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  1. Some great advice, thanks a bunch. As for the SM having a chat that will definitely happen. As the SM, I just never had this occur more than once to any scout. My SM conferences are always informal in approach. I usually cover what they are doing at school, work or church. What other interests they might have such as hunting or sports. How school is going and their grades (big thing with me). I also ask what leadership positions they would like to do. If the boy has an area of interest I ask about it as well. Our boards are usually 3 or 4 committee members and sometimes one of the ot
  2. Need some help. We have a scout who cannot handle the stress of sitting on a Board of Review. At his Tenderfoot BOR he stumbled on the Oath and any confidence he had went out the window. After drying some eyes and a pep talk he was fine for a while but started to lose it again. The board got him through it but it was a struggle. Second class was more of the same, stumble on some questions and the stress factor set in again, a bit of a pep talk with one committee member and he was fine. Last night the same results as far as the stress coming through. The board make up is the same as the first t
  3. gtscouter, A good way to poll the troop's scouts with the eight methods would be to do it at BOR's. Ask open ended questions. Then as you gain insight into the troop, give the SM and other leaders the feedback. If a scout only shows up in a uniform for a BOR or Court of Honor ask him why. Do the youth and adult leaders wear them all the time or not. Ask the scouts about their experiences at summer camp and troop overnighters. Good, bad and maybe best time, favorite skit or best meal. More insight. Then approach the SM and ask him for info to fill out the National Camping award. Th
  4. Sometimes getting them to read the Scout Handbook is like pulling teeth.
  5. On a campout seeing the Northern Lights for the first time. What an awesome spectacle that was for bunch of suburban scouts. As an adult leader, my son earning Eagle.
  6. Welcome Aboard from one chief to another. Put in over 21 years myself, in P3's. I've been out over 11 years and still miss the people. This is the place for great info.
  7. OGO, Did you use any specific wounds? Where we will be camping is mostly wooded, so we have been thinking of doing a lost camper w/injuries. I hope I can find a place that sells fake blood this time of year. Thanks Bryan
  8. We've been covering first aid at our meetings lately and the boys are getting the hang of things pretty well. All of our cross overs from last year have completed all the first requirements thru 1st class. This years group is starting and the older scouts are showing them the ropes. My ASM's and I have been thinking about running some drills on our up coming camp out. The SPL and other older scouts are currently working on the Emer Prep MB so we will use these drills to help them as well. We want the drills to be as real as a possible but don't want to scare them to death. I am looking fo
  9. Recruited ourselves a Troop Chaplain a few years ago. Always ready with a parabel that ties the values of scouting in with todays living. Really good with comparing the scout oath and law to the 10 commandments.
  10. Figure in cooking method as well ie; if patrol uses a homemade soda can stove give extra points. Maybe add Patrol Spirit, judged by teamwork.
  11. Thanks for posting the link. Great photos!
  12. If the leaders of a unit feel that the boys are being given MB's (not earning) or that they are attending a MB Mill then they should get out of the camp chair and walk around the program areas. Ask to help the counselors. Some are overwhelmed just by the number of scouts they are teaching. Some staffers are new to teaching and some do not have the experience or knowledge that an adult of 35 or 40 years of age has. I have also seen college kids (with more knowledge than needed) teach scouts and hold their attention better than most adult scouters. The quality is there, the senoir staff just hav
  13. Welcome to the virtual campfire! Where is the SPL during all of this? Or do the Adult leaders run the meetings? Does the PLC meet on a weekly or monthly basis? Does the troop have a Annual calendar? Are you new to scouting? If you are, are you a leader and have you been to training? Have the other troop leaders been to training? Have the members of the PLC been trained? Teaching, learning and practicing scout skills to work their way up the Eagle trail are acceptable meeting agenda items. Uniform Inspections, collecting dues and announcements are essential too. Are there any patrol c
