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  1. I wonder how many soldiers in the US army feel they were a failure because they didn't reach the rank of general?
  2. Yeah, but one could be the first and get 5 minutes of fame on national news.
  3. Maybe a glass trophy case is in order here to handle all the bling collected. A small one would only displace a sofa in the living room.
  4. We are not talking about the general populace here, we are talking about the rare exceptions that are sure to come along looking for special considerations.
  5. So the college resume has both Eagle and Gold listed on it.... that's why.
  6. Dump NYLT and go back to GBB Patrol Method training.
  7. Take care of your boys IS servant leadership. It's a phrase ID of Robert Greenleaf adopted in the late 1970's long after the Golden Age of scouting. It does the same things as countering the managerial directive style of being the boss in charge.
  8. Keep it in mind one will lose this scouter and he will never be able to work with kids for the rest of his life. I surely hope he's not a school teacher. It will cost him his ability to earn a living.
  9. I think with the bunch here, we'd have to take applications for that position, I don't know if I could pick just one. @HelpfulTracks, are you applying?
  10. That works for me, great idea @Eagle94-A1
  11. I think if it was me, I'd put a note in the Virtual Campfire letting everyone there know I was starting a separate thread because the conversation got interesting and would be good to share outside of I&P.
  12. I slept on this issue and @eagle90 beat me to it. I would be very careful with this in that it will make this person's life hell. Yes, I've done the 1 big room thingy and the boys & men/girls & women, two room thingy as well. I would talk to the fella, make him do YPT over, discuss options in the future and then forget about it.
  13. The search should bring up both the regular thread and the Virtual Campfire starter idea. If no regular thread is started and the searcher is interested more than the Virtual Campfire discussed, he/she can start a thread then.
  14. I think the "regulars" here might not find the Virtual Campfire to their liking, but I also hope some of the new/old lurkers out there might pop in for some quick answers to something that is bugging them at the moment. Jump in, ask a question, and then get a quick answer without having a big deal made out of it.
  15. And that option is still there for those who wish to use it. I think it's cleaner an easier to follow, but as one knows, getting off-topic is always a problem. If there is something that is mentioned that would be of concern to all, there's nothing that says one can't jump the conversation into a category and discuss it in greater detail. Many times I like some of the hijacking comments because they often come from "outside the box" and deserve another thread of their own. The Virtual Campfire provides and encourages that kind of exploration into new ideas. If it gets some traction, t
  16. As an alternative, there should be some place on the forum to just "hang out" and talk about whatever might be of interest to others that day. If one wishes to have a topic they wish the members to stay with, they have that option of just posting in that category on the forum. I started this thread to just allow the off-hand comments to go unchecked to see where they lead. This also offers the opportunity to see if there are other categories of interest that aren't listed in the regular threads. Like: last night we hosted one new Webelos boy in our troop. He had a great time mak
  17. The other glaring omission is the PL handbook in the opening chapter alludes to servant leadership and yet spends it's time describing managerial directives and organization. That one always bothered me as well. It's no wonder there's so much confusion in how to operate a troop.
  18. So this whole issue begs the question: If a GS/USA Gold Awardee were to join BSA4G, would see qualify for the eagle?
  19. This is why I left the first troop I was associated with as an ASM became a SM of a troop that drove hard on the PM. I was asked to leave that second troop because I expected "too much leadership from the boys". It was ironic that I was asked to leave the third week of GBB Patrol Method training. The boys grew from 5 scouts to 28 in 3 years. I know for a fact that those numbers have dropped back down since I left. I seriously believe the vast majority of adults do not wish to see their boys using the PM as the leadership it develops is a threat to their control over their "children"
  20. I paid my way to WB, but after a year, I was reimbursed by the troop for the cost. Over the years I have donated the money back to the boys.
  21. We had a tag-a-long last summer at summer camp. The boys unanimously agreed that if it happened again, they would go home on Monday. I couldn't make it to summer camp, but heard nothing else but the problems she caused in the troop. The boys did not have a good experience from what they relayed to me. I don't see this as a good sign for my troop.
  22. Early Scout literature, including the SBHB used knighthood chivalry as a means to teach the Scout Law. Something could be done to adopt some form of historical knighthood ceremony instead. Boys love swords and lances.... Knights of the Roundtable would not interfere with any ethnic issues. A Scout is Courteous, Kind, kinda thingy. Each "lodge" or whatever they would call it could have it's own coat-of-arms instead of American Indian logos. Roman Empire is also a possibility. Vikings might be to ethnic to consider as would the Mongol Hordes. I think other possibilities
  23. I totally understand where this gentleman was coming from. I went to a seminar and there were about 15 of us in one room. One of the guys snored so loud that he was the only one that got any sleep. This seminar was to last a whole week! The second night one of the guys brought a large glass of water into the dorm room and put it on the night stand. The guy who snored asked what that was for. He said, "If you snore again tonight I'm going to pour the whole glass down your throat. The rest of us said that if he didn't we would. That gentleman didn't snore for the rest of the week. I
  24. As UC going around to the various units, I have found that the "good" units are well indoctrinated with adult led. Of course the adults can run the show better. Patrol Method? Those that try get frustrated easily and abandon the process even before it has a chance to get a foothold. All the dynamics of today's society run counter to the patrol method. Home? Parents run the show at home and they have no intention of budging "as long as that kid is under my roof". Schools? Yeah, right, no teacher is going to turn over the class to total anarchy, they will lose their jobs! Churches? m
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