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  1. It's been a few years, but I can advise in my Council when an adult’s membership was revoked… in addition to a prorated membership fee refund, the Scouter received information on appealing to the Region. The decision was usually made at a Council level rather then National and preferably after consultation with the Chartered Organization Institutional Head. It is not a District (ie DE, et al) function. Anecdotally... after appeal; membership was rarely, if ever, reinstated. I assume it's likely there is more to the story then only “accidentally violated" the rule.
  2. There is no prohibition on long term camping on your own. It would sure give your PLC something of consequence to plan! Caveat... in many States and Counties (including mine) the Health Department regulations for over X number of youth camping over over X number days or nights is prohibitively difficult for almost all Troops to comply with.
  3. Another option... Keep the packs and loan to any new Scouts. Loaning a pack for the 1st or 2nd trips is a big help for the youth/family uncertain about Scouting and thus hesitant to spend too much initially. Who wants to buy a tuba if your child does not stay in the band! I found that most 'lower income' Scouts got their own pack if they stayed in Scouts after the 1st or 2nd trip, and if there is a problem and if you get more gear... yes distribute discretely. We also had loaner sleeping bags, but that option comes with the potential cleaning hassles!
  4. For years most of the land and camp facilities have been unused as membership and summer camp attendence dwindle, The Greater New York Councils negotiating with The Conservation Fund to preserve the land. Status as of last month... https://www.conservationfund.org/impact/press-releases/2678-effort-launched-to-conserve-historic-new-york-scout-camp Happy to know the goal is to preserve it in a natural state
  5. Accounting nuance: "Form 990, Schedule G, Part II... is only the non-deductible portion of each ticket (the cost of food, clay pigeons, etc) and does not include any of the Contribution revenue, which is reported with other Contribution revenue on Part VIII" Source is one of the clearest explanations I found: https://www.grfcpa.com/2018/09/compliance-best-practices-for-reporting-fundraising-events-on-the-form-990/
  6. More info... https://www.scout.org/Ongoing-Scouts-Emergency-Response-in-Ukraine https://www.scout.org/WOSM-statement-Ukraine https://ukrscout.org/ 1970 or '71, we named our summer camp provisional patrol "The Ukrainians"... I have no memory of why. At the time in our area we still had a few Scouts in exile groups; Latvians, Hungarians, etc. My words are inadequate, I - like many - assumed those days of Europe's wars were over... I dearly hope this war does not 'spread'.
  7. My quick internet Docket search identify Brown & Bigelow as a Contract Counterparty as early as April, 2020 (maybe earlier). Found one reference listing the Artwork Agreement as an Executory Contract in a November 2021 Filing. My guess... BSA and B&B have known for awhile about the Agreement which covers what might be the few things ,besides camps, the BSA could sell and not effect program. If disclosed... it'll be interesting to learn the Agreement terms, what the disagreement is and how much money potentially involved.
  8. I and most parents would be ‘offended’ and not sign the proposed liability waiver or release that includes “abuse and molestation”. Stick with the BSA Consent Form or similar. (My understanding is that waivers provide little protection, especially if negligence is involved.) Besides the lack of confirmed liability protection from the BSA or Church… The parents probably believe the Pack and Troop are under the auspices of the Church. The Pastor has only agreed to on-campus events and thus I believe it prudent and in the interest of all to not have any off-campus events until registr
  9. Give the Cub her/his award(s) on Tuesday. It's too late to do otherwise. Then get your records in order... unless their are extenuating circumstance: Give non payers a reminder after a set time and if no payment thereafter... "cut them off/out" after an established time period. I wouldn't worry too much... perhaps this family's payment due records are as 'screwy' as the Packs.
  10. I’ve held Council, District and Unit volunteer positions in an urban Council of relatively small geographic size. If I was the guy in charge… I would eliminate District Executives. Never made sense to me to have a revolving entry level person as the point of contact for Units, donors, potential CO’s, etc. Examples: In my District during the last 35 years, I recall only one new traditional unit that a DE started that lasted longer than 1 to 3 years. School ‘talks’ typically not productive. Fund raising by a DE… not worth the time for dollars received. In lieu of DE, I would ha
  11. Packs do not have to accept any one who volunteers to be a leader, even if they are a parent or district staff. None of our business, but if someone gave a report to a DE and was not satisfied with result and my opinion was sought... I would suggest reporting to Chartered Organization.
  12. My basic formula: Subtract month's Roundtable and replace with Recognition Event Add food and drink. Add host to welcome and introduce new Scouters to others. Minimize speeches. Maximize socializing and networking.
  13. Separate magazines for boy Dens and Troops and girl Dens and Troop, might be preferable, but alas… it’s likely the economics of print magazines make it prohibitive. All periodicals are having a tough time and many reducing issue frequency or ceasing print publication. Recent example is Scouting which is no printed. Does anyone know if Boys’ Life was self supporting with subscriptions and ads? If not and it’s ‘subsidized’ by the BSA… I’m glad it’s not on the Chapter 11 ‘chopping block’! Side note… Boys’ Life circulation was about 455,000 for the Cub edition and 360,000 for the S
  14. I never liked the Improved Scouting Program (ISP) – particularly berets & belt loops – and it was not an improvement, but I’ve always thought it receives an excessive amount of ‘blame’. Like other replies: My memory of my urban Troop in the early 70’s and all the other Troops I knew thru District events, OA Lodge, summer camp staff, etc… boys elected Patrol Leaders, planned menus and duty rosters, learned first aid, went camping just as often as pre ISP… in short… all the Scouting essentials. ISP meant new patches and don't have to learn semaphore! From the late 60’s & e
  15. I have no idea... Do Scouts that age still like face painting? If not, Continue bear, lion etc faces but not WebeLoS.
