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  1. I think some of you have your panties in a bunch. A Simple knot to Recognize those that support the program and help fund teh scholarships awarded to Eagle Scouts non discriminatively! In My troop any Youth Earning the Eagle Scout Award receives a Lifetime memebership from the Troop. When I earned My Eagle I was given a one year membership for earning the Eagle and My Troop Bought me a ten year membership. when I was finacially secure I purchsed my own Life Membership mainly because I renewed once and thought it would be easier. I didn't do it for any knot. I did it because I am
  2. We jsut had our District dinner at the Masconic (sp) lodge and the evening was grand! District committee, merit badge counselors, troop committee, Eagle Projects, fundraising are all areas where help could be used!
  3. What a great topic! Congrats to the new Eagle! When I went before the Egale Board in 1984 I was 14 and had not yet been able to formulate what my religious beliefs were. I had gone to church a few times and participated in Youth Group, but not becuase I had discovered GOD, believed in GOD, or practiced any form of religion. I went and did, because that is what my mother wanted. My father did not go to church when I was growing up and did not push religion. He was an Alter boy and left the Catholic church at nine years old never to return and never surrendering why he wanted nothi
  4. here are a couple ideas! http://www.t185.org/EagleCourt.gif Do something simple like this till you can build the ornate! http://troop353.files.wordpress.com/2007/07/dsc_0116.jpg This one is nice and simple! http://www.bsatroop74.com/Images/EagleCourtOfHonor.jpg A real simple one! http://tiny.cc/APd2f Kind of cool http://troop5yonkers.org/photos/Court_of_Honor1.jpg Here is an ornate one I think like you were talking! http://www.troop4.org/images/courthonor.jpg
  5. When is the Court of honor? I have not forgot about you! My father died on Saturday the 15th and I have the funeral on the 22nd I have been a little wrapped up in things sorry not getting that to you yet!
  6. The Pack chose to hold there blue and gold as well as awards ceremony and Arrow of light for 10 kids all the same night starting at 7pm. Maybe you are new to having that many arrow of light recipients and a substantial amount of awards to disperse to the other dens. By the time the pack got to the arrow of light it was already 9 pm and many of the tigers had already left for home. Having had this experience with eight crossovers in the past I knew the length of the evening would be too much and the program could not hold itself to a reasonable end time with a formal crossover ceremony as
  7. Thank you all that replied! As I suspected it is a local policy, One in which i disagree. Train the leaders better instead of creating restrictive policy. As I state in a PM to secretde I have the utmost repect for the volunteers and the paid staff in DWC. there are just some things that do not make sense. I also reflected the plethora of available ranks on EBAY. Just today I saw a complete set scout to eagle. Again, not meant to be derrogatory to those that are in the trenches. Yours in Scouting, A servant to the system!
  8. I have the jlt set and the annual planning set that was put out if anyone needs them. I have read the TLT in the scoutmaster handbook and find a lot of open area. when i get my first troop junior leader training off the ground in june, i will combine the two and work in the out doors. No cookie cutter out there making identical troops. Do what works for you!
  9. There are ornate plans for center pieces in the 1987 version of "Scout Ceremonies". not sure if it is in the current one. we just use white birch logs cut flat on one side we have two with 6 holes each and one with 3 hole. the 3 holes go in the middle and the 6's astride! Where in mass are you? I might be able to scan them and fax them to you or e-mail them to you! Stephen
  10. All scouting is global but think local! Every troop is going to have their own way to do things! Every troop will vary in Size, Age status, experience, and available leadership. There is no Cookie cutter producing troops and hence there are no cookie cutter solutions to the issues. If we spent more time opening our minds and recognizing that people have varrying oppinions and varrying ways of doing things, all of which may or may not be successful, then new people walking in here might be able to take an idea back to their troop so they don't have to call a parent on thursday night
  11. 9 earned the AOL, one joined cub scouts as a Webelos, and 2 are friends of two of the AOL recipients. They all will crossover to the troop and be received as new Scouts. Then they will get a troop neckerchief and slide and dedicate themselves to the troop and to scouting. There is also talk of a couple more new kids coming that are friends of some of the crossovers. Provide a good program, be involved with the pack and have fun the boys will come. All kids want to have fun and aren't afraid of doing a little work to be able ot have some fun!
  12. I never stated that the boy would just be handed the badge. They are all actually already attending the troop meetings since they have already had their blue and gold and receieved their Arrow of Light. The applications will be in hand at the next meeting and the requirements below will be met when i finish the scoutmaster conferences. Hopefully they will be ready in time and I will have completed all the requirements before the crossover ceremony in APril. Everyone missed the question and I guess it was my way of asking it! Is this a National policy or a local policy? As I s
  13. I agree "What's up with that?" I too am disapointed. not only the shirts all uniforms will be outsourced to China as all the patches are now. The savings will never be felt in the Volunteers pockets. One of many complaints that are piling up in my brain. Think Gloabaly buy locally!
  14. does anyone else have in their council a policy that a leader can not pick up rank badges unless the request is accompanied by an advancement report? This is the most absurd and ridiculous policy I have seen in a long time. Daniel Webster Council in NH, has such a policy. This is totally against everything we teach in the training sessions with immediate recognition. We always had a few extras of each patch on hand so I never ran into this in the past. It has been our practice that as soon as the Scout has completed his board of review and passed, he was awarded the cloth pa
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