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  1. Continued thanks...Obviously I'm the biggest wimp, since nothing has been resolved as of yet...
  2. I am certainly taking all of this into account - but I would like to try to very tactfully give my humble opinion, that although in a sense her shirt may seem a bit small to keep all buttons closed let's say, that it is not exactly a case of liking what one sees when one is faced with the view. I am not usually this bold, but if we went back to the zipper analogy, let's just say it's a good thing that hers is a really strong one ;-) On a more serious note - I really do think it's more of a case of not wanting to offend her or hurt her feelings, because she has been helpful to the tr
  3. Thanks for responding. I think it's great that all of you take the time to help each other out. I guess just asking her might work, but I guess the reason I was looking for something specific in writing was to perhaps have a new handout for everyone at one time before the Court of Honor on proper attire and how the uniform is to be worn - and that could include the adults - male and female, as to not have to single her out unless necessary. I suppose I was hoping that maybe regulations could do our talking for us to avoid any possible defensiveness or feeling of confrontation. As we
  4. Sorry - I forgot to answer about the part about the shirts being tucked in, which they are, and I can't remember about the belt.
  5. Following up on the questions...honestly, I'm not sure what kind of shirt it is, but it's somewhere between a t-shirt and a tank top. It's not extraordinarily low-cut, but she's um...yeah..anyway. She does wear the scout pants, and she started out with only a few of the buttons undone, but it seemed as if the farther into the service we got, the more buttons had come undone. And mind you -it's not that she can't afford a new shirt if it's too small. Plus even if that were the case, to top it off she's in charge of the uniform swap box, so she could also dig out a bigger size if need be. It jus
  6. This is my first time to post a question on the forum, although our family has been involved in scouting for about 12 years. I just have an issue that is really bothering me. Could someone please tell me if they have had to handle a female adult who is improperly wearing the leader uniform, actually in a way that could be viewed by some as disrespectful? She is not even actually a Scoutmaster or Asst. Scoutmaster, but is the Secretary on the Troop Committee, but she continues to wear her uniform with the buttons open in the front and another olive color shirt underneath. This was eve
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