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  1. There wouldn't be, unless the 22 year old is female. And it is a matter of following National's YP, not the OA's.
  2. I would hope that if only one Scout in a Patrol showed up, that it was the Patrol Leader. Bob White assessed it very well, have the Scout intergrated with the others so he isn't left out. I would think it would be pretty hard to learn Scouting skills if you have to teach yourself.
  3. Several sites also list the history of the badges. Good source includes: http://www.sageventure.com/history/changes/ The meaning given today for the Star badge is the star represents the five merit badges originally required for the badge, and the Life badge "signifies that the ideals of Scouting have become a part of the Scout's life and character."
  4. Class of '79, East Carolina Council. Presently an Assistant District Commissioner, Central NC Council. 2nd generation Eagle, with a son in Scouts.
  5. So you may earn a Boy Scout badge while registered as a Webelos?
  6. I interpret the SM Conference for AOL and Scout as two separate items, i.e. two separate conferences. The first conference is for the AOL. The second is for the Scout badge. To state that the SM Conferences for the two are one for both is to say that a Webelos visits a Troop and has a Conference as part of the requirements for his AOL. At crossover, he joins a different Troop, but since he has already had a SM Conference, he now should be awarded the Scout badge. Supposedly, there is no "double-dipping" with requirements.
  7. This was found on a page posted for people who could suffer reactions from alcohol: ALCOHOL AND COOKING Wine, beer, and distilled spirits can add flavor, tenderness, and texture to the foods you prepare. Some of the alcohol burns off or evaporates during cooking. A flamed dish (flamb), for example, retains up to 75% of its alcohol content. On the other hand, only 35% of the alcohol remains in food that has been baked for 30 minutes. Longer cooking usually reduces the alcohol content further. The total amount of alcohol left depends on how long the dish was cooked, the preparatio
  8. Other than imparting a flavor to the recipe, any alcohol will burn off in the cooking.
  9. You have to have a CC and at least several more committee members in order to recharter. So there is someone listed as a CC and committee on your paperwork. Are they just names to look legit? And regardless of the DL's opinions, they can't fire the CM. That is the responsibility soley of the IH and/or COR. The question remains, who is running the committee meetings and does the COR attend? Also, are any of them trained?
  10. Currently, a high school science teacher. Previous paying gigs include marine biologist, retail management, corrections and law enforcement. Former Marine (or professional tourist) from the early 80's.
  11. My all-time favorite is still the war bonds poster of a Boy Scout handing Liberty a sword.
  12. Not bad advice from Mike. Also, beware of Troops under 2 years of age. They may contain organization problems that are starting to come to light. My son crossed over into a new Troop with his Webelos buds, though I wanted him to consider several well established Troops. His new Troop is in essence an older boy Cub Scout Pack, with the leadership spoon-feeding the boys on requirements, despite several attempts to break out into boy-led leadership.
  13. Odd, when I click on Clipart, I'm directed to a page with no clipart or links other than for the sponsor.
  14. Our District is big on the instant recognition for Boy Scouts, but not for Cubs. The Packs like to hold all awards other than Bobcat and belt loops until the Blue and Gold Banquet. The Troops I work with tend to hold merit badges for the CoH. I have not encountered a problem with our Council Scout Shop, but then again, I don't use it. I have the luxury of a National Scout Shop which is 45 minutes closer to me. And I've never bought rank in bulk. I have bought sets for use with FOS or Advancement Manias. The staff there are familar with me and it seems that they exercise the rule of "A Sco
  15. In regards to the observation, while the AOL and Scout badge do have almost identical requirements, the Scout badge does require a Scoutmaster Confernce. Scout is not an automatic crossover badge. Leader Specific Training for SM/ASM stresses the importance of the Scoutmaster Conference and the part it plays in the Troop advancement program. Every step in the advancement system, including Scout and Eagle Palms, which aren't "ranks", requires a Scoutmaster Conference. The only way I can see a Webelos bridging over and receiving his Scout badge at the same ceremony is if he had already regi
  16. "The question is; as we get people(Scouters) trained are they going to be able to push their parents into joining us so the percentages can continue to rise for the '08 and subsequent awards?" I don't know if you have to constantly show any increase. I think it is unreasonable, particularly in large established units, to keep increasing in adult trained leadership. You are at some point going to just end up with people registered on paper, but having little involvement with the unit. Just maintaining your current numbers may be acceptable, and would be what I would recommend to the unit c
  17. Basically, the Quality Unit award is the minimum standard that BSA wants a unit to operate at. They are looking for growth, retention, and a rounded program.
  18. OK, based on the information supplied in the link, and assuming that the requirements are approved as proposed, this award is only a slight variation on the Distinguished Commissioner Service Award. The emphasis appears to be on advanced training with the only performance benchmarks being to complete requirements for the Commissioner's Key, presumably at the Commissioner level the Scouter is registered at. The Distinguished Commissioner Service Award at least had you providing support and service to the units, even taking into account some people's opinions on the Quality Unit awards
  19. While I am equally not privy to the details, it sounded like a lack of Scout Spirit. Was he this way with his Scoutmaster Conference?
  20. In my District, it is common for many Packs to offer the God and Me and God and Family programs as part of the Cub program. However, it is generally coordinated with the CO if a religious body, and after the regular Den meetings. The Cubmaster is usually the coordinator, not the DLs. And usually only 6-12 Cubs participate. As to the Cubs having to hurry to finish their requirements for advancement, why? The advancement should be done with their parents, not at the Den meetings.
  21. I remember the Honor Unit Awards, and the stars before that.
  22. Not sure if it is going to replace the Quality Unit Award, as it appears to be for use through 2010.
  23. I understand the principle, but it seems very similar and somewhat redundant to the Distinguished Commissioner Service Award.
  24. I served as an UC for 2 units (Pack and Troop) with the same CO. It made work fairly easy, as I was known to both sets of leaders and committees. That being said, though I was welcomed with open arms by the Troop, the Pack was a different matter. The Committee didn't know my purpose, or theirs for that matter, and the CM felt I might infringe on his authority, which was running the entire Pack program, including the Committee. After an intial visit, which I asked for in an email which was never answered, I found that I had to contact and ask the COR if I could visit the Committee meeting.
  25. I was aware of the dates. I read the post as I am an ADC and was aware of new UC problems. Didn't view that the fact no one had commented on this in some time also meant it wouldn't be read at a future time.(This message has been edited by jmwalston)
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