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  1. That’s a great poem!! Sadly, it’s not the same one this gentleman was reciting. It began with just a long catalog of woods like “Birch, Maple, Fir and Ash,” (just random woods I don’t recall which ones there were) and something about how all of them were good for making campfires. We’ll be selling at the same location in a couple of weeks. With some luck maybe he’ll stop by again.
  2. While selling Camp Cards at the grocery store today, a mature gentleman stopped to buy a card and tell my daughter a little about his time in Scouting which I’d estimate to have been in the 50’s or so. He said he remembered all the old camp songs and poems and partially recited one about gathering wood. It started off as a list of different types of wood like Beech, Ash, etc. I wish I would have thought to ask if I could record him reciting the whole thing but alas, that idea didn’t come to me. I had never heard the poem before. Anybody know what it might have been?
  3. I'm not giving an opinion on the practicality of it. Simply providing clarification since it was stated above that with linked troops there are two separate committees even if the members who sit on each committee are the same people. That is a misunderstanding of the definition of a linked troop. A CO *may* have two completely separate troops with two separate committees in the same way that they have a separate committee for a pack and one for a troop and/or a crew or what have you, but that is not a "linked" troop that is just two different units chartered by the same organization.
  4. "A chartered organization may also have “linked troops,” which means a shared troop committee with separate troops for boys and for girls." https://scoutingmagazine.org/2018/10/hello-scouts-bsa/ So, nope. Same committee overseeing both troops. Not just the same people sitting on two committees. Back to your regularly scheduled forum thread...
  5. I think that's the real key - knowing what works for your unique kid.
  6. A youth with an actual anxiety disorder is not going to EVER going to get to go to camp if some accommodation isn't made for the first time. Staying home the first year just puts it off because now 2020 is the first year... and 2021... until the kid ages out and never makes it to camp at all. If we're talking about homesickness in the general realm of "normal" I totally agree with you. A lot of anxiety is normal and is best handled by either jumping in with both feet or waiting for another year of maturity to help the anxiety go away. Kids with anxiety disorders tend to have it get worse
  7. I'm kind of stuck at "Most Creative," "Sportiest Looking," and "Sparkliest" cars. Help me out here.
  8. I don't know the answer, but I will give a hint in case you need to fill out multiple applications. I got so tired of trying to write cramped information in the tiny background section that I downloaded an official PDF of the application, filled it in on my computer, and saved a copy. Now whenever I need a renewal or transfer or whatever I can just edit it a little to suit and print another copy.
  9. My older children were both in the OA. It was what kept them in Scouting until age 18, and for the older one led to joining Venturing for another couple years after that primarily in order to remain engaged in the OA. The younger one is now considering becoming a Scouter. They LOVED the OA. They loved the camping and the community service. They signed up for every OA activity that was offered, which was not true of all the other Scout opportunities. Neither one became Eagle Scouts, but in all honesty I think their activity in the OA was more valuable to them in the long run than earning Eagle.
  10. 🤣 I think I would draw the line at the school newspaper recommending students become Candy Strippers. Candy Stripers might be acceptable. And yes, they do still exist but they aren't called that anymore and they don't wear stripes, at least not at my local hospital. Anyway, I think it would be interesting to find out what exactly the guidelines are in terms of why Scouting falls outside the realm of acceptable and other activities fall inside. But I think it's kind of sad that kids can't recommend what they want in kid-written articles.
  11. As straight peanut butter to dip carrots into or something, I think you're right. It misses the mark as far as flavor and texture. But as a mix-in for hot cereal, it's an awesome boost of protein and blends more easily than a traditional peanut butter. And it's lighter for backpacking. I use it as an ingredient a lot but it hasn't placed my Costco sized jar of Adams Chunky.
  12. Yes, I've seen it in grocery stores and there are several brands. I have some that's chocolate flavored that's Jif in my cupboard right now. I think PB2 is the leading national brand. It can be ordered on Amazon too. Vitacost.com has its own brand as well as carrying the national brands. It's good for a lot of stuff.
  13. Not as high in calories, but for a shot of protein and more lightweight than peanut butter is *powdered* peanut butter. Reconstitute with water and spread on a bagel, or just add it to your hot cereal of choice. It's actually quite good. I use it in cookies, smoothies, and lots of other things around here.
