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  1. Our PLC solved this problem by deducting $1 from the Scout(s) who used the tent. The Quartermaster counted the stakes when the tent was returned (tent and stakes are kept together) and if short informed the ASPL.
  2. We pretty much duplicate what mich632 does. The the patrols determine what their food budget will be for the campout (usually $10.00). The Patrol Cook does the shopping along with his parents. If he runs over the budgeted amount he has two choices 1. Beg his Patol Mates to fork over additional money or 2. Pay the overage out of his own pocket. They learn fairly quick (parents much slower) to shop wisely.
  3. Ed If the President Elect chooses to swear his oath on bible - he does so because he chooses to. Unless there is a law that I'm not aware of the oath or affirmation that he states is governed by the constitution. Article 2 Section 1 states the following: Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:--"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." It says nothing abou
  4. This is taken directly from the information provided by our Council: "In May of 2004, the National Executive Board made the following change: To comply with the 2004 National Bylaw changes, boys younger than 10 years old my NOT be registered in the Boy Scout program. But, if they are 10 years old they may join a Troop."
  5. At our District's Roundtable this past Tuesday our DE handed out our recharter packages and stated that National had made the following change regarding the joining requirements: He said that 10 year olds can join a Troop regardless of their school grage or AOL status. Has anyone else heard this?
  6. Big_Dog I've been Den Leader, Webelos Leader and Cubmaster. I ran the Webelos as one program and mixed Webelos 1's and 2's together. In a nutshell here is how it worked. All first year Webelos earn the Outdoorsman and Fitness in the fall. It is an 18 month rotating program. The badges worked on during year 1 are worked on again in the 3rd year and the badges worked on during the 2nd year are worked on again in the 4th this allows the Webelos the opportunity to earn their Arrow of Light within the 18 month framework. Nothing stops the boys from working on any badges on their own. We be
  7. Most Useful - Tautline Most Often - Tautline Reference - I'm a knot freak and own close to 10 books on knots. I love playing around with the truckers hitch it is such a useful knot. My current favorite is the figure 8 follow-thru. I also like to teach the younger scouts the one hand bowline.
  8. OneHour - What's purdy to one person isn't to the other. I've had mine for several years and paid a lot less than 180.00. If you pay attention to the website you would find plans to build your own (A Scout is Thrifty) which I did for my first version. I liked it so well that I gave it to a friend and bought my current version. And yes you are correct about lightweight gear costing money - it seems that the lighter it weighs the more it cost. I also believe in paying for quality.
  9. All merit badges and rank advancements are awarded at the next meeting following the completion of the Merit Badge or BOR. This is usually done in a quiet informal ceremony by the SM during the SM Minute. The fourth step of advancement states that the Scout deserves to receive reognition as as soon as possible. We schedule COH 4 times a year. This is when the Scouts are formally recognized for their achievements during the previous 3 months. We are having our next COH the 1st Saturday in August and the format will be a family picnic/ceremony. This hopefuly gets as many of the S
  10. Actually Tarp does not quite explain what it is. Go to http://www.tarptent.com the model that I use is the Squall. Mosquitos are not a problem due to the noseeum netting. No Daddy Longlegs are are a different issue, they personally don't bother me.
  11. I use a tarp when I'm backpacking - total weight less than 24 oz. the particular one I'm using now does not have a bottom which doesn't bother me. I have a Sierra Design sleeping bag rated to 15 degrees which I use primarily for "car camping" and either use a fleece sleeping bag (Target - $10) or a Lafuma summer bag good to about 45 degrees.
  12. Welcome Back...missed your words of wisdom. Now if we can get Bob to come back then all is well with the world.
  13. Permission Slips - What's your thoughts. Do you use them? Do you require one for each outing or do you a master permission slip that covers all the outings?
  14. EagleInKy That sounds like a borderline service project. Why wouldn't you count it? Do all the Scouts have the opportunity to attend? Are the Scout who do attend representing the Troop? I would personally want to give these boys credit for their efforts. They are performing a service to the pack and helping the Troops image at the same time. Win Win.
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