  16. I suggest separating the Hut, a Troop which folded in 2005 and what is essentially a new Troop founded 2020 in your mind. You saved a Scout Hut, but alas it is not being used by a Scout Troop. The hut was not viable for the new Troop probably because members live too far away. Whoever controls (lease, ownership, etc) the hut will decide its’ future. Perhaps the hut might be useful to other Girl Scout, Scouts BSA, etc groups. Recognize also that beyond the old Troop’s alumni or charter institution, there may be little interest in memorabilia of a Boy Scout Troop that ended 15 years ago
  17. In remembrance: Allison Krause, Jeffrey Miller, Sandra Scheuer and William Schroeder (Eagle Scout) who died May 4, 1970 in Kent, Ohio. William Schroeder was a Scout from Lorain, Ohio: https://www.kent.edu/alumni/news/kent-state%E2%80%99s-may-4-visitors-center-celebrates-life-%E2%80%9Cbill-all-american-boy%E2%80%9D-exhibition Others inured that day: Alan Canfora, John Cleary, Thomas Grace, Dean Kahler, Joseph Lewis, Donald Mackenzie, James Russell, Robby Stamps and Douglas Wrentmore. And remembering Scouter Bernie Miller who lost a son that day: http://thescoutpatchauction.com/
  18. To clarify... the Troops who do not are typically the smaller and not very good Troops. Many do not last long. As s District we do what we can and as many know... it's tough getting them to improve in many areas. I'm happy to report the Troops I've been involved with as an adult have gone - ranging from one in a wealthy neighborhood to a homeless shelter.
  19. From 11 to 13 I did not know summer camp existed. We had a great time the rest of the year… Scouts advanced, lots of weekend trips and a good Scouting experience. When I was 14 we were offered Council Provisional Troop summer camp. A few Scouts went, had a great time and many were subsequently on staff. Summer camp may not be essential to Scouting, but it does enrich Scouting greatly. If a Scout has an opportunity, but never does… it’s their loss, but does not preclude Eagle. In my District many Troops do not go as a Unit to summer camp or make alternatives known to Scouts.
  20. Program is doable. Two travel days to & from camp, maybe one day with 10 or 15 mile hike, that leaves four days with free time, advancement, games and cooking… similar to extra long weekend camp trip. The challenge is probably insurance and regulatory to varying degrees depending on property ownership. In my State due to the number of youth and hours, this would be subject to Health Department laws for Children’s Camps which for a Troop would likely be insurmountable.
  21. Beyond the first line the letter should discourage parents more about attending. Since at least 72 hrs... the requirement to be a registered leader (CO approval, YPT et al) and submission of Health Record should be in letter.
  22. From my Troop and District experience: JTE achieves nil and little interest from good and not-so-good units. Issues include: More paperwork (example - Unit JTE Guidebooks alone are 27-34 pages long), Too complicated (example - many cannot calculate Retention, Confusion (between calendar year and charter year reporting period) and it’s assumed earning a JTE patch is an incentive… for most it’s not. In particular (and my pet peeve): Council already has much of the information, such as Membership Building, Retention, Advancement, Leadership and Training and Long-term camping that coul
  23. 'Base "performance' on numbers, and someone will cheat.' I Agree. One example... When I was a District Commissioner I had a ongoing disagreement with some professionals about "quality" versus "quantity". I considered it an achievement when the Scout Executive agreed not to re-charter some Ships and Troops that added membership, but were really military cadet groups. Membership numbers are not an absolute criteria for performance, but is an indicator. Membership changes due to many factors, including the performance of the CO and their adults offering a quality program.
  24. From Annual Reports on BSA web site: Basis trend of above... My estimate, really hope, is that after further LDS subtraction of about 15-25% male membership in Cubs and Scouts BSA is nearing its' "plateau" of boy membership. I am aware of nothing that may increase boy membership significantly. This includes USA population growth because Census data projects nil increase of 10-14 year old males during 2016-2020-2025. https://www.census.gov/data/tables/2017/demo/popproj/2017-summary-tables.html (FYI... Census reports 31,751,000 male population between 5 & 19 years old for
  25. Do not involve a Committee vote on tent selection, leave it up to those sleeping in them. The Eureka Timberline 4 person is probably the Scout standard and a good choice. I would set the budget max at the cost of a Timberline. For flexibility of sleeping arrangements and avaialble tenting space, I've found that a 4 person is better then 2 person tent. Campmor is great and they advertise a less expensive Mountainsmith Bear Creek 4 Tent. Involve your Troop Quartermaster more and FYI... I've found that putting an inexpensive plastic ground sheet under the tent helps save the floor.
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