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  1. I work with middle schoolers with "moderate to severe" disabilities in a special ed classroom. We have a few kids in my class that I think would enjoy and benefit from Scouting, but I think they'd benefit the most from *at least* a dedicated patrol, if not a dedicated Troop, with a lot of extra adult support in addition to peer support. Most of these kids are non-verbal or minimally verbal and have significant physical and cognitive challenges. Some are too disabled to benefit from a Scouting program to be honest, but many are not. I wish I could figure out a way to make it happen for them
  2. Help me out here, Scouters! Our Troop is new and the girls are just starting to get their legs under them. They're working on a one-year plan but at the moment we're scrambling to figure out relatively last minute camping options. Here's our situation: * One of the Scouts has a broken leg, very limited mobility right now, and has to keep her cast from getting wet. At all. * We are in Oregon. The odds of it not raining during a campout are not high. * We only have 6 Scouts so excluding even one from a campout is not an option we want to seriously consider. * The only w
  3. We are working on our Troop neckerchief. Our Troop is chartered by the local chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America. Our girls really liked the teardrop logo they use with their Save our Streams conservation program. I asked the marketing person at IWLA and they gave us permission to incorporate it as long as we include the words "Save Our Streams" in the final product. I'm working on having patches made up with the design they approved (in concept) now, which the girls will sew onto their neckerchiefs.
  4. Is there any alternative to Scoutbook for doing this? I'm facing the likelihood of becoming the Advancement Coordinator for our new Troop, but Scoutbook is so badly broken it's unusable. I've gone back to the usscout spreadsheet for my Webelos Scouts because I can't enter any data at all in Scoutbook, either the website or the mobile app. I can't find a similar downloadable spreadsheet for Scouts BSA. Is there one?
  5. We love it, actually! My husband convinced me to get the 10-person one. It's too heavy for hauling very far, so we accepted the provided canvas-on-wood-frame tent at Cub camp this weekend, but we really enjoyed the roominess on a family campout with the Pack.
  6. Fundraising is how they pay their own way. Or is a 12 year old supposed to go out and get a "real" job? Or is Scouting only supposed to be available to Scouts who get a big enough allowance from their parents? Units DO need operating funds. They need money to buy patches, awards, flags, and other Troop assets. It shouldn't be a whole ton of money (depending on your perspective on how much money is a lot of money), but it still isn't free. Are the volunteers supposed to pay for everything out of their own pockets?
  7. I'm in my 40s and I have NEVER, even as a small child, been comfortable with group shower areas. I try not to project my creepy factor onto my kids when they hose off after swimming. They keep their swimsuits on during shower (I honestly want the chlorine rinsed out of their swimsuits as much as I want it rinsed out of their hair) but I find it really creepy that adult naked women will stand in the shower and talk to my kids. I applaud the move to single-stall showers. It doesn't cost that much to put up barriers and shower curtains. Yes, cleaning takes longer, but I bet Scouts will be more th
  8. So... this month, our Pack went to Day Camp the first week in July. Our family was on vacation out of state that week. So my daughter attended Day Camp the 2nd week in July in a neighboring District, without her Pack. Since she did participate in a major Cub Scout activity in July, even though she didn't participate WITH her Pack, who also did participate in the activity, just at a different time, does she qualify for the Summertime Pack Award (she attended the June event and will attend two events in August). This is a relatively big question for me since we anticipate our all
  9. Our brand new unit had a fundraising opportunity dropped on it at the last minute. We currently have no operating funds and the Committee members are floating Troop expenses until we can figure it out. So when someone pointed out that we were supposed to submit an application to the Council before doing any fundraising, we all kind of looked at each other, shrugged, and decided it was better in this case to ask forgiveness than to ask permission. Because "It's Tuesday and there's no way we can get the application submitted and approved in time for Friday" was just a reality. We know it's fairl
  10. I don’t know. Maybe? It seems like I might be more inclined to grant leniency to someone who did not have the advantages of a good family and Scouting to teach right from wrong I guess. But I certainly wouldn’t give it to someone who had every opportunity to learn tight from wrong.
  11. If anything, having gone through all it takes to become an Eagle Scout, he should have known better even moreso than other boys his age. I would be more inclined to hold him MORE accountable, not less.
  12. Do you have a link to the specific Velcro or Velcro-like product you use from Home Depot? All I can find are sticky squares or straps.
