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  1. in my crew we have 4 outdoor bronze and one ranger but he is the only ranger in our councle we work on advancements individual
  2. yea u do have the wrong band the band is still called slipknot
  3. the eagel is on my arm and the guy with the ax is on my calf both on right side
  4. no for class b u had to wear the class a dress paints and a class b shirt
  5. I have been in 4 troops over the years and all of them have required at mettings full class A which was dress paints and shirt also neckshift or bolow and on camp outs class b dress paints and troop shirt but during the rides too and from camp class A
  6. sorry to get off topic but how did u come to that conclution if you are a fan of a band that band understands u in a way your parents dont
  7. he likes the music because it is loud and how the guys look he dose not even understand the lyrics
  8. i know who slipknot is i am a fan for a good amount of time now. i feel it is unfair to tell a boy that they cant talk about there music and let others talk about what they listen to.
  9. i just have 2 tattoos and i was wondering if anyone could say i was not alowed to show them or they could not be in visible site one is the eagel scout symbol and the other is just a guy holding a ax
  10. the boy with ocd is not alwase violen just when he gets mad, but since the scoutmaster and his son dont like the kid the son with ocd alwase finds something to disagre with and since he is ocd he is "never wrong" in his mind so he will try to start and the scout master alwase blames it on this kid who did not do anything. It is not alwase over music it is just anything this boy says even if it is scouting stuff if the scoutmasters son dissagres he will start to argue.
  11. is there any policy on tattoos and percings then
  12. I have a boy in my troop who likes a band called slipknot, he is accsuly obsesed with them, he likes to talk about them at meatings alot and mt scout master has band him from talking about the band because he and his son dose not like them. The fact is they do not like the kid on general, every chance they get to yell at this kid they will. The scout masters son has ocd (obsesive conpulsive disorder) and every little thing this boy dose pisses him off. in fact last meeting he got up and kicked the boy. and nothing was said to him because when one of the aduls went to say something the scoutmas
  13. I am just wondering what national policy is on tattoos and percings
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