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  1. There is a fraternal organization the "United Ancient of Druids" (UAOD) that sponsors at least Scout troop, Boy Scout Troop 924 in Livermore, CA. This organization IS associated with druidism according to their website. From their website: Blessings from our Ancient Order. We are a part of the spritual fraternal family, known on this planet as the United Ancient Order Druids, U.A.O.D. (pronounced yew-odd). Our truths come directly from the Bible, and the HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE of our ancient ancestors. Many of these sacred teachings were kept symbolically in the legends of Saint Merlin of England,
  2. Another difference is that OA and all its levels are an official part of Boy Scout program. They are open about their existence, purpose, and methods. If there is "no connection" to druidism, why the name? Sounds pretty fishy to me.
  3. Talk to the unit leaders and ask them how you can help. Know the "knot" requirements and see that deserving leaders get recognized - at their unit and at Roundtables. Answer phone calls and e-mails from your units. Get them to training (you first). Be a sounding board for the stressed out leader before telling them "how to fix" it. Follow-up - especially in areas they've asked for help with. Make a friend so you can vent; you'll need to.
  4. The prices do seem awfully high - especially for the genyu-wine, faux-pax, imitation leather covers. Of course, if tehre are people willing to pay the price, then it is priced right. I hope it works to bring funds into the organization, just wish I could afford to think that it's a reasonable price.
  5. Right on - and Be Prepared. Know what you need done, what you want done, and then ask! I have seen groups where parents were excited to get involved but no on easked them to do anything for awhile so they just drifted away.
  6. >"In the new March-April 2009 edition of Scouting Magazine on page 20 there is a picture of a scouter with a different world crest emblem patch. The patch can be purchased from quartermasterstore.com under woodbadge patches. Anyways, my questions is, is this patch official and can be worn after completing your woodbadge ticket, or is this guy just in the wrong?"< I have seen many unofficial (i.e. unauthorized) patches over the years; this is just one more example. Can they be fun - yes. Are they to be placed on the uniform - no. Does my desire to wear my uniform correctly make the
  7. Troops in the past - YES. Current Troop - NO. My son doesn't like the Troops uniforming and pointed out in our first visit after moving they didn't look like Scouts. When he showed up, in complete uniform (no merit badge or OA sash), the other Scouts took notice. Young and old alike nearly swamped him with questions and some were just amazed he wore a complete a uniform. Two patrols asked if he would be their Troop Guide, didn't know anything about him other than he wore a uniform. Last week the SPL was, almost, in full uniform... If it has that much impact on the Scouts, how much
  8. I prefer E6000 craft adhesive. This also works to glue cloth to rock, rock to metal, etc. Best lasting stuff I've ever used - recommended to me a jewelry maker.
  9. I think you're right on the money with this. I got tired of no parent involvement way back as a CM. At the next Pack meeting I annonced which events, already on the schedule, would not happen since we did not have anyone to head them up. That evening, during the snack/fellowship fter the meeting, I approached specific parents with a direct personal request for their help. Only one said no, and a new recruiting method was born. I've used it ever since.
  10. Eamonn, Thanks for the welcome! I definitely agree the right time and place to get adults trained is early. The examples provided show that some either did not attend required training or did not receive adequate training. Many have posted concerns about the need for additional training. Maybe what is needed is better basic training. One thing for sure, with the number of threads about the need for advanced training, there must be something that is missing. Maybe we can clearly identify what that is and find a solution...
  11. Sorry about your loss; I thought my patch had disappeared after one our many moves as well but it showed up at last. WHEW! This link, http://shop.ebay.com/?_from=R40&_trksid=p3907.m38.l1313&_nkw=Philmont+50th+Anniversary+&_sacat=See-All-Categories , will take you to an eBay search for 50th anniversary items from Philmont. No arrowhead patches but there are some jacket patches. I believe you can also contact Philmont directly to replace a lost patch (special border might be hard). Address: Philmont Scout Ranch Attn: CHQ 17 Deer Run Road Cimarron, NM 87714 Phone:
  12. As a professional trainer, I always support providing more training to folks; training that is focused, useful, and that people WANT to come to. Semantics carry a lot of weight - why are we discussing an "advanced" outdoor skills course while using examples of Scouters without BASIC skills? A SM provided lighter fluid and instruction to "throw a lit match"? Really? That doesn't require ADVANCED outdoor skills this is a lack of BASIC outdoor skills. Different levels of first aid experience and standards of care? This is true in every town across America. If there were a "realistic f
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