  13. We have 3 girls signed up with our new Troop, with one more who says she wants to join but who hasn't turned in her application. All 3 girls we have signed up have parent leaders involved. The 4th probably won't have a parent leader but at least she is an actively involved parent in general judging from mom's willingness to show up at Pack stuff for yer younger daughter. We also have two more families (mine included) with leaders in the Troop who have Webelos rank girls who will be joining in the next 6-18 months. So right now we have twice as many adult leaders with applications turned
  14. I hadn't thought about double-fold bias tape. That would look sharp! I have noticed that broadcloth is super cheap, and I had looked at piping too. I have both a regular sewing machine and a serger so I could do a serged edge in a contrasting color as well. The girls have a lot of options! I'd like them to at least pick one quickly (even if they change their minds later) so we can have a few made up right away since our CO is making a *big deal* out of the charter signing ceremony and we expect to have photos in their national magazine. I spent last night making paracord woggles for all
  15. Our girls are meeting for the first time Monday. They'll be choosing a SPL and talking about uniform details. One of the parents in our troop has an embroidery machine and is willing to help with neckerchiefs. I have sufficient sewing skills to make neckerchiefs for her to embroider. So I'd like to present the girls with several ideas for them to look at to inspire them as they decide what their neckerchiefs they want (assuming they want to use them, which I think they will but I suppose they could decide to do without entirely). I'll also bring photos of some of the "in stock" typ
  16. Because we have to have a troop number on our paperwork to turn in, and the 4 girls haven't met yet. It's just a matter of practicality.
  17. It's the same in our Council. All the girl troops are 4 digits starting with a 4. We will only be using 3 digits on our uniform though, mainly because we couldn't really think of any meaningful numbers that were 4 digits beginning with 4. I think just from what I've seen all the packs in our council start with 0, boy troops 1, and venturing crews 2. I will make a wild guess that either sea scouts or explorers start with a 3. But only the venturing crews actually use all 4 digits on their uniforms.
  18. Liz


    Yup. District patches are not authorized by National except as temporary patches. That doesn't mean that all Councils follow this rule. Some use a District patch as a routine and expected part of every uniform, in spite of National's uniform policy. My Council uses a 2nd Council patch on the right front pocket, around which participation segments are attached. That's not in line with the National uniform policy either. IMO, if that kind of patch is going to be used at all, it makes more sense to be a District patch, as a Council patch there is redundant with the Shoulder patch. My he
  19. I thought she was also a Venturer? I would think it would be the "while living abroad" clause that would be the concern here. Was she actually residing in Canada?
  20. Oh yeah, another "no" vote on a Webelos 3 type group. Get the girls involved FROM THE START with the planning. This is super important. Adults can take care of the boring stuff like charter paperwork, but the Scouts need to be presented with their books and then "Ok, figure out how you're going to accomplish this and what you want to do first. We'll be over here in the corner to answer questions. Let us know when you have a plan and if there's a problem with the plan you create we'll help you work through it." I'm doing my homework to see which camps in the region still have space for th
  21. We just had our initial adult meeting for a Ladies Troop last week! We already had the CO paperwork signed, but there wouldn't have been any reason NOT to meet before the paperwork was signed. We just didn't, other than informal chats during Pack meetings or at Roundtable. We selected a CC. Everyone else signed up as either a MBC or a Committee Member with future roles to decide later. I am "acting" Secretary; my husband is COR so I wasn't willing to be CC unless nobody else would step up. So we came into the meeting with a COR and a SM; CC was the only thing left that had to be decided r
  22. Liz


    Possibly a District patch if your Council uses them (Yay, a uniform debate about District patches!) Other than that, it looks good. You'll gradually acquire a few more patches if you stay busy.
  23. So that's 13 or 14 states out of 50 where it's illegal? If that's the case, then yeah, it's legal in most states. Not taking a position on the other argument, which is whether it's advisable... If you're in a state where you are doing it legally, then the BSA can't have you arrested for violating BSA policy on the matter; they CAN, however, revoke your membership, if they want to. Maybe that's a risk worth taking in certain situations, maybe it isn't. Not going to articulate an opinion on that one.
  24. I don't want to go into too much detail on "why" since this involves a Scouter other than myself, but we have a parent/volunteer in our unit who is a former Scout but does not know whether he was ever awarded Eagle or not. Please no commentary on "how could he not know" - this is a unique situation and I'm not going to get into that part as it isn't my story to tell. My question is, how likely is it that the council he grew up in kept records good enough to be able to find out that information? I'm going to estimate this Scouter is about 40 years old by now, so we probably are looking at
  25. swilliams - I'd be concerned about the bear that you couldn't scare away. Not so much the ones that don't come close enough to the house to get the dogs barking. Those ones have a little wariness. We have bear around here too, but I never see them. Occasionally we'll see scat or footprints or once or twice a year a neighbor will catch a photo. I don't let my kids go outside at night without an adult and I teach them never to approach ANY wild animal, but especially a bear or cougar (those are our predators) or of course a rattlesnake, but I also teach them not to be afraid; just follow t
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