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  1. Yes, I realize it sounds like quite the thicket here. The CC actually departed voluntarily because of the cubmaster. This occured shortly after my post.
  2. Is there any reference you could point to that explains this? Our committee is on the cusp of having to dismiss the cubmaster or ask for his removal. It would be more efficient to simply remove by majority vote. We could vote, I assume, to request the COR do the removing. Yes?
  3. Does a pack committee have the authority to remove a cubmaster by vote?
  4. I have a question regarding the definition of a term that is found in the latest Age-Appropriate Guidelines for Scouting Activities, the chart published by the BSA. Under the heading Camping on this chart is a subsection entitled Parent/Son Overnights. Compared to previous guidelines published by BSA, this is a new section. Viewing as a lawyer, I would assume that when something new is said, it's saying something different from what's already been said. Since all the other terms are still there, I wonder what new thing this parent/son overnights is. Is this now a formal recognition by BSA
  5. Can a den leader also serve on the Pack Committee as the Outings Chair? Or, is it one position or the other and not both?
  6. I completely agree. This would be a package deal. We'd name an immediate replacement if this were to happen at all. BTW, does rechartering typically happen during the summer months?
  7. Thanks for the responses. We leaders have a good relationship with our COR. I believe he would be sympathetic to our cause. We leaders have found the pack leadership (committe chair and cubmaster) less than supportive of our dens and activities. Worse yet, we helped raise alot of pack funds but we haven't a clear understanding where all the money has gone. We've asked for an accounting, but to no avail. As den leaders, we have organized a lot of fun and meaningful acitivities for our boys and our year to year retention rates and recruiting successes at the tiger cub level show this.
  8. If cubscout packwide den leadership is dissatisfied with the committee chair, how do we go about having him removed and replacing him?
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