  14. I just hope that if Obama has to appoint a justice to the supreme court the person has a paid up tax bill.
  15. We use the OA chapter's ceremonies team and they perform an AOL and Crossover ceremony. We don't do this at the B & G because it is to long an evening already and we feel it detracts from the ceremony. We do these at the March Pack mtg. This gives center stage to the WEBELOS II for the entire evening. The entire troop is present at this mtg so each new scout is greeted by all the troop. By this time the Webelos have camped with the troop twice and visited a troop mtg. The boys who choose not to join usually have left scouting prior to the ceremony. We have had a few who didn't show l
  16. Gklose, we gave them a taste of freedom. Scheduled a campout, had each patrol make up a menu and then after we reviewed them we told the PL's that each patrol will pool their money from the members, buy their own groceries and be responsible for making sure that they had their own food. When we arrived at camp each patrol got to pick their own camp site, and were told that they were on their own. They had to do for themselves and they took to it like ducks to water. Now we have the older boys trained and they know what is expected of them. Each year when the New scouts come up from Cubs we s
  17. We do Scouting for Food every April as a joint project with the Pack in town. Since the local Girl Scout chair is in our troop (Adv Chr) she lets leaders know about times and places to pass along to GS troops. We do several projects each year. Patrol the Black River during sturgeon spawn to help keep out poachers. The boys have also acted as waiters/busboys/dish washers at benefit dinners in our town. The pack does a Hike/Clean up in town every May. Besides Eagle Projects we average about 6 to 8 projects each year. We just never report them to GTFA. An article in our town paper is all we
  18. Lisabob, The only time we throw patrols together is when only 1 member goes from his patrol. One thing you can do is have what we taught our scouts, when they only have two or three members go on an outing one option isthat each scout brings food from home. They each bring something for each meal. Oatmeal packets and apples, (six packets and six apples) = 2 breakfasts. Loaf of bread and jars of PB and Jam, 3 more apples, or cans of soup , cheese slices and loaf of bread (grilled cheese)= lunch. Dinner can be done the same way. This beats mom or dad running to the store. Teaches the boys to u
  19. Our B & G banquet is this saturday and we have decided that the theme for this is Magic. The dens have been learning magic tricks for their skits. We also have a local Magician coming to perform for 20 minutes or so. What are the themes being used out there this year by other packs? Last year ours was Beach Party.
  20. Sewing Kit w/extra safety pins ,needles, thread, etc... 2 or 3 flashlights w/extra bulbs and batteries Camera w/extra memory cards and batteries Extra bug spray (non aerosol) Mosquito netting (if you dont use bug spray) Get a good nights sleep Sun Block is a must at the waterfront. Poncho or rainsuit Fishing gear if you like for free time Good Luck and have fun
  21. I see this all the time and occasionally I am guilty of not letting my scouts lead. As for the situation your son finds himself in maybe a reflection with All the parties involved could be a way to clear the air. With a disinterested third party as mediator. Leaders usually hold older scouts to a higher level; more freedoms, more mature judgement, etc... And teenage boys usually have a different idea of what is and what isn't important. If their patrol advisor sat with them before their next outing and explained what is expected, while letting the scouts voice their concerns about leading then
  22. Our council holds a Winter Carnival each year. It is a 1 day event, where families can come to the camp and partake in several different outdoor winter events. These include Cross-country skiing, Snow shoeing, Black powder shooting, Archery, GPS course, Ice fishing. There are also demonstrations such as Mountain Man skills, Dog sledding and a how to build shelters. Are there any other councils who put on these kind of family oriented activities in the winter?
  23. If an overhaul is done to the system I believe that every member of the House and Senate as well as every government worker including congressional staffers should be required by Law to partake. Even when they leave government service.
  24. Troop Program Features Vols I,II & III, plus Troop Program Resources are excellent starting and building blocks. A Scout Handbook using the Tenderfoot through 1st class requirements are also great challenges. All of these should be available at your council offices. The Program Features also are published in the Scouter magazine. Get these publications to the SPL and let him introduce these to the PLC and let them choose from the topics listed or come up with their own. Through the whole process, guide and coach the PLC to utilize these tools and then let them try, they will com
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