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  1. Eagle92, that is exactly what happened. My son earned the MB and I did not have the blue card on me at the time to prove it. When that happens the store hands you the Advancement paper to fill out, I filled it out wrong and Replacement was not put on it(wasn't told to write it and the store didn't do it either). All I was doing was purchasing a spare one for a shadow box nothing more. Buying a spare MB isn't the sole reponsibility of the Advancement Chair. I did hit the reply all, like Ntrog8r suggested, but this is a common problem with our CC and his wife where they take a simple issue and turn it into the crime of the century without bothering to find out facts first, they will also send out their thoughts/beliefs to others outside the troop when it is not necessary. They had sent the message to the SM, other leaders within the troop, the district and council advancement chairs. If their vile emails stayed within the troop I could've have handled it but when it went outside the troop it went too far. This is making our Troop look foolish and they damage the reputation of others with their wild comments. I am seriously considering stopping my volunteer work within the troop because of this, but a part of me want to fight what they have done. They have officially accused me of misconduct when they know I have never signed my son off for advancement nor did I try to buy a MB that he didn't earn (the dates prove it). Thanks for the help and keep the suggestions coming.
  2. I've encountered a situation where recently our CC defamed me and accused me of wrongdoing and misconduct. I am a member of the Troop Committee. I recently was in a Scout Store and wanted to purchase a spare 100th anniversary merit badge that my son earned (to put into a shadow box) but I did not have my son's blue card/completion card on me. I was going to wait until I could revisit the store with the card but the store advised me to purchase it now since they didn't know for how long the badges would be around. I was given an Advancement Report to fill out but I filled it out incorrectly....I put my name down instead of my son's. The Council Advancement Chair sent an email to me and our Troop advancement chair asking about it. Before I was able to respond I was accused by both the Committee Chair and the Advancement Chair, in writing to both the district and council and other leaders within the troop, of misconduct, filling out bogus reports, signing off my son's advancement (not true), utilizing incorrect forms, and not having the authority to purchase a merit badge. All this was done before anyone asked me what happened. A simple mistake...right? Now it has been turned into the Crime of the Century by our CC and Advancement Chair and I have been defamed and falsely accused of misconduct and other issues solely related to this. If this had stayed within the confines of the troop I could have handled the issue but when they decided to take it to the district and council they went too far. What recourse do I have to restore my good name and counter the damage they did to me? The CC has already told the District and Council that he plans to take disciplinary action against me. Thank you in advance for your advice.
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