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  1. For all you skeptics, check out the Cascade Pacific's Silver Beaver Association newsletter. You will read exactly what they do, when they do it, and who are the recipients of their efforts. You will also read their mission statement, which is a segment of the Silver Beaver Assoc. creed. There are many other councils putting forth the effort. How successful are they? I can't answer that question. All that can be done is to try. How can anyone pass judgement without reviewing and analyzing how it would function and act once such an assoc. is created. As to the opinion of "another way for t
  2. Wow! It looks like another can of worms as been opened. Such negativity and scepticism. It looks like some of you guys went out of your way to view my previous posts from many years past, comments I have forgotten long ago. I don't have to defend what I wear on my uniform to anyone, and if anyone takes issue with it, that's your problem. Enough of that! Did any of you take a few minutes to stop and think what kind of positive influence a group of experienced scouters could have on scouting's youth? This would not be some "scout good ole boys and girls club". If that where you are coming f
  3. I wasn't sure if this is the correct forum for this post, but here goes. I am currently spearheading a movement to establish a Silver Beaver organization in our council (Northern Star). I have made inquiries and have contacted our council scout executive and scout professional for advancement. They are in favor of the idea. I would estimate that if we can go forward, I would anticipate upwards of 75-100 Silver Beaver scouts joining the association. Our council typically awards 20-26 Silver Beaver awards every year. I am asking anyone reading this post if they have a Silver Beaver Associa
  4. Don't the people who design the scouts shirts ever ask the scouters who wear them for their opinions? If that was remotely true, I doubt we would have seen that new Venturing shirt, which I will not buy, and the new Boy Scout shirt that a large majority of scouters did not like. The theory behind the design had its valid points, and may have been practical, but it was not appealing visually. I have an idea. Many adult scouters have multiple positions, like me. I have 3 shirts (one is Venturing). Could they design an area on the left sleeve, some kind of velcro deal, whereby you could int
  5. What is an Alumni? If I understand the term correctly, without looking the definition up in the dictionary, an Alumni individual is a person who has belonged to an organization, such as a University, a civic group, or it could be an association with the military, but is no longer an active member of that organization or group. However, they may still lend support to that organization, whether it be financial or otherwise. So, what is a BSA Alumni? Is he or she still a registered scouter? That would undermine the definition, it its truest sense. If this is the case, why was the award created? I
  6. Your right. The requirements will not be posted anywhere for several months. If you were to go to your local scout shop, I would bet anyone $100.00 that they would not have a clue as to what the Alumni Award is. MVScouter
  7. I was glancing through the Scoutstuff website and I found a new BSA knot, the Alumni Award. Does anyone know anything about it. I could not find any information on it anywhere, including the National website. MVScouter
  8. Okay, here is my post, for what it's worth. I read many of the posts on various topics and I think many readers are far too analytical and "over opionioniated" (if that is a word). I have 3 scout shirts (1 for Venturing) and I wear all 14 of my knots on all 3. Does that make me an egotist in some manner? If you want to view an "egotist" in the truest sense of its definition, just listen to any of the politicians in Washington DC. They do nothing to improve our country and only worry about their positions of power and their Swiss Bank Accounts. I have been an adult scouter leader for
  9. Many in my district wear our district patch, most below the American Flag on the right sleeve. Our district patch was created by our former District Commissioner. I wear it on my UC uniform and District Committee one as well. Several other districts in our council also have district patches. I have never heard of any flack over its use. It's my opinion that our council tolerates its display since the professionals have done nothing to stop the practice. Every council differs in their policies, even when it may differ from National. I wear the patch as a matter of pride because I am very
  10. I called National Supply and spoke to a guy who had no idea what it was. Then he did a little digging (while I was still on the line) and said it was a custom badge from my council. I told him that I had read on this forum that is was available from other scout shops across the country. He put me on hold again and finally found it somewhere on his computer. He still had no idea what it was, why it was, or where it went on the uniform. I am the founder of my Venture Crew, in 2006. If this is a Centennial patch, then it must be connected to the 100 Centennial somehow. Otherwise, if not, I
  11. Eagle: For the reasons others have stated eliquently. #2--My 2005 Chief Scout Executive Patch from the National Jamboree. I was told they only distributed 200 of them. I was one of the lucky ones. I wear it as a temporary patch on my District Committee Uniform. #3--Distinquished Commissioner/District Award of Merit. (A tie)
  12. I was awarded the Venturing Leadership Award from my Council. What device would distinquish this?
  13. I am not a Woodbadger yet, but as a way to raise a few dollars for my OA Chapter, I sold a bunch of those World Crest Wood Badge patches and I always sold all of them at various scouting events, usually dinners. No one complains, and there are some instances when the beads are not prudent to wear, so the patch is the identity. Yes, it's not legal, but no one has ever chastized me for selling them. As for the dark green Venturing knots, I ordered 3 for my shirt before Craig Murray was ordered to stop selling them by National. I've had several positive comments on them, as they match my shi
  14. MVScouter

    New items

    I was just in our local scout shop yesterday and the guy I talked to said there is a new Venturing shirt coming out soon, although he didn't know when. I hope it doesn't have those stupid bellowed pockets. He did say the fabric will be the light weight blend like the new scout shirts, which I have refused to buy. I'll just keep my 2 old style ones--thank-you.
  15. It's interesting to see how different many of the responses are. My post will be similar to many others, but I may differ in my reasons. I value the District Award of Merit as #1. I was nominated by my fellow district scouts (friends) and that has great meaning for me. #2--The Boyce New Unit Award. I was the first scouter in our District to recieve it and I was in the first Council group to be recognized. Our WD Boyce dinner will be in one month #3--Eagle Scout. That says it all #4--Distinquished Commissior #5--Vigil Award #6--American Legion Community Service Squ
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