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  1. Thank you all for your valuable information.
  2. Hello, I was wondering what is the difference between winter awareness training and the snow camp training? We are going to Klondike Derby , can we pick one of the above training as requirement? Pls advise. thanks.
  3. Hi, My son came back from Brownsea and told me some senior leaders have butterfly knives. He is very interested in getting one of those. I am not quite sure...Need advise. Thank you.
  4. Hi folks, where can I buy the commando ropes?
  5. Hi, Other than "building", "renovating" kind of porjects, what other choices/ideas can the eagle porject be? thanks.
  6. Hi, We are with SF Bayarea Council. Thank you very much.
  7. HI, My son went to a MB midway camp for his first aid and personal fitness MB. He accomplished almost everything but still need to complete one or two items. Where can he go to have those uncompleted items sign off other than his own sm? Is there a MB counsolor lists available in Bayarea councils for us to check out? Thank you.
  8. Hi all, Do scouts need to keep all completed blue cards for future EBOR? Will the signed MB cards be enough? Thank you. -GK
  9. Hi all, Can Merit badges be worn in any order that the Scout chooses, and not necessarily in alphabetical nor "required-non required"? Please advise...
  10. Hi, Thank you for all the info. My main concern is, will the webmaster position be recognized as a leadership position at BOR later?
  11. Hi, My son is in 1st place rank and he only have 7 MB. We would like to inspire him to continue scouting with better MB outcome. The SM is quite busy in our troop and I was wondering if there are other MBC we can contact with to get more advice? We live in the bayarea in CA
  12. Hello, I was told by my son's SM there will be an official new youth leadership position : WebMaster. Any ideas or websites I can check out? Thank you.
  13. Hello, My son is in his first class rank and I would like to seek help to work on his MB. Current he attends a troop in Sunnyvale, CA. I was wondering if he can work with other MBC nearby other than his own troop SM? Thank you and God Bless.
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