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  1. Registration for the 2013 National Jamboree at the Summit Bechtel Scout Reserve is now OPEN. https://summit.scouting.org/en/Pages/default.aspx
  2. http://www.scoutstuff.org/BSASupply/ItemDetail.aspx?cat=01RTL&ctgy=PRODUCTS&c2=UNIFORMS&C3=USHIRTS&C4=&LV=3&item=695BSSSS&prodid=695BSSSS^8^01RTL& Wasn't this out BEFORE the 2010 Jambo? This is one of the options we looked at while getting ready (aka buying more stuff) to staff. We both thought it looked dressier but were turned off by the flat pockets, shorter length, and wool (it's awfully humid at AP Hill). As far as uniform requirements go, my son and I are in two different Councils and they both had the same requirements for staff - two com
  3. Good brands - and you pay for what you get - include Osprey and Arc'Teryx. An external frame may work better for you at those weights than an internal frame but there are models that will work depending on your preference. You'll need to be concious of the height of external frame so it does not get in the way when you need to portage. Since durability is a concern at these weights, stay away from the new ultralight materials they are less durable than heavier fabrics. Echoing others, YOUR fit and comfort are the primary consideration for selection but it sounds like you already know tha
  4. Some projects were done at the Patrol meetings - others turned into Saturday or after school projects. The Patrols decide when and where. We (the troop) did not provide any supplies; the Patrols decide what their finished project will like and what supplies they need. So for the stools - on the challenge sheet I included pictures of types of stools and one set of plans (plywood that fits together for a stool and pulls apart for flat storage). One patrol decided to make folding stools with canvas seats, one Patrol used the plans provided, and another Patrol found their own plans. I
  5. In addition to the games competitions, we've also implemented a "Patrol Challenge". The last meeting night of each month the challenge is issued. Each month is a different challenge. The Patrols then have all of the following month to work on it. Challenges have included build collapsible camp stools for each member of the Patrol (must include Patrol logo), build a "window" display of the role Scouting has played in our community, stencil all Patrol gear with Patrol logo, select and build a "major" pioneering project at camp, find and make plaster casts of five different mammals' tracks,
  6. We've completed this award with different Troops (and one Pack) in different states and have always had a positive experience.
  7. They make plastic clips to slide over boot/shoe strings or drawstrings that you can use. You can find them in camping departments of some stores or outdoor specialty stores. These slide along the string when press in a button. So you tie a knot at the bottom end of the string to hold the beads and run the other end through the hole in the star. Place the string clip on the end at the top - it will keep the string attached to the star. Time to add beads just side the string off, add your beads, put string back through hole in star and reattach clip.
  8. My wife and I both have Kindles - and love them. As far as Scouting applications for the Kindle I'd say it's limited, as limited as any book. The great value of the Kindle to me as a Scouter would be that I can "carry" a couple thousand books in my back pocket. What books you carry are up to you. The official Scout books are not available for Kindle - or any other e-reader - yet. But tons of other books are. Books with quality black and white line drawings are best if you're looking for illustrations. I have several books on knots, lashings, splicing (old and FREE), books on "old style"
  9. A great article covering this topic can be found at REI: http://www.rei.com/expertadvice/articles/backpacking+stove.html
  10. NJCubScouter asks: Oh? What exactly did he say? I believe these are the types of statements Eagle92 is referencing: I am a believer in knowing what youre doing when you apply for a job. And I think that if I were to seriously consider running on a national ticket I would essentially have to start now, before having served a day in the Senate. Now, there are some people who might be comfortable doing that, but Im not one of those people." On "Meet the Press" Jan. 22, 2006, Tim Russert and Sen. Obama had the following exchange: -Russert: "When we talked back in Novembe
  11. Military Chaplains have a variety of resources along these lines. There are small books with readings, meditations, common hymns, etc they have available for leading services in the field. If you have access to a military base or National Guard unit, you should contact them to see if they can give you any of these or at least take a look at them for ideas.
  12. Sasha, At the Blue and Gold, we do a silent auction for the cakes. Prizes (certificates/ribbons) are given out for lots of categories: best-themed, best Scout theme, most colorful, tallest, best looking, coolest (selected by the Cubs), etc. We donate the money raised to the World Scout Foundation. The "Grand Prize" has always been a golden bundt pan, but I like tdk's golden whisk idea, too.
  13. Ranbow, You might try the Brunton 9020G Beginner Compass. The degrees are larger than many models and are white on black for high contrast. Cost is $12 - $15. Interesting question I hadn't considered before - good luck in finding what you need.
  14. They COULD wear the patch as a temp insignia, but the "more appropriate" place is the patch blanket or other display. Of course, some units give out/wear many non-BSA patches as temp insignia. Take a trip to a Nat Park (cap/hike/service project), receive the patch as a memory, etc. As far as the company goes, we've ordered from them and received them with no problems. The first I heard of this award was from a local Homeschool group who was using the program - they also had no problems. This was 2009 timeframe so either their service is hit and miss or they've gotten their act together.
