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  1. Welcome aboard the Scouting Express the only train where every stop leads to great adventures ... Scott Robertson http://insanescouter.org http://twitter.com/scoutbot http://facebook.com/scoutbot
  2. Howdy All, Just wanted to share with you the latest InsaneScouter newsletter. I thought you might find the resources it provides helpful. It contains games, ceremonies, crafts, songs, recipes, and much more. http://insanescouter.org/p/5672/166/March+04+2011.html?rid=1&r=scoutl'>http://insanescouter.org/p/5672/166/March+04+2011.html?rid=1&r=scoutl If you would like to join the 1,400 other Scouters who get it every month, please feel free to subscribe at InsaneScouter. Scott Robertson http://insanescouter.org http://twitter.com/scoutbot http://facebook.com/scoutbo
  3. Welcome aboard the scouting express - next stop the great outdoors. I know you will find this a great place to learn lots and to help loads of people at the same time. Scott Robertson http://insanescouter.org http://twitter.com/scoutbot http://facebook.com/scoutbot
  4. I actually have plans to be in NC and that whole part of the country later this year. However first I need to get the funds in place to make this happen. Also note I plan to record many of the classes to tape and make those available as part of the package so even if I don't make it to your area you can attend the classes online.
  5. For those of you who have not heard I am about to head out onto the road offering free classes to my virtual hitch hiker members. I have classes that include advanced totin and firemen chit skills, even a leadership challenge. This is not an offical BSA adventure but I still have a lot to offer. http://scoutinganation.com/members.php
  6. On subject of Les Stroud I saw this on twitter yesterday ... Les Stroud Returns w/ 'Beyond Survival' http://yb96.n.0sp.in As far as I have been able to determine Les was not a Scout, but there is no evidence either way... I don't have cable now so have never seen Dual Survival so no idea there... Scott Robertson http://insanescouter.org http://twitter.com/insanescouter
  7. If it is no scoring then my understanding is its a jamboree .. a camporee is scored a jamboree is not ... or so I am told ... shrugs .... probably just bring another scouting myth to the table ... Scott Robertson http://insanescouter.org http://twitter.com/insanescouter
  8. As others have said you have to take Man vs Wild with a grain of salt. From what I hear from my UK friends they seem to like how he represents Scouting there and the positive effects it has had. There is only one person in this country right now that comes to mind that could do anything similar for BSA and that is Mike Rowe of dirty jobs... but lets face it he is not super famous ... but on flip side he does his best to live by the Scout Law daily and supports Scouting when and how he can... No matter how you look at it they are just a publicity stunt ... they are not what Scouting
  9. Sounds like he had a blast and to me that is more important then anything else ... I have worked summer camp staff 4 different yeas at a local scout camp and have come across way to many who come to camp just to come home with 12 merit badges ... I have also heard of cases where the Scout would get into big trouble for coming home with less then say 8 merit badges ... to me summer camp is as much about having fun, getting away from home, hanging with your friends and peers and personally growing ... as it is about getting a few badges I normally even for older Scouts (of course on case by case
  10. I have been on both sides of events like this before. The first thing that comes to mind is "safety first safety always" .. so for example in the tv show they show them running to the next station depending on location that could be a problem ... Feel free to post your questions and I am sure there are a few of us here that can give you some advice... Scott Robertson http://insanescouter.org http://twitter.com/insanescouter
  11. ScoutNut I agree that they are different I think I failed to make that clear in my reply ... but that doesn't change fact that some units do award Scout to any boy who had earned AOL ... right or wrong it does happen ..
  12. I figured it has been a few months since my last update so I would share some news... First there are now over 1,220 subscribers to the InsaneScouter Newsleter. If you are not one of them feel free to sign up at http://insanescouter.org'>http://insanescouter.org and click on "Rigster / Signup" on the left hand side in the menu. If you sign up and submit a recipe to me that Scouts can make in camp you will have the chance to win a grill from http://campfiregrill.com -> for more details http://insanescouter.org/blog/299/InsaneScouter_-_Campfire_Grill_Contest.html Second,
  13. I don't know of any units that will give both Scout and Tenderfoot to a new Webelos. However I know of some that do say AOL = Scout. Just keep in mind that experience has shown me not all Scouts crossing up remember everything they learned. Maybe they forgot part of the Scout law, oath or how to tie a square not. What I find works well (as a Boy Scout Leader) is to just sit down with the Scout a bit and go through the requirements. Most of the time they quickly blow through them all showing they do deserve and have earned the Scout rank. But sometimes they need to work a bit more first.
  14. Wow I had not heard about this problem from Jambo in other social media forms ... Make you wonder what some units teach and why in some circles Eagle is losing some meaning ... Still I wish I could have gone to Jambo myself, but unemployment is killing me Scott Robertson http://insanescouter.org http://twitter.com/insanescouter
  15. Hey all, I have watched Scout Camp the movie twice and wrote a blog post about it which you can read at http://insanescouter.org/blog/163/Scout_Camp_The_Movie.html'>http://insanescouter.org/blog/163/Scout_Camp_The_Movie.html also I did an interview with one of the producers which you can find at http://insanescouter.org/blog/167/Interview_of_Garrett_Batty_director_of_Scout_Camp_The_Movie.html The movie is diffidently low budget and has a armature feel to it but thats part of the charm. It does a good job at showing summer camp but with a corny theme around the spirit stick. Yet many su
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