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  1. Oh, it is a great analogy. I took all my classes at the local University and I will bet dollars to donuts that I wasn't going to bet my diploma from Yale or Harvard no matter how much pull my dad may have had. Try that transfer stuff, maybe half will transfer at best.
  2. Do you merge patrols when the numbers drop for an event? I never did that. If only 2 of the boys out of 8 show up and don't have as much fun, THEY will let their buddies know about it and encourage attendance. Otherwise if they constantly merge the necessity of that goes away.
  3. Just because I took classes in one college doesn't mean I get a degree from another.
  4. Yep, happens all the time because some BSA adults think the position is necessary. I waited until the boys decided they wanted an SPL and that was at the 4 patrol level for them. They then picked one of their APL's to fill that position because he was doing a bang up job for the one PL and the other PL's wanted him to work for them as well. It turned out really well. A 2 patrol unit's PLC work can be handled by a phone call between the 2 PL's. No need for an SPL unless one is put in that position by the adults. Not a good solution for developing leadership in the troop. Too often t
  5. I hear where you're coming from. If mamma ain't happy....... well, you know the rest. Le Castor Petit should be ready in a couple of years anyway.
  6. Seriously.... One of the things that BSA might want to consider along the way is a defensive driving course for volunteers just like YPT. Yes there's danger involved with not having YPT, but the way some of these scouters drive with other people's kids concerns me. For the Red Cross, I have to have taken the course to drive certain Red Cross vehicles and I hadn't taken any driver's education for 50 years. It was on-line, cost $15 and was well worth it in valuable information. I haven't ever had a bad accident other than a few fender benders, but after taking the course I drive differen
  7. What are traffic lights? And what are the red and green lights for?
  8. Welcome to the forum, thanks for not lurking anymore! My son quit scouts 20 years ago. I didn't.
  9. What if she registers as a Lone Scout, what are the requirements for that?
  10. @gblotter As I read your post, the phrase PL acting like ASPL's. This is where the rub comes for me. With the patrol method, there should be a bit of autonomy with the patrols. Each patrol is not responsible for doing all the same thing all the time. This puts the burden on the SPL to run the show of 25 boys with 3 assistants. The assistants take their guidance from the SPL and dictate to the patrols rather than the patrols deciding what they want. If the SPL says we do this and the patrol members don't like it, the vote with their feet. If they had ownership of what they did, the
  11. Does anyone have any inside scoop on why GBB gets a tad bit of recognition in the Scouting magazine after the long snub he's gotten?
  12. Shoot, I didn't know there was a Hillcourt museum near Syracuse. I was out there a couple of years ago and would have stopped in. The Mrs. really likes Fall and all the colors, I shouldn't have too much trouble getting in another Leaf Peeper trip next fall. I think Syracuse is right along the way. Any word on when the new museum at Philmont will be opened? Mrs. is talking about doing the canyon country, too. Anyone else out there that has a good place for the Mrs. to visit this year?
  13. I visited the BSA museum in Irving, made a special trip for it to see what they had. They had nothing on Percy Keese Fitzhugh nor Bill Harcourt. It was kinda sad to see, but then again, the gift shop was almost as big as the museum part that was sad as well. Did like the Rockwell paintings however.
  14. I guess according to BSA there's no such thing as paying one's debt to society. I know a lot of great people who did stupid things early in their lives that have done much, even more than normal, to make up for it.
  15. I put this thread in I&P because it can go any where it wants.
  16. I've been a book collector for years. I have all the handbooks except for the first. I've also collected a lot of the early literature of BSA that was promoted prior to the electronic age. lot of good information about scout unit structure that got boys going on early scout organization.
  17. Happy Birthday @outpost, did you bring any treats for us?
  18. A lot of the tangents we get off on are things we feel important. Once they get cut off, this might be a good place to either finish up or continue on.
  19. How many people have a place here that want to just do a bit pf jaw-jacking but don't know where to start. That's a topic.
  20. How about all the lurkers out there.... do any of us here know what they're thinking about? Or is this a place for only those who think they know it all? I'm willing to bet there's a ton of information out there that the rest of us could learn a lot from. How many people are registered here and how many post?
  21. By the way, a piano has 88 keys, some black some white, all are equally important to make great music. If one doesn't get used in a particular piece of music, they might be the most important one in the next one, Be Prepared.
  22. I have always used the star of the show as the example. They may get all the applause and standing ovations, but they would be nothing without the other actors, stage hands, production crews, publicity personnel, all the way down to the payroll clerk that cuts their over inflated paycheck. 😁
  23. I got out my trusty flint and steel. Got the tinder and kindling going and tossed on a couple of logs. Pull up a stump or log, and this thread is not possible to stay on a thread for very long. If it does I will be surprised. Feel free to jump in at any time with whatever might be interesting to others who find a need to warm up. CAUTION: If one has a topic they wish to stay on topic, please post in the proper category! If some adult wand to douse the fire, it's been done before for getting off topic, but they don't have that excuse here. Keep the conversation Scout-like, respect
  24. I don't mind if my topics go afield, the whole point of my threads center around a virtual campfire. No one stays on topic very long but the conversation is always worth every minute.
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