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  1. WCScouter, Done this a couple times in different places. Once it worked out seamlessly and the local RC office was happy to review the MB requirements, modify their standard course as needed, and put on the training - that we paid a reduced price for. Another time the local office referred us to an instructor at the fire department - who put together a terrific 1/2 day program that met the requirements of RC First Responder, 1st Aid MB, and AHA CPR/AED certification. And once the local office wanted a bunch of money to "write a training course" for us and we said never mind. Your loca
  2. Though it was not called Thanksgiving at the time, what we recognize as the first Thanksgiving feast was celebrated in 1621 by the pilgrims of the Plymouth colony along with about 90 Wampanoag Indians. The Pilgrims had suffered through a devastating winter in which nearly half their number died. Without the help of the Indians, all would have perished. After the first harvest, Governor William Bradford proclaimed a day of thanksgiving and prayer to God. The food, which was eaten outdoors, included corn, geese, turkeys, ducks, eel, clams, leeks, plums, cod, bass, barley, venison and corn b
  3. Kudu, The quote I was referencing is, Advancement should be like a tansomething you get effortlessly while having fun in the out-of-doors. I've seen this attributed to Lord BP many times over the years. Although I have no primary source to quote it from. While trying not to debate semantics, I'd rather gauge proficiency through repetitive performance and observation. Rather than scheduled testing/retesting I prefer to see Scouts _use_ the skill more than once, or twice, or thrice... Obviously we agree on proficiency vice a single-pass performance (or test), and on the removal o
  4. The application of skills in the requirements is, well, often lacking. When I visit units and see "Patrol meetings" where all of the Patrols are seated theater style in front of a podium while a lecture is going on about "the calendar" and then "moving on to outdoor skills" it makes me tic a little. Classroom-style learning? for Scouts? As a SM for number of years in the high desert of the SW, we always lit fires for the requirement. In fact, we lit fires all the time. On camp-outs, at the Scout Hut, in my yard, etc. Whenever food was served, Scouts were lighting a fire and cooking. Now,
  5. Answering the question about the DE and CO meeting fro recharter - in my experience that is very, very rare. In fact, getting the CO, the Scout unit, or the DE interested has been difficult everywhere I've been. As a UC, the DE usually tries to push that to me, the unit rarely wants to, or understands the need to, meet with anyone and the CO is (usually) so hands off they wouldn't know what a DE (or UC) is... As far as refusing to meet when there is an issue... Well that's an issue itself. Definitely contact the Scout Executive about a professional Scouter refusing to meet. Not knowing wh
  6. Confined to where my work takes me, I often feel the same. Trapped in the chaos of "civilization". Traffic, noise, lights, the clock, something critical always hanging in the balance. There came a point where I felt my internal self was on the same pace as the world around me. A few years ago I decided to keep a "nature journal". Nothing really; a Moleskine plain paper notebook with pretty terrible sketches and a few written entries. The first page still has my intent - to reconnect and find calm. That led to more drawing (sketching really), bird feeders (and bird watching), gardenin
  7. With some trepidation I enter the discussion... Should values be selected and taught based on donors, end of year accounts, money, or even a majority? If NAMBLA or the KKK agreed to provide twice the revenues of current endowments would we consider adopting their values? If a majority of folks still said slavery was acceptable should our values change? I think we would all be better served by keeping the discussion focused on what values are right and how policies should reflect right values. Frankly, I don't think it should matter to the discussion how much money is gained or lost b
  8. Using myself as an example... I live in Alaska, serve as Chapter Advisor and ASM. Have and use a myscouting account. I move to TX, fill out the application, provide my membership number on the application, and register as ASM and RTC. When I log into myscouting, nothing is visible for my new position unless and until I log in and change my primary Council at the bottom where I have been given a NEW membership number. I move out of TX, fill out application for UC and CM, once again providing my membership number. Log in to myscouting, there is no indication of my current enrollment unti
  9. Unfortunately, the same thing is true for many, if not all, of us that move. When I lived in this Council before, they assigned a new registration number. When I moved away, I received another registration number. When I came back to this Council, my registration automatically went back to the registration number I had here previously. I now have several numbers... As a result my tenure, positions served, and training have been whacky over time. Fortunately I don't really care about the tenure and I keep all my training records.
