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  1. Agree, Agree, 1000 times agree! Abide by the wishes of the custodial parent, whatever they may be. If something goes wrong, or even seems wrong, call the police. They are trained to handle these situations. They do it every day, all day long. Best to err on the side of caution and always have the protection of the child first and foremost at heart.
  2. I really don't understand the point of having so many adults as committee members. The ratio of ASMs to youth is one thing, but 13 committee members??? Enough adults to spread out the work and get the job done is all that is needed. It's simply more efficient. (not to mention much less costly at recharter time.)
  3. This SM is completely clueless. Find another troop now.
  4. Often times, what you don't tell folks has a bigger impact than what you do tell them. Case in point: this very thread! When you "assume" you.....(you know the rest)
  5. Definitely award stars for time registered. Anything else is your troop's call. On November 28th, my stars will add up to 46. I rarely ever wear them or any other bling on my uniform. I wear my awards on the inside, where it counts. Different folks weigh these things differently. To each his own.
  6. I'm curious to know how they would enforce that. Send District Snitches to all the competing events? I'd be telling someone a story about a long walk off a short pier, and then saying "FOLLOW ME, BOYS!"
  7. Displaying the Nation's Colors, or uniformed Scouts performing a flag ceremony is never inappropriate. Yes, Scouts may perform flag ceremonies for businesses. If any politically themed events follow, then Scouts should leave or change out of uniform. That Troop Committee should be ashamed of themselves for worrying about "perception" to further their own agenda. Scouts are not pawns. I would be questioning the real motivation of these adults. The Scouts themselves probably don't know and/or don't care about what the CEO of Chick-Fil-A believes. Are these folks really "in it for
  8. Your son may attend any event in any council. Many councils will offer first option to accept their own scouts first, but otherwise if space is available, he will not be refused! Many Boy Scout Troops travel hundreds of miles to attend Summer Camp out of Council! Your pack leaders should also be aware of this. He may only be registered as a cub scout in one pack and one council.
  9. You just do the best you can. I hope I'm not the one bleeding in the street while 2 jokers are trying to out-do each other with their Red Cross cards and arguing about what to do.
  10. Treat the injured immediately, then worry about flashing your credentials, if any later. Completely absurd.
  11. Want to make everyone happy? Find each car's uniqueness ("Most colors," "Curviest," etc.) and give a certificate for it. Have a printer and a fast typist on hand to print out the certificates. Every face was smiling at the end of the day.
  12. White gas for us in the winter. It gets COLD up heah in New England! Propane just don't work, ayuh. White gas is plentiful here in hardware stores and in most department store sporting goods sections.
  13. Good story on the debit cards. Our CO shut them down after finding abuses on the bank statement two months after the Pack got them. Why DOES a Cub Pack need a large coffee, a breakfast sandwich, and two packs of Marlboros?
  14. Let the program work! Kids WILL surprise you!
  15. Time was, and not that long ago, when there were only 3 primary forms of Troop communication: Face-to-face, telephone, and US Mail. Now, the choices are overwhelming with e-mail, texting, twitter, facebook, various instant messenger modules, Instagram, Snapchat, the list goes on. From my experience, Scouts don't use e-mail. Our Troop uses that only for adult communications. The unit needs to decide on two primary forms of contact. We use: 1.) Facebook and then 2.) e-mail. Announcements of coming events are of course given at every troop meeting, but that's only effective if you hav
  16. I have only ever heard of that happening if there was a clerical error, such as transposed numbers in an award date. In that case, it gets quietly fixed by council, returned, certificate mailed, and the troop never even hears about it.
  17. Wait...wait.... So, I should or should not put a vile vial in a violin? That would seem to be verboten. Especially a vile viral vial in a violin. The music teacher would not approve. Then I would have a vile chin on a violin in which there is a verboten viral vile vial. STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!!
  18. @@David CO I always wanted to ask a science teacher..... What happens to the vial if it contains something vile? Do you segregate the vile vial with other vile vials, or just leave it alone. It could be Hazardous Material!! Now what if the vile vial is viral? That's a whole other issue, right? Just points to ponder...... My head hurts now, I'm going to go lie down.
  19. Registration: It depends on the size of the Unit and treasury. Most years, adults are renewed by the Troop/Pack. Only a few times over the years were the adults asked to pay their own way, and no one objected. Rechartering can be expensive!! Camping: Adults pay their own way. Summer Camp: Adults are charged for meals ($5 per meal) and pay their own way. There were never any issues with this in our units.
  20. A much more traveled AT hiker friend tells me that is sometimes done for safety, in the wake of high bear activity. They're just looking out for hikers' safety.
  21. One of the first things I was told as a new OA Ordeal member: "First, Look Within." I've never forgotten those words, or who said them to me. In 1982.
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