  14. This 100%. My daughter has receptive language delays. I can't explain ANYTHING to her to save her life. Literally. She appears fairly typical most of the time, but it was her inability at 4 years old to follow two-step instructions like "get your shoes and bring them here" that led me to argue with her doctor until she agreed to write a referral for an evaluation. Hands-on, and she learns as well or better than a lot of her same-age peers, but verbal instruction... she might as well not even have ears. She may be able to repeat the instructions back to you verbatim, but she won't be able
  15. I read the rules very closely and we discussed this with our DE. On the cub scout level, there is no limit in the rules to how many of the activities need to be separate or how many can be together. In our Bear dens, with two girls and two boys, it not practical for us to separate any of the actual activities by gender. But we are following the rules and have two den leaders and the kids are registered into two dens. We are working on forming a girl troop and whether we end up with a pair of linked brother/sister troops or just a stand alone girl troop, we will still follow the rules. We
  16. I'm sorry your District isn't supportive of how you're running your dens. Ours knows, understands, and is fine with it. They understand the challenges of running a program with very few kids in it. It would be different if we had 16 Bear Scouts, but we have 4 as our combined girl/boy total. If we were going to attend a district event we'd make sure in advance that they'd be allowed to function as a single den because otherwise they won't function at all. Maybe your CO would be open to starting a linked troop for the girls. I actually like this as an option because it allows the units to
  17. I guess we're just perceiving things very differently. I feel like we had PLENTY of information, and I don't know what else they were supposed to convey that they didn't.
  18. Is this one a regular square or rectangle shaped cover? Or is it more kite-shaped? Homemade or purchased? Tarp or nylon rip-stop?
  19. I'm not seeing at all what you're seeing here, Barry. We've known for well over a year that a program was going to be released that would include girls in the full Scouting experience. They told us that long before the details had been worked out. We've known since I-don't-know-how-long what that program was going to look like... I don't remember when they finalized it but it's been at least since last Fall, or last Summer. That's been plenty of time to figure out what's happening and plan for it. And nothing is getting rammed down anybody's throat; no Troop is being required to form a t
  20. Wow. Just wow. This is certainly not my experience at all. Most of my daughter’s friends are boys and one of the reasons she didn’t want to join Girl Scouts is that she wanted a program she wouldn’t have to exclude her friends from. Even in Kindergarten when we discussed joining GS she perceived it as something she would want to invite her friends to. So I looked into Campfire for her only to find it isn’t active in our area anymore, and she didn’t join anything until cub scouts opened up when she was in 2nd grade. In our pack the separate den thing is only on paper. The girls and
  21. I'd love to see more *photos* of the various set-ups in the field. If I can avoid dragging a heavy framed cover thing on outings, I'd sure like to. Especially shorter outings, where it hardly seems worthwhile to drag that thing out for 24 hours or less. But the reality of our location is that outings happen in the rain or not at all, so good covers are necessary.
  22. Has it occurred to anybody that many of these girls have been unofficially but actively involved in BSA alongside their brothers potentially for years? Some of them may have been heavily coached by older brothers to help them succeed, too. Am I the only one whose kids were involved in a troop where younger sisters were an ever-present fixture at all the non-council events they could get to? If allowed to go to Campboree, these girls would have been learning alongside their brothers, coached by their brothers, and eager to finally get recognition for all the stuff they'd learned. Just two
  23. 3 of my 4 kids experience abnormal levels of anxiety. Anxiety is its own beast and is not the same thing as "separation anxiety" which should resolve itself within 24 hours or so of arriving at camp. You know your son better than anybody. Do NOT be afraid to attend camp with him this first time if that's what he needs. If you feel he really just needs the push, don't be afraid to do that either. But don't push him if you think it's just something you "should" do. Push him if, in your experience, you find those pushes actually help him grow. If you have found in the past that those pushes
  24. My husband routinely gets into the trap of letting his allergies get out of control and developing sinus infections as a result, leasing to fevers. So the cause may be slightly indirect, but allergies can still be the primary cause of something that can lead to a fever. I have a slightly different take on the potential solution, having gone through several years with my kids in an entire Troop full of allergies. Not specifically the camp fire allergies, but the need to adapt the way kids camp due to the medical needs of the members. In our case, we had one whole patrol give up on the ide
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