but certainly there may have been. Most of the things I remember getting for the Patrol flag and that I've given out for Patrol flags have been made or found in shops. We've done shrinky dinks, painted pine cones, stuff from scrapbook departments, pieces of fur and feathers, beads, etc. Supply division does sell "Patrol Competition" ribbons for 1st thru 3rd, but they aren't "flag ready" as is. For the Honor Patrol award, we presented a glow in the dark plastic star and the Patrol mem
  15. General purpose wear is any of the BSA ball caps - 2010, Jambo, etc. Out camping, hiking, etc I wear my Tilley, the best hat on Earth. Occaisionally I'll wear the Expedition hat with pins.
  16. Buffalo Skipper, I think the award can be a great incentive for the Patrols. This used to be the Baden Powell Award but changed in the mid-90s to the National Honor Patrol award. As you've noticed, the requirements do leave some room for interpretation by the units and I presume this is purposefully done to allow leaders to apply the award appropriately. A great article from Scouting magazine can be found here: http://www.scoutingmagazine.org/issues/0401/d-gbar.html Can Patrol meetings at troop meetings count? In the end it is up to you. In the troop we first instituted this program,
  17. First things being first, I'd have to ask him why he's not standing. His response would determine the best course of action but without knowing WHY he's not standing it's a stab in the dark to address it.
  18. Great to hear it really clicked for your son, Irsap. Sounds like you're off to a great start.
  19. If I were the SM, I'd want to know about all the new Scouts. HOW you pass this on is important but I definitely pass on the facts about the Scouts joining the troop.
  20. BadenP - I agree, attendance is usually pretty poor at a lot of RTs. Getting leaders to come is key to their success. I've seen different strategies to address this but the number one issue must be making sure the attendees leave feeling like it was worth their time. Buffalo - sounds like a great way to make a plan. Any other ideas out there? What topics would make you come to RT? DO cooking, G2SS, equipment classes?
  21. Great story, Buffalo (and Scoutfish) - thanks for sharing the great success story!
  22. @ John: Rabblerouser? Hoseblast? "Are you a RT Commish? Have you volunteered for Staff? If not, why not? Be an agent of chnage, working within the system, rather than a rabblerouser. The folks who volunteer RT staff are Scouters like you, with families, day jobs, and Scouting responsibilities. Friendly cups of coffee discussing how to better things are welcome, using the hose blast isn't." Gosh, John. I've never considered myself much of a "rabblerouser". I thought this forum could be a discussion around a friendly cup of coffee, and certainly don't know how this particular questio
  23. Bags at Smithsonian are OK. Most places in DC are filled with tourists carrying all kinds of things after all. The Washington Monument will allow bags, but it is crowded in there and you will probably want to go inside in groups, leaving bags with the other group as you go. National Holocaust Museum and the Wahington Monument will allow NO knives or other blades (like a small razor or scissors found in some first aid kits) inside. Many places will only allow CLEAR water bottles, if your Scouts are packing Nalgenes. If there are folks in your troop who collect National Passpor
  24. According to the National website, http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/BoyScouts/AdvancementandAwards/eagle.aspx , Bugler is NOT an option for Eagle. The acceptable PORs are Patrol leader, assistant senior patrol leader, senior patrol leader, troop guide, Order of the Arrow troop representative, den chief, scribe, librarian, historian, quartermaster, junior assistant Scoutmaster, chaplain aide, or instructor. Of course, your point is still valid - SPL is defineitely more leadership than say historian. But the requirement isn't for leadership, its for responsibility. So while the SPL my be
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