  10. Boomer, I saw this set up at a demo. It was very stable and offered plenty of room. But it required multiple points to attach and the tension required to maintain its stability also required solid trees. Living in VA at the time with plenty of trees, it seemed the options would be pretty limited to find three trees solid enough to attach it to and still have room for the bivy hammock. Also, I asked about getting the tension set, they assured me it was easy but wouldn't loosen it so I could see; it looked a bit complicated to me. I did sit in it, again stable but I still sank the flo
  11. The whole popcorn thing can be so frustrating... and rewarding. Just depends on how its managed. My wife and I were made the kernels for a Pack back when our son transitioned from Tigers to Cubs (yep, that dates us!). We had no idea what we were doing and no one was really willing/able to offer any help. Left floating in the ocean we tried something crazy. We read the directions. Read everything we could find about popcorn sales; about the program, read all the flyers from Trails End, all the info sheets, comic books, etc. We ordered just over $2000 worth of product for Show and Sale to b
  12. Backroads, At risk of the ire of some - I understand. As a volunteer Scouter (I don't get paid, and I spend a lot doing it), I am often in the Council offices and/or Scout Shop. Usually to get some business done as a UC, SM, or upcoming event. Sometimes just to say hi and check in on my pros. I wish all my visits to the office were conflict-free but of course they are not. I once asked for the boundaries of the districts in our Council, only to be told by the professional Scouters (my DE, another DE, and the SE) that they weren't sure where the boundaries were... A few years ago,
  13. "Hey, you know I heard you talking the other day about Adolph Rupp. I was really shocked to hear he said something like that - of course people weren't as educated then and bigotry was pretty widespread. Anyway, I did some research and found out there's actually nothing to that story. Its funny how gossip and rumors can ruin a man's reputation like that isn't it?" In the building where I work this week, we had a person make a very off-hand and inappropriate joke. Most were uncomfortable, a couple laughed, I just said, "Really? Do you really think that's funny? Did you think that's the kin
  14. The llama on my page is a llama for a local bond issue. the llama is pitching "kids have a fun place to learn. Its a pretty llama - red, white, blue. Seems like a common color scheme for all the llamas these days. Even the TV llamas and the magazine llamas are using it. Of course, I've never even read the or noticed the llamas until now. That's the problems with web llamas - you never know if anyone sees your llama or not.
  15. Shriscov, This one was more like the "old-style" songs of BP akin to the college fight songs - like a Zing-Zang! Bom-bom! kind of song/cheer. Apparently every Scout on the hike, regardless of their nationality, sang it together on the way up. Marty and Jerzy - from Arizona and Poland - were singing it together but never met until 20 years later at the Blue and Gold! And they both still remembered the song... Amazing, right?
  16. Probably a long shot but... At a Blue and gold ceremony many years ago, our Cubmaster and our guest speaker (Scouter from Poland) shared an amazing moment. Turns out they were both at the 13th World Jamboree in Japan and remembered the hiking song they all sang while hiking up Mount Fuji! They broke out in a spontaneous song during the guest speakers pitch - an amazing moment. I wrote down the name of the song then but of course can not find it now (more than 15 years later). Anyone else out there who attended the Jambo remember the song?
  17. SWSCouter, Understand completely! I'm a more is better guy when it comes to communication. I just received my first (and very informative) email today. Its pertinent to those working on Garden Ground Mountain - OA Village, Buckskin, etc. Perhaps the flow will begin for everyone now. I may have a possible POC to find out about your area. If interested, send me a PM and I'll respond.
  18. SW, The Staff Comments section is where the info is posted on my dashboard... Maybe your area doesn't have a POC yet? Where are you working?
  19. Yeah, I definitely feel like there was more communication earlier last year than now as well. If you check your dashboard, it should have the points of contact for staff position and their emails.
  20. OGE, I'll see you there - on the same staff. After the recent move though, I'll be driving from West Texas. Anyone need to carpool?
  21. Eagle83, You've stumbled into the sometimes complicated and often frustrating world of branding... As jpstodwftexas states, there is a process that MAY not require fees if the decal is donated, but to stay in line with the law a WAIVER is required. Questions about unit use of logos and trademarks can be found here: http://www.scouting.org/sitecore/content/Licensing/Protecting%20the%20Brand/What%20Members%20Should%20Know.aspx A current list of already licensed businesses can be found here: http://www.scouting.org/sitecore/content/Licensing/Current%20Licensees.aspx More
  22. Sqyire, For me, it depends on what I'm doing. At Cub meetings/activities, I don't wear it; its a dangling cloth to get paint or something on. Visiting Scout and Venturing units as a Commissioner I only wear it when supporting a high adventure program, etc. So usually I don't wear it. But that's not because its limited by anything other than my own preference. Wear the Philmont Arrowhead whenever you want and encourage the program to all you meet!
  23. roger, Where is the conclave being held? What are the local restrictions for the area? What part of the set up are you looking for - setting the fire off, an alternative to flammable liquids, something else?
  24. Welcome to the Brotherhood! WWW
  25. Well, the best I've seen was the Parent/Cub Bake Off for the annual Blue and Gold. Each team could enter a single cake for judging. The cakes were judged by members of the CO and the guest speaker - a person outside of the Pack. Lots of prizes - most creative, best Scout themed, best decorated, most colors, etc - were given out. The cakes were auctioned and the money raised donated to the World Friendship Fund. Any cakes NOT auctioned off were served as dessert at the Blue and Gold on the spot. This Pack did a silent auction with the bids in an envelope in front of the cake. So if y
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