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    Must a boy be on the Charter to attend Dad and Lad?

    I did check with my DE, and I asked about classifying this boy as a "prospective" scout since he might re-up later, and I pointed out that there are always visitors at camps and camporees and there doesn't seem to be an insurance issue. But he was firm that our council's policy is to be chartered. And I found out that they actually check a council list when you checkin at camp. The situation has pretty much resolved itself with the boy and his family, it's not so pressing a matter for me right now. I appreciate the support and the ideas from everyone who responded. Thanks!
  2. LongDistanceHiker

    Must a boy be on the Charter to attend Dad and Lad?

    That's embarrassing. I wish *I* had thought of actually asking my DE. That's what I'm going to do. I like the other ideas you gave me too. Thanks for the advice.
  3. I've got a cub scout in my den who has not rechartered. He's decided he's not coming back next year. That's regretable, but it happens. However, before it was time for us to recharter, camp money was due. This boy and his dad paid for Dad and Lad. Does this boy need to be on the charter in order to go to Dad and Lad? I would guess that there are liability insurance reasons for him to be on the charter. There's also a question of the purpose of the scout camp properties, staff, etc. That is, scout camp is for active scouts. I can't just organize some random group of campers and head out to scout camp. But I don't want to be unreasonable. "You were on the charter in April, but not in June, therefore you can't go!!!!" Does anyone know the ins and out of charters and camp? Thanks.
  4. LongDistanceHiker

    What goes on at the troop meetings

    Nike asked if it's all about Eagle for my son. No, it's not. He and the rest of the Webelos den crossed over in February. They love getting together at the troop meetings. I think they are oblivious to the requirements and what it takes to advance. The troop master leads having the older boys work on the tenderfoot requirements with the new patrol. No one is obsessed with hammering through requirements make the next (first) rank. As Webelos, we were able to go to some of the district camporees and the boys have camped with the troop before. I think that right now, the fun part is feeling like one of the big kids. Suddenly, they all appear to have a little more maturity or swagger.(This message has been edited by LongDistanceHiker)
  5. LongDistanceHiker

    What goes on at the troop meetings

    Where is the SPL during all of this? He's in charge. He's a good leader. He leads the opening and closing, leads the attendance and uniform check. Instructs on the responsibilites and traditions of the troop. Or do the Adult leaders run the meetings? Adult leaders step in with calendar reminders, and have been leading some of the tenderfoot requirement work I mentioned. But that's only a few minutes per meeting. Does the PLC meet on a weekly or monthly basis? I have not yet heard of the PLC. Does the troop have a Annual calendar? It's very high level, such as "March 18 - Troop Meeting". Are you new to scouting? Was a den leader, new to Boy Scouting. If you are, are you a leader and have you been to training? I am not a leader. I've got another boy in cubs and for now I'll make that my volunteer focus. For Boy Scouts, I'll be singing from the pew instead of from the choir if you know what I mean. Have the other troop leaders been to training? Good question. Have the members of the PLC been trained? Good question.
  6. LongDistanceHiker

    What goes on at the troop meetings

    What a welcome! Thanks for all the responses and all the good information. I've read about the importance of the troop being boy led. I forget who said it, I agree that there is a temptation to want to organize, but I know better. I have a lot of respect for the traditions and ways of scouting. If this is what works, I'll be happy with it. I do plan to be involved and help the SM. I had not really thought much about becoming a merit badge counselor, that sounds like a good way to help out. Thanks to all.
  7. Is there an outline, agenda, or general expectation for what you should see happening at troop meetings? I've been to a few so far. My son is newly in the troop. I've seen opening and closing ceremonies. They take attendance which includes a quick uniform inspection and collection of dues. There are announcements of upcoming dates rigth before the meeting ends. There have been some tasks and activities around the new scouts completing the Tenderfoot requirements. Most of the time is spent by the boys chit-chatting. I'm holding my tounge until all the facts are in and giving everyone the benefit of the doubt but I kind of feel like "We worked really hard in Webelos -- to cross over and do this?"