  15. Bart, I'm not sure about where the "Rules and Regulations" states Laser Tag is not allowed but, From the Guide to Safe Scouting: Pointing any type of firearm or simulated firearm at any individual is unauthorized. Scout units may plan or participate in paintball, laser tag or similar events where participants shoot at targets that are neither living nor human representations. The link for this is: http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/HealthandSafety/GSS/gss09.aspx Kind of takes the fun out of Laser Tag, right? But this is not new or hidden in any way. This information is li
  16. Job performance varies from person to person. It is National policy to release the Rules and Regulations, not a Councils. If "you" or anyone else has an issue where the Council office is NOT following National policy, by all means give National a call. Having Execs at any level that seem to stand in the way of the Scouting experience is extremely frustrating - I know all too well. Fortunately, the BSA enables "you" and everyone else the means to bypass them and call the National office. So, outside of disagreeing with National's policies, which most of us here disagree with at least some
  17. Regardless of your point of view, there is not much of a conspiracy in my experience to keep the BSA policies out of the hands of volunteers. You can order your own copy through your local council. They will forward your payment and request to national. Its hard enough to get most folks to read and comply with the G2SS; uniform? forget it! So its no wonder that MOST (but not all) involved never care to see the documents. So if you want to read them, just ask. If you want a copy, order it through your council office - not the local scout shop. I received my first copy from my DE - without
  18. To reach 100% subscription: We approached our charter and asked them to pay for all recharter costs; they agreed. We also asked if they would pay for CONTINUING subscriptions to BL; they agreed. So, any time a family joined the Troop, we encouraged them to subscribe to BL. Those that did, their renewal was covered as long they stayed with the Troop. The first year we recruited we had less than 50% (of new Scout families) subscribe. The next year (and all following years) we had 100% subscribe. What changed? We had a slew of new (one year) Scouts who talked up BL at the following recruitment
  19. "So how 'bout it? Is there really any merit to da modern practice of da psych professions for kids?" Yes. Ok so we probably want more of an answer than that. First off I agree with the basic issue that many kids are over diagnosed and over medicated. Of course the evidence that we didn't have all this happening when we were kids is hardly scientific. After all people used to die of cancer, heart disease, etc and were simply undiagnosed. As medical science advances, so do diagnoses and treatments. A 17yo young man told me he was thinking of harming himself. Three trips to a co
  20. I use a 3-prong hand-held hoe from the garden section. Middle prong is slightly longer so the lid handle is caught between it and the other two prongs when I lift it. Stays flat, no peppering, and makes turning the lid for baking easy. Since the handle is thick wood, it is comfortable to hold and never transfers heat.
  21. We did themes back in our Cub days. Following are examples and the MAIN event of the theme. Fossil Camp - Hike to Mastodon kill site Space Camp - Fired rockets and studied the constellations Trail to Eagle - Camped by lake with nesting eagles and Webelos crossover Sports Camp - included an NBA game Cave camp - hike to local cave inhabited by a (real) dragon, no really, I swear! Honest... Swim Camp - I bet you can guess this one These themes were all supported by activities at the Den Meetings prior and things we could do in our local area.
  22. Great site with instructions to build your own fire piston: http://www.wildwoodsurvival.com/survival/fire/firepiston/rbmodelt/index.html Too big to backpack with, a little clumsy when first starting, but certainly a valid lesson in alternative fire making, scientific principles, thrift/frugality, and creativity. I like them cause they're fun. But no, I do not carry backpacking or in my emergency kit. The little ones for $$$ would be more conveniently sized for that, but they are expensive. Amazon carries the "Scout" model for $35.http://www.amazon.com/Wilderness-Solutions-Scout-Fire-Pis
  23. While it is disappointing that every person in every place at every time is not treated exactly the same in every way, it is still the policy of the BSA (which was the original question) to limit the sale of centennial rank patches to those earning their rank this year. Our previous Scout Shop did sell centennial badges to a couple of folks for display boards. These were people they knew - that way the patches did not end up on eBay... The Scout Shop here, however, is very strict in limiting the sales. Perhaps that is because it a MUCH larger area and they just can't be sure who they're
  24. Scoutfish, I agree with AnaMaria. The policy is that the DL signs the book - not witnesses/organizes every item. Have your son talk to the DL about the requirements completed over the Summer. The two of them will probably work it out without your involvment at all. BTW - sounds like you had a great summer!
  25. That is incorrect. The former Council sends an e-file to the registrar to transfer the records. You can also call the previous Council and have the registrar send this file directly to you. That is all that is needed to transfer the records from one council to another. We have done this many, many times. The most recent